Wednesday, December 7, 06:22:26 PM

Enjoyed this movie. Very good storyline, fast moving plot, good acting and great, great cinematography. The main actor is not a professional boxer, and so had to train and train to gain those skills for this role. Plus, train to be in excellent shape. Great movie moment when the lead role (Zeus) and lead female have a key scene.

Friday, December 2, 01:15:32 PM

A passion project with all heart but no talent. The acting is so wooden Zeus always has the same face and monotone delivery. The story is predictable spin off Rocky meets StopAsianHate. I commend the writer, director, star on putting his own money and time and convincing Manny Pacquiao to consign as EP off an Instagram DM. I like the overall ensemble cast as they feel like real people and the cinematography is shot well. Deffinately a B movie that should have been straight to DVD, but far more entertaining than other Filipino American Films that came out this year.