Monday, April 22, 03:37:49 PM

This movie had everything in it, action, excitement, many emotions, dog, goodness, caring, love.

Friday, April 19, 12:06:17 AM

Loved this movie. Mark and the dog should win for best actor.

Sunday, April 14, 05:04:41 PM

One of the greatest movies I've ever seen!

Tuesday, April 9, 02:41:29 PM

We went to see this movie having NO idea what it was about, and we were enchanted from start to finish. Mark Wahlberg is a great guy and this story is just what we needed on a dreary weeknight!

Friday, April 5, 09:36:05 AM

If you like "dog movies" and "true stories" this moving is for you. It's action filled and heart warming. Gotta see it !

Tuesday, April 2, 10:12:58 PM

Great movie!

Monday, April 1, 01:00:38 PM

Not impressed, but it was mildly enjoyable.

Saturday, March 30, 06:34:49 PM

Very uplifting being a true story. I am a Mark Wahlberg fan and Arthur at times tugged at our hearts with love and sadness.

Friday, March 29, 05:49:26 PM

the story is exciting and fun for a family film. Unfortunately, you have to endure a film preview of a violent US government overthrow with scenes like we see regularly of the Ukrainian War and Israel/Gaza destruction. NO family should have to endure that violence before seeing a PG13 Family friendly film. Management informed us that is what producers are requesting before their film.

Thursday, March 28, 09:37:19 AM

This movie has it all...adventure, stuggle, comedy.. Great watch for the whole family!

Monday, March 25, 08:11:31 PM

I love how teamwork is implemented in this movie.

Monday, March 25, 01:33:16 PM

A true story that shows once again, how loyal our best 4 legged friends are to us! And the ties that bond them to us, for life. Engaging & heartwarming. Mark Wahlburg does a good job in the lead, as the hard headed, soft hearted athlete, determined to win. Arthur steals the show, however, of course. Who knows how the real Arthur managed to show up miles out of their way? How did he know??? A mystery only known to Arthur, & God. Loved it!

Sunday, March 24, 12:10:00 AM

Very emotional and heart warming

Monday, March 18, 12:44:02 PM

Pretty amazing being based on a true story! That zipline scene!?! Lots of excitement and touching moments, sacrifice. Worth seeing.