Friday, May 24, 10:53:25 PM

Amazing story.

Friday, May 24, 07:46:09 PM


Friday, May 24, 04:43:30 PM

Super good movie.

Friday, May 24, 05:54:01 AM

I don’t regret watching this movie twice.

Friday, May 24, 03:42:40 AM

This was the best one.

Thursday, May 23, 07:01:29 PM

This movie is the best Avengers movie ever, i don't understand why most people gave it one star, this movie deserves all the success and all the likes and all the positive reviews, i gave it 100/100, i hope this movie break all the records and pass 3 billions.

Thursday, May 23, 05:01:32 PM

Worst Avenger movie of all. Thor, Hulk and Capt Marvel were pathetic .

Wednesday, May 22, 10:16:15 AM

best marvel movie ever!!!

Wednesday, May 22, 09:22:05 AM

The best movie adventure so far.

Wednesday, May 22, 09:01:05 AM

Fantastic movie. They delivered the perfect story to everyone.

Wednesday, May 22, 08:57:23 AM

We love that movie.

Tuesday, May 21, 09:47:25 PM

So let me get this straight. The girl power grows exponentially but isn't based on any physical attributes in the real world. XXXX dies, so the white guy dies. Captain America becomes black. Ok, I want to get off the pretend train now.

Tuesday, May 21, 05:19:46 PM

I loved the A-force moment! All the young girls will see that!

Tuesday, May 21, 05:16:52 PM

No other film has had to do half what this movie had to do. This film delivers to the fans, who have supported 22 films--over 11 years, to this. Bravo, Marvel! Bravo, the fans! I can't wait for the next 22 films!

Tuesday, May 21, 04:50:12 PM

Boring comical movie for little children.

Tuesday, May 21, 11:27:56 AM

Not as good as the previous movie, but still pretty good.

Tuesday, May 21, 10:29:52 AM

Forced plot line...too much seemed contrived. Heavy with feminist agenda and changing characters to conform with current left wing agenda.

Monday, May 20, 08:05:41 PM

Three hours of fun. Excellent movie. We watched the movie two times.

Monday, May 20, 07:13:53 PM

Half of the movie could be cut out and that would make it a much better movie. Pace was slow until the action scenes, and then slow again until the next action scene popped up. For me, it was just an average movie.

Monday, May 20, 12:11:27 PM

Amazing story.

Monday, May 20, 03:45:40 AM

Captain Marvel was amazing in this movie too.

Monday, May 20, 03:44:48 AM

My money was well spent in this movie.

Sunday, May 19, 08:10:56 PM

We'll left after about 1.5 hours. We have never seen such a boring so called super hero movie except may Shazam and the female Captain Marvel.

Sunday, May 19, 03:46:51 PM

Slow, overloaded with lots of unwanted details. Plot is poor too

Sunday, May 19, 02:10:50 PM

I liked this movie so much, that I saw it 4 times

Saturday, May 18, 02:35:08 PM

Very interesting movie.

Saturday, May 18, 12:18:21 PM

Was very disappointing for the price.

Saturday, May 18, 08:51:44 AM

Loved every minute of it.

Saturday, May 18, 01:08:47 AM

We loved the story.

Friday, May 17, 05:35:48 PM

Interesting movie. Probably too long but it was amazing.

Friday, May 17, 05:03:43 PM

A few too many what ifs and plot holes. I really didn't like the Hulk, was a wasted character along with Captain Marvel. Caps moment was epic.

Friday, May 17, 02:13:24 PM

Averages endgame was the best movie In the world and no one can stop that

Friday, May 17, 12:37:59 PM

Slow moving, confusing and too long

Thursday, May 16, 12:47:41 PM

An epic film.

Thursday, May 16, 09:59:02 AM

Best movie ever so far.

Thursday, May 16, 03:15:19 AM

I will buying the Blue-ray from this movie because I want to see all the delete scenes plus the extra goodies.

Thursday, May 16, 03:12:02 AM

Kudos to the director for this movie.

Wednesday, May 15, 08:03:23 AM

just stunning!!!

Wednesday, May 15, 02:45:11 AM

Well done movie. Avengers!!!!

Tuesday, May 14, 10:22:26 PM

The most boring marvel movie- 10% action, then 90% drama.