Thursday, January 4, 08:26:26 PM

One of the funniest movies i have ever seen, bought it last week and have watched it about 5 times and i`m not bored of it yet, if u haven`t seen it go see it, you won`t be disappointed

Thursday, August 31, 03:39:09 PM

When I watched it in theaters I didn`t think it was that good but when it came on dvd I watched it a couple times and it is a great movie.

Saturday, July 15, 06:46:43 PM

I can`t believe some people said IT SUCKED because the jokes were unrealistic and goofy - ITS A COMEDY. All comedies are like that. If you perfer realization then DO NOT go to a comedy. They are not to be taken seriously. SHESSH. P.S - This movie pwns. It`s my all-time favorite comedy! -ANGELA

Wednesday, January 25, 10:38:54 PM

This movie was horrible! I couldn`t stop laughing! It was funny and I dont think that any movie on earth compares to this! This movie should be viewed by everyone just to see what i mean *5/*5

Thursday, January 12, 12:43:32 PM


Thursday, December 1, 03:25:16 PM

The best comedy one liners in any movie i`ve seen

Monday, August 22, 12:44:21 AM

Horrible movie. It was lame and un-realistic. Will Ferrell tried really hard to make it funny, and he failed. It was just plain stupid, and a waste of 2 hours of my life.

Sunday, August 21, 10:39:26 PM

Huuuuuuuuugely enjoyable. And I normally DESPISE Will Ferrell. But this time, he was really funny. Some of the jokes were a little crass, but they made it work. Steve Carell was a hilarious addition, and I especially love the cameos by Ben Stiller, Luke Wilson, and other spectacular comedic personalities. Altogether, ANCHORMAN was an AWESOME film to see. I encourage everyone to see it.

Tuesday, August 9, 11:59:03 PM

what a totally stupid movie!

Monday, August 8, 10:09:04 PM

BEST COMEDY EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 5 STARS WITHOUT QUESTION!!!!!

Wednesday, July 27, 09:52:19 AM

This movie was great there is something wrong with you if you didnt laugh at this, and what most of you average north american idiots is that there is a fine line between lame and boring humor and utter brilliance, like for you who only thought that brick was the only funny one your only have one side of humor, and you wonder why british humor doesnt come over here, it`s too good for you!

Friday, May 20, 04:53:19 PM


Friday, February 4, 05:54:46 PM

This movie was super-duper!!! Neato!!!

Sunday, January 30, 07:18:30 PM

This has to be one of the funniest movies ever!! This and Dodgeball are probably the funniest movies i`ve seen!!!

Sunday, January 16, 08:34:22 PM

It wasn`t horrible, but at the same time it wasn`t that great. I was expecting more from Will Ferall.It had it`s funny moments but it also had a lot more corny, unneccesary moments like that little battle between the news teams-like what was that about? Ive enjoyed Old School and Elf, but I don`t know about this one...

Sunday, January 16, 03:05:19 PM

A terrible movie. I waited 50 minutes for my first laugh and I could count the rest on one hand.

Wednesday, January 12, 04:27:55 PM

This movie was mysognistic and homophobic. Maybe that`s what you liked about it but although I enjoyed Elf and Old School, this was offensive.

Monday, January 3, 04:58:20 PM

If you didn`t like this movie there is something seriously wrong with your funny bone; you need to see a doctor. Sure there were some corny moments but as a whole the movie has already provided many catch phrases that will be used, and saddly over used into the depths of the earths` crust.

Monday, January 3, 11:41:59 AM

Horrible movie... Few funny moments and you could care less for Farrel`s character. Brick is the only saving grace for this flick.

Monday, January 3, 09:56:13 AM

This movie is freakin hilarious, u cannot not love the ingenious comedy of will farrel. This movie is a must see and possibly a purchase. See it, u won`t regret it.

Sunday, January 2, 06:16:01 PM

Very average movie, as usual with a Will Farrell movie ALL the funny parts are in the preview.

Thursday, December 30, 10:57:22 PM

Up & Down. Some funny moments, some flops. Good to see with friends over drinks.

Friday, November 26, 02:14:28 PM

Will Farrell can do no wrong. 5 years ago I couldn`t stand the guy and now I can`t get enough. Absolutely hilarious and Steve Correll is awesome as Brick. Don`t go looking for award winning acting and romance, just shut off your brain and laugh until you can`t breathe."I`m not a boy, I`m a man! An anchor man!"

Monday, October 11, 02:08:37 PM


Friday, October 1, 02:23:56 PM

boring - not funny - uncomfortable funny at times

Friday, September 17, 09:58:57 PM

Amazing movie made me laugh histarically, have to have an open mind while watching it though some people i went with hated it but i just that it was the best movie of the summer.

Monday, September 6, 06:09:11 PM

Go Now!

Sunday, September 5, 11:55:14 AM

Anchorman is a hillarous and funny movie It show`s Ben Stiller in one part and thee other from old school I give this one three stars

Saturday, September 4, 04:03:34 PM

one of the worst movies i`ve ever seen.

Tuesday, August 24, 10:47:02 AM

Funny movie at times. It was obviously suppose to be stupid however I found most of it boring compared to other stupid comedies.

Wednesday, August 18, 04:25:49 PM

One of the funniest I`ve seen in a long time. Had me laughing through the whole movie...and I especially loved "Brick" (was that his name). Every comedy has a misfit or stupid guy..and this guy was perfect. Same guy from "Bruce Almighty".

Tuesday, August 17, 01:40:33 PM

Funny, funny movie. That`s all I have to say.

Monday, August 9, 05:12:45 PM

I thought it was quite a lot of good laughs out of this really have to watch this one!

Sunday, August 8, 06:27:00 PM

Pure brilliance

Saturday, August 7, 08:43:30 PM

I watched his plugs on abc. to be truthful this movie lacks humour period.

Saturday, August 7, 05:45:00 PM

it was the funniest movie i think that u should go and see it

Saturday, August 7, 02:06:55 PM

Horrible! It started out funny then just got old real fast. I have seen some stupid movies and this one ranked right up there.

Saturday, August 7, 02:06:26 PM

Like most SNL comedian movies, this would of been better if it were a 5 minute skit rather than a 94 minute movie. Boring in many parts; funny in a few.

Wednesday, August 4, 12:33:33 AM

To be honest, I did not think this movie was all that funny. I laughed more at the bloopers then I did during the movie. Not one of Will Ferell`s best movies. It was nice to have the "Old School" gang re-united

Tuesday, August 3, 12:38:31 PM

Awful. Simply awful.