Monday, January 28, 03:21:27 PM

Phenomenal!!! This is a magical film and the acting is sublime. Bravo!

Monday, January 14, 02:47:59 PM

Excellent movie, well portrayed. Wonderful actors, loved it!

Saturday, January 12, 11:28:09 PM

Thought it was great. Music was great. His acting as Freddy Mercury was spot on. The bands connection was touching. Will definitely buy on DVD.

Saturday, January 12, 10:48:20 AM


Friday, January 11, 10:46:57 PM

Excellent acting. The script was well done.

Friday, January 11, 08:45:04 AM

The music, and capturing that period in time. Acting was great!

Thursday, January 10, 12:01:28 PM

Loved it .... about to see it for the 7th time.

Thursday, January 10, 01:20:59 AM

I loved it. I will buy the DVD when it comes out. Would like to see the sing along version.

Wednesday, January 9, 06:46:46 PM

Wonderful story. Talented actor would see again