Saturday, November 17, 10:23:39 PM

I decided to see the movie, primarily to hear some great music. The story and the quality of the acting far exceeded my expectations. Often. we place too much faith in professional critics and are liable to miss some great films. Bohemian Rhapsody is one of those!

Saturday, November 17, 04:16:59 PM

I loved this movie. It was nice to reminisce about Freddy Mercury. The lead actor nailed his performance. So believable. I also am going to see it a second time, just for the music, so uplifting. Rami Malek deserves an Oscar for his performance.

Saturday, November 17, 03:59:06 PM

I loved this movie. Rami Malek deserves an Oscar. The music was fantastic. It was very sad at the end. I will be seeing it again.

Saturday, November 17, 01:40:02 PM

Was blown away by the trailers for months, then got jolted back down to earth by the critics prior to seeing the movie. It's been two weeks since I watched the movie, and I am still thinking about it. To me that is a sign of a true artistic movie that will mean more in 20 years than what the critics thought it would. Queen was about fun and pleasing the audience. The critics were wrong in not realizing that is the true experience the fans deserve. Stop worrying about historical inaccuracies and realize the performances, especially Rami Malek's captured the true person that Freddie Mercury was. If he doesn't win the Oscar, he has won in the court of public opinion in my eyes.

Saturday, November 17, 10:50:24 AM

Rami Malek was amazing as Freddie Mercury! An Oscar performance in my opinion. The movie was excellent, I've already seen it twice and may go again to experience it on the big screen. The music still resonates, so well done. The recreation of the Live Aid Concert at Wembley Stadium was incredible. Kudos to all involved.

Saturday, November 17, 10:00:37 AM

Excellent Movie !!!

Saturday, November 17, 09:21:57 AM

Loved it!

Saturday, November 17, 09:13:13 AM

The best movie I've seen in a very long time ! It's not only an amazing story about Queen and Freddie Mercury, It's about the expression of Love that's available for everyone! You will leave exhilarated ! I'm going to go see it again and then purchase it when it's released for sale.

Saturday, November 17, 07:57:20 AM

Amazing, I will see this movie many times!!

Saturday, November 17, 07:06:58 AM

The great music. Also mushy and moving made me and others I know cry.

Saturday, November 17, 06:00:06 AM

Doesn't even deserve a star, all crap!

Friday, November 16, 05:14:55 PM

From reading some of the critics, I went to see this movie with low expectations. But alas, I was completely blown away by the exceptional acting, and with that just being suggestive in various scenes was enough to experience a fuller picture of Freddie's unique story, in his relationships, and his musical career with Queen. It's fantastic! Gotta see and hear it on the big screen!

Friday, November 16, 04:32:11 PM

Fantastic Movie !!! Let It Run

Friday, November 16, 03:05:33 PM

Great movie and it should be allowed to run for a while.

Friday, November 16, 12:43:27 PM

One of the best movies I've seen. Freddie Mercury is captured so very realistically.

Friday, November 16, 10:43:22 AM

Ignore the politically correct professional movie critics. This is a great film. The sound track is amazing and almost all the songs are played completely; very few teasing snippets.

Friday, November 16, 07:56:06 AM

Actor Rami Malek portrayed Freddie amazingly. I felt sad at the end for Freddie. The acoustics conveyed sitting in the theater were astounding. The story was well told. The band Queen rocks!

Friday, November 16, 07:48:16 AM

Wow! The cast did an excellent job! Very well acted, very entertaining, the show was very well put together! Loved it!

Thursday, November 15, 06:03:02 PM

Loved the movie! Acting was great and very entertaining.

Thursday, November 15, 05:33:07 PM

At 68 I’ve seen a gazillion movies but I don’t remember the last time I wept at one. Forget the naysaying critics. This movie just blew me out of my seat. Absolutely tremendous. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house. Run, don’t walk, to see it.

Thursday, November 15, 04:01:51 PM

Classic, will be watching 2nd, maybe 3rd time!

Thursday, November 15, 03:08:50 PM

I was blown away. Really loved it and will see it again. Keep in mind this is a Hollywood movie not a documentary. Rami Malek deserves an Oscar for his role as Freddie. The remaining band members of Queen gave it a high score and they all felt Rami didn't only portray Freddie well, he actually embodied Freddie. Not a bad review I'd say!

Wednesday, November 14, 08:29:16 PM

They take a few liberties with the timeline but other than that I really enjoyed it. Outstanding acting! The story drags in a spot or two but I liked it overall. I had no idea that they all wrote songs and were so highly educated

Wednesday, November 14, 12:46:16 PM

Loved it!

Tuesday, November 13, 10:35:22 PM

Not a bad movie. Too much emphasis on how Freddie was so promiscuous. Otherwise, if a husband goes to this movie to cry, he's in need of surgical removal of the jewels...

Tuesday, November 13, 10:34:30 PM

I loved everything about this movie

Tuesday, November 13, 10:26:40 PM

Loved this movie. Made my husband cry

Tuesday, November 13, 09:07:22 PM

The very few who didn't like it is either because the movie didn't do justice to Freddie Mercury and Queen or because you are an ignorant, and, unfortunately, were never exposed to this amazing band! Queen forever!!!!!!!

Tuesday, November 13, 09:03:08 PM

Loved this movie !!! Made you want to laugh, cry & get up and dance.

Tuesday, November 13, 07:08:08 PM

Loved the movie, Rami Malek deserves an Oscar for his portrayal of Freddie. He was bang on with Freddie's cadence of speech, mannerisms and on stage presence. The critics were so wrong!

Tuesday, November 13, 05:53:00 PM

Excellent movie Seen it twice and enjoyed very much

Tuesday, November 13, 05:18:09 PM

Rami Malek perhaps a golden globe and an academy award for his shockingly good performance. He is in practically every scene. The movie is well paced and wonderful with very good supporting acting.

Tuesday, November 13, 03:25:22 PM

fantastic movie, i highly disagree with its lower rotten tomatoes score it was great! must see!

Tuesday, November 13, 01:20:39 PM

Excellent Movie

Tuesday, November 13, 01:01:58 PM

What can I say, AMAZING movie, ive seen it twice and might go again, im English so maybe a bit biased but Rami and the rest of the cast did an amazing job!!!

Tuesday, November 13, 12:26:20 PM

Rami Malek was incredible! I read Sacha Baron Cohen was originally considered for the role. He sure looks more like Freddy, but Malek rocked it! Critics have been too hard on this film. They should listen to what audiences have to say. Hell of a good story.

Tuesday, November 13, 12:11:02 PM

Great movie!! the casting was great. Looked almost like the real people.

Tuesday, November 13, 10:15:32 AM

Movie was amazing, cast was spot on. At the end I felt like I was at the show. Will be seeing this again.

Monday, November 12, 09:43:34 PM

Loved the movie, would have liked to have heard more Queen songs. Love Queen and Freddie Mercury! Rami Malek did a great job of portraying Freddie, as did all the others.

Monday, November 12, 08:55:16 PM

Unless you grew up knowing the band and lots about them the movie didn't do queen or Freddie justice. ..great actor portraying Freddie. ...but I expected more about the evolution. ...went from nobody to the band breaking up to him dying...