Friday, May 17, 03:18:41 PM

Pfft. This is a bad one. Huge plot holes, poor character development, subpar dialog, and a lame attempt at what they think is humor made for an overlong, boring movie experience. Glad I saw it for free with my MJR points but even that made me regret having wasted points on drivel like this. I really was hoping for something better but got nothing. Viewer beware.

Thursday, May 16, 11:45:04 PM

Really, 2 and a half stars, but not an option. Cool bad guys, one of the friends is funny. Enjoyable, which is more than i can say about most of the horror films.

Tuesday, May 14, 06:38:14 PM

Big yawn. CG CREATURE murders unsuspecting youngguns that overstep the supernatural lines and 'rules'- One by One. Do any make it OUT? I dunno! I got out before I could find OUT!! Lame. Acting not horrible.

Friday, May 10, 11:14:24 AM

So bad.

Wednesday, May 8, 08:59:31 AM

It was a decent movie, loved the idea of it and was an interesting twist on horoscopes and tarot readings.

Tuesday, May 7, 04:37:49 PM

Stupid movie. The dialogue was ridiculous.

Tuesday, May 7, 03:27:17 PM

Movie made me jump 5 times, best move ever, worth the watching, have very creepy, and gore, and people should see this and not younger kids.

Saturday, May 4, 09:08:47 PM

Good scary movie full of suspense and creepy

Saturday, May 4, 07:02:00 PM

Terrible movie. Don't waste your money. Filmed mostly in the dark.

Saturday, May 4, 06:35:12 PM

This is a poorly written screenplay that should have never become a movie. Another quickie with a few scares and a seemingly disconnected plot. Seems like a tx write off to me.

Thursday, May 2, 07:15:23 PM

wasn't scary at all