Tuesday, May 21, 09:28:22 AM

Not all stories are filled with likeable characters. This one doesn't, but that Is what makes this so good. Not for the RomCom crowd who live in fantasy.

Friday, May 17, 02:46:45 PM

Zendaya character is simply unlikeable; none of the characters were very likeable

Wednesday, May 8, 12:40:18 PM

i woke up LOVING this movie

Tuesday, May 7, 12:11:20 AM

Silly wokepeeps haha not good jus bad free I Salute Real Awesome Excellent Lads!

Sunday, May 5, 08:13:03 AM

Excellent, but not for teens.

Saturday, May 4, 10:40:08 PM

Think of 3 reasons why this movie was amazing

Saturday, May 4, 10:39:25 PM

3 loveable characters: each does and does not care about the other 2. The ending is profound but by then everybody cares.

Friday, May 3, 09:20:38 PM

Zendaya cannot act. She always looks angry. Ok so she has a models body but SO…. Locker room scenes were unnessary. .? Story wasn’t interesting. Flash backs …too many and somewhat confusing. Ending.. what are viewers to think. I felt this movie has been overrated because of Zen….for me it was a waste of time. And the score was irritating !

Thursday, May 2, 04:02:11 PM

think of 3 reasons why i love this move lol

Wednesday, May 1, 11:00:42 AM

It's good. Zendaya is excellent.

Monday, April 29, 12:49:32 PM

Interesting story and I like tennis. Movie is for mature audiences.

Monday, April 29, 12:31:41 PM

Zendaya was amazing. Good movie.

Sunday, April 28, 10:27:19 PM

We never left the movie it was hot

Sunday, April 28, 10:02:44 PM

This movie has a hot, empowered female lead character. Zendaya's character possesses a strength and resilience many wish they had. As for looks, there's no shortage of eye candy in this movie. Mike Faist and Josh O'Conner are drool-worthy. Both are a full snack. Zendaya is of course beyond beautiful. Zendaya has to choose between them (or does she?) as they both compete for her affections. The relationship between the two male characters and how they navigate their friendship keeps your attention. The movie could have used some editing as some scenes were a bit long and I would have liked to see stronger character development at the beginning but other than that it's a great film.

Sunday, April 28, 07:13:45 PM

The movie is funny. This is an R rated movie so should not be offended by nudity and sex talk.

Sunday, April 28, 07:00:45 AM

This was the first time (really!) that I've ever walked out of a movie halfway through. It was shallow and cringey. None of the characters had any depth, and the plot was slow and dull. A Razzies contender, for sure. WARNING: Children should not be taken to this movie. There's gratuitous locker-room nudity, and an equally gratuitous scene in which the characters discuss masturbation. ICK!

Saturday, April 27, 08:43:52 PM

We left 1/2 way through. We have never done that before. Although, the Barbie movie is right up there too. One star is being generous

Saturday, April 27, 07:20:00 PM

Different. It's a soap opera set in a tennis match. Sorta almost interesting. Took forever to get there. Zendaya is still cute but her movie making needs to grow up.

Friday, April 26, 06:57:40 PM

Pretty good. Prudes won't like it.

Friday, April 26, 06:39:37 PM

New sports movie gold standard

Friday, April 26, 06:23:50 PM

So the movie is supposed to be about tennis but it's focus is on cheating and affairs . Talking about how attractive Zedaya. Ending was kinda flat

Thursday, April 25, 08:37:32 PM

Not great. The characters the actors play are unlikeable and the ending is crappy.