Monday, February 3, 10:03:30 PM

seen the ending and liked it.

Tuesday, September 10, 03:33:47 PM

fell asleep an hour into it

Thursday, August 22, 02:50:36 PM

This movie is the best movie I have seen in years it's funny sad and it has lots of action I think it's a emotional farewell to iron man captain america and black widow and a great ending the infinity saga I say farewell to cap Tony and natasha and look forward to phase 4 overall great movie

Thursday, August 22, 12:34:51 PM

Great film

Wednesday, August 14, 07:10:39 PM

This movie was shamefully bad. They Made Hulk and Thor Wimps. Captain Marvel cut her hair like a Rooster and it goes down hill from there.

Thursday, August 8, 03:36:15 PM

Very touching and fitting conclusion to 10 years. Sad, but fulfilling at the same time. Loved this movie 3000!

Monday, July 29, 01:14:27 PM

I have very mixed feeling about this film. Thor was always one of my favorites but they ruined him in this film. I have tears. Hawkeye was great. Why did they try to ruin Captain America, Disney please stop, he doesn't need to be a a weird counseling session, just stop. Iron man was great. Captain Marvel not worth mentioning!!!! Why are they trying to ruin that character is beyond me. Over all not terrible not but their best!

Tuesday, July 9, 01:04:54 AM

for the first two hours you can nap as not much happens. were they true to the characters or the story? [not really] the last hour is pretty good entertainment. captain marvel in her movie was good. in this you really appreciate that captain marvel was a man and would have been much better in the movie. but hey - it was disappointing IF you compare it to the comic book stories or expect it to flow with any previous marvel story line. Remember is is another story with various characters written with amnesia :)

Monday, July 8, 08:36:17 PM

Should have listened to the ratings and stayed home. Worst Avenger movie ever.

Friday, July 5, 03:34:49 PM

stunning, my expectations were too low.

Tuesday, July 2, 11:22:29 PM

absolutely awful movie!

Tuesday, July 2, 09:47:07 PM

What a waste of film, Thor and hulk were a joke, Thanos was dumbed down, Captain Marvel is just horrible.... Hawkeye was the best part and am done with marvel, it ended for me at infinity war..... fingers crossed that DC doesn’t take this path

Tuesday, July 2, 01:23:09 PM

It is the best avengers movie

Monday, July 1, 04:08:18 PM

One of the best movies ever. It had drama, comedy, action. I would highly recommend seeing this movie multiple times..All around amazing movie.

Monday, July 1, 03:56:38 PM

This'was the worst most boring Avenger movie ever. Thor and Hulk were both turned into wimps. This and a female Captain Marvel and the removal of Captrain America ( Another Avenger taking his place would be even worst) have ruined the Avengers forever. Justice League rules!

Sunday, June 30, 08:13:27 PM

10/10 overly known as my favourite movie of the century by far, the greatest movie of all time👌

Saturday, June 29, 09:53:16 AM

some unexpected twists here and overly long, but I will be adding this to my library.

Friday, June 28, 03:57:39 PM

I'm a fan of all the Avenger Movie's including captain America, Thor and Iron Man. I'm not sure what they were thinking this time around. Although the movie set records on attendance and money it was the worst one of them all and lacked continuity with the other Avenger Movies. I've watched the previous Avengers Movies, some several times but this one I won't be watching again. I'd rather keep the integrity of the other movies in tact.

Thursday, June 27, 03:04:12 PM

Can't wait for the reboot!

Thursday, June 27, 09:14:44 AM

An AMAZING end to this era of Marvel movies!

Wednesday, June 26, 09:58:50 AM

I didn’t stop crying afterwards

Tuesday, June 25, 05:16:38 PM

i really liked this film for me it had just enough action sequences so that i did not just give up on it like black panther also i liked the amount of nostalgia dont get me wrong there was alot and i like alot 10/10

Tuesday, June 25, 09:25:38 AM

it was boring. dragged on in the first hour. it was putting me to sleep

Monday, June 24, 08:11:28 PM

This movie was beyond amazing.

Sunday, June 16, 07:37:52 PM

Definitely in my top favorite movies. Love the story, characters, and the end. I have to say though that the least hour in this movie was the best. Great job marvel! 👏😸

Saturday, June 15, 09:32:27 AM

Definitely bittersweet and a nice ending to ten years of watching the MCU movies.

Monday, June 10, 10:48:29 AM

Excellent ending. Good actors. Great story.

Saturday, June 8, 10:56:38 PM

Wish it was just Iron Man.

Saturday, June 8, 10:13:27 PM

I don’t have any complaints about this movie. 👍

Saturday, June 8, 06:44:20 PM

We loved the movie. 😊

Saturday, June 8, 11:58:03 AM

Both out kids went to sleep after the first hour so we left. From what I am hearing we didn't miss anything

Saturday, June 8, 09:36:48 AM

total waste of money

Saturday, June 8, 01:45:24 AM

Three wonderful hours of fun from Marvel.

Friday, June 7, 04:45:49 PM

Who as this captain marvel female wannabe? captain marvel is a man.There are not two captain marvels. What were the producers thinking?

Friday, June 7, 04:41:48 PM

Thor and Hulk were turned into washed up wimps. Their reputation has been ruined.

Friday, June 7, 02:42:40 PM

Perfect movie For family

Thursday, June 6, 08:04:03 PM

Perfect family film

Thursday, June 6, 08:02:13 AM

Very good movie ~ hard to imagine 3 hours but it keeps you entertained.

Wednesday, June 5, 01:23:10 PM

Super great adventure movie. Unique.

Tuesday, June 4, 06:41:01 PM

I am repeating this movie again soon.