Monday, December 28, 02:24:38 PM

This is a clever Christmas movie that delivers a happy ending (actually 3 as there are multiple storylines), but you won't know how you're going to get there until you do. Delightfully surprising is a good way to sum up this fun movie that has more intrigue than you would expect and all the joy you can hope for. A Carolina Christmas is well on its way to becoming a Christmas classic!

Monday, December 7, 08:55:18 AM

This movie is such a wonderful story that touches on a lot of emotions. Well written and well performed. Great uplifting family movie - I brought my 7 grandkids and they all loved it.

Sunday, November 29, 11:27:10 PM

A feel good Christmas story that is much needed for 2020. Forget about politics and pandemics while immersing yourself in 3 entwined stories.

Friday, November 27, 11:32:17 PM

Loved the intertwining storylines. John Wes Lewis was amazing as Tim and Ben the grinch were my favorites.Going again with more family.

Friday, November 27, 11:29:14 PM

Such a great fun movie that warms the soul. Good for all ages, you and old. I took my 7 grandkids and they loved every minute. Merry Christmas! We need more movies like this.