Saturday, March 9, 04:43:25 PM

Hope dr. strange and groot come back those are like my favourite charectors ever everyone in the theatre watching avengers endgame will be blown away when thanos gets decimated himself

Saturday, February 23, 06:17:41 PM

I cannot wait how it continues and I am 9 years old and I am addicted to the MARVEL CINEMATIC UNIVERSE.

Sunday, February 3, 06:50:27 AM

Can't wait! Endgame is going to blow us away! I hope all the rumors are true including Wolverine, Deadpool, and especially Professor Hulk!! #Thanos sucks!

Friday, February 1, 10:27:57 PM

Oh yeah only a couple of months away. I can’t wait to see the grand finale and see which characters come back and who doesn’t. I hope they all come back. Wouldn’t be fare to Stan Lee to throw away his characters that he created. I mean if another actor to on those characters then that would be ok because black panther that actor was ok. Someone else should be black panther

Saturday, January 5, 11:53:42 PM

Going to be amazing. Hated how the first one ended but can’t wait to see how the characters come back and how Thanos will be defeated