Friday, November 2, 06:04:59 PM

I went to see it with my little brother to kill an hour or so. I was the oldest kid there. And, wow. I read the book, watched all the animated movies and everything. I knew what happened, but this just made me cry. A lot. It was really bad... Me sitting there bawling, while a whole bunch of five-year-olds stared at me... But, it was cute.

Thursday, April 19, 12:08:59 PM

Wonderful story about finding the beauty in everything and everyone.

Monday, April 9, 10:14:18 PM

charlotte web is a good moive and it good for it.

Thursday, April 5, 09:08:02 PM

I am a little tired of seeing Dakota Fanning in everything, I dont want to see or hear her.

Wednesday, March 28, 10:19:01 PM

i love the book better but the movie is good too

Sunday, March 18, 10:16:02 AM

loved this. As a kid I read the book at least 20 times and loved the cartoon version. I loved sharing this story with my kids, a true classic story.

Monday, March 12, 05:41:04 PM

I think it`s just like the book! It totally rocks! I thought it totally rocks!

Friday, February 16, 06:15:09 PM

The whole family loved this show!

Sunday, February 4, 04:47:20 PM

It was really cute! But, Dakota Fanning is my age, 13, if you can believe it, and she plays a little kid. I DO NOT like her, but the animals were adorable! Especially Wilbur!

Saturday, January 27, 05:12:42 PM

I woudent say it was a good movie but in this movie id say Dakota Fanning was impresive

Friday, January 26, 10:54:44 AM

Boring!!! Rent the original version as this one will put you to sleep!

Sunday, January 21, 11:19:19 AM

I thought the movie was great!

Tuesday, January 16, 02:00:45 PM

It is a well made movie.Entertaining for all ages. Draw back, it should have only been released as a dvd.

Saturday, January 13, 03:27:14 PM

It`s good. I have the same passon for animals as Fern does. I rate it a four star movie.

Friday, January 5, 03:40:06 PM

Best movie ever. I absolutely loved it.

Tuesday, January 2, 10:08:30 PM

This was a GREAT movie! It is very true to the children`s book and handled in a charming fashion. A MUST SEE for the whole family!

Tuesday, January 2, 10:14:32 AM

it is one of my favourite movie. can you believe that a 24 years old girl can feel so touching of a kid movie?

Sunday, December 31, 11:44:37 AM

favorite book, favorite movie as a kid...loved it!

Friday, December 29, 09:45:11 AM

Great entertainment for any one. Some very funny quick one liners throughout...

Wednesday, December 27, 09:57:38 AM

I know, it`s not what I think, it`s a fun filled movie for all ages to watch.

Tuesday, December 26, 10:10:56 PM

like the movie. should watch it . great for kids and adults

Tuesday, December 26, 04:59:36 PM

good family movie but was slow at times - my 6 year old did enjoy the movie though

Saturday, December 23, 09:52:31 AM

My 8 yr old loved it!

Tuesday, December 19, 11:25:56 PM

Great children`s show. Mom enjoyed it too.

Tuesday, December 19, 09:12:14 AM

A friend of mine and my two children aged 8 and 5 went to see this movie. I thought it was one of the best family movies we had seen in a long time. There was no foul language...even questionable. There was no violence. No big super heroes (unless you consider some of the farm animals heroes). All of us loved this movie.

Tuesday, December 19, 08:20:39 AM

The movie is great. The voices are so convincing that it seems to bring the animals to life. I took my 78 year old mother to it and she loved it. 4 stars Great for all ages

Sunday, December 17, 08:28:37 PM

good but i cant find out who is who! P.S. the book is at least 10, no 20 times better!(the movie was good the book ROOLZ)

Sunday, December 17, 11:41:11 AM

The movie stays close to the original. Its a bit slow at times, but the CG is really well done. a good clean family film for the holidays.

Sunday, December 17, 10:40:05 AM


Sunday, December 17, 10:38:28 AM

If your going to watch this your better off seeing the cartoon ver.

Sunday, December 17, 10:37:32 AM

can I get my 2hrs back

Sunday, December 17, 01:08:17 AM

Charlotte`s Web`s Wilbur makes Babe look like a Babe-y, get it?!! Of course we can`t forget our beloved eight legged friend Charlotte, she gets her props. This epic tale of love and loyalty is a sure winner for the best picture for the Oscars. I look forward to watching the sequel when he goes to the city.

Sunday, December 17, 01:03:03 AM

nothing beats the P.I.G

Saturday, December 16, 06:06:08 PM

awsome ww want Charlott WEb 2 to come out.!!!

Saturday, December 16, 10:38:24 AM

waste of money

Saturday, December 16, 03:03:29 AM

Templeton and the crows added a lot of fun. It was a feel good funny movie. Not real deep. Very enjoyable - Eric Jordan Victoria, B.C.

Friday, December 15, 05:31:23 PM

Not Fun, very upsetting.

Friday, December 15, 01:33:42 PM

The book is so much better

Friday, December 15, 07:01:56 AM

Iam very happy becouse this movis is special and diferent thank you .Oprah and evey one .good loock Happy Christma and New Year