Monday, June 18, 01:10:57 PM

Absolutely great movie if you didn’t find it funny and entertaining you are have no sense of humor

Monday, June 18, 11:19:43 AM

Better than the first! Had me in stiches!

Sunday, June 17, 06:00:33 PM

Deadpool is by far the best Marvel character out there. The 2 movies are on point of how he is in the comics. Ryan Reynolds is my favorite actors...he's hilarious!!!

Saturday, June 16, 04:46:36 PM

I liked the sequel and the first Deadpool equally, in similar and different ways. Both are hilarious action movies with tons of cursing (more cursing in sequel). I don't agree with the lack of story, the sequel in fact tries to break out and into a new direction so as to expand and recruit more super characters and themes. I enjoyed the movie!

Saturday, June 16, 02:56:39 AM

The bad words and that screen what?

Friday, June 15, 06:26:01 PM

Hilarious and entertaining if you have a sense of humor, exactly what a movie should be. It does not reflect problems in today's society so PC and overly sensitive people should stay away.

Friday, June 15, 01:57:39 PM

Horrible story. No a real plot.

Wednesday, June 13, 07:22:14 PM

This movie should qualify as one of the worst sequels ever made. I enjoyed the 1st movie; however, I can't express how poor the DP2 is. If inclined, take the ticket price and throw it in the wind as you'll feel better than wasting over two hours in the theatre.

Tuesday, June 12, 09:43:08 PM

We were very disappointed with the movie. No even for renting. Wait until this movie comes on TV.

Tuesday, June 12, 11:23:55 AM

Hilarious movie, if you loved the 1st movie you'll love the second one. If you don't like cursing and violence then don't see this movie though. Must buy when it comes out on blu-ray! Make sure you stay for the 2 clips during the credits that many have missed when they walk out once the credits start!

Tuesday, June 12, 09:51:36 AM

A simple movie without flavor.

Monday, June 11, 09:36:50 PM

Ohhhhhhhhhh my god ! ! ! ! This movie is wow!!!!! Thank God ryan is funny

Monday, June 11, 04:35:01 PM

Great movie packed with action and great one-liners!

Monday, June 11, 04:52:46 AM

Almost as good as the last Fantasic Four movie.

Monday, June 11, 12:45:06 AM

A very very very lame movie.

Sunday, June 10, 07:18:20 PM

Action and entertainment from start to finish

Saturday, June 9, 03:25:17 AM

Movie was not so great.

Thursday, June 7, 04:57:22 PM

If you're someone who can't stand profanity, or if Jeff Foxworthy is your favourite comedian (not hating, I think he's funny), then you'll hate this flick. If Monty Python seems too silly and banal for you, skip this movie. You won't get it. Deadpool exists in a world where he knows he's in a movie and is pretty critical of things. This installment is no exception. There's all sorts of inside jokes and references so if you've been hiding under a rock for the last 30 years, you likely won't get many of them. That said, I've seen this flick 12 times and I still love it. Your mileage may vary...

Thursday, June 7, 04:05:57 AM

This movie was very good to watch. Ignore others who said that this movie was garbage because it wasn't. I would watch this movie again. The sequel to Deadpool 2 is a continuation to the first one. Ryan Reynolds added a few more scenes to the movie. Go see the movie and you will like it. Ignore the others who said it was crap and it sucks.

Wednesday, June 6, 04:21:23 PM

Terrible film.

Wednesday, June 6, 12:20:25 PM

This movie left me in tears, it is THAT funny... better than DP1 in my opinion... bring on DP3!!

Tuesday, June 5, 05:52:23 PM

Much better than Infinity War!

Tuesday, June 5, 03:35:47 PM


Monday, June 4, 06:42:57 PM

Worst than any movie.

Monday, June 4, 03:07:15 PM

Better than Star Wars Solo.

Sunday, June 3, 01:11:39 PM

Not very good.Just took all the comedic bits from the first one and amped them up to ridiculous levels. Plot and story just silly and he talks way too much in this. It becomes very amateur hour -like and boring after awhile.

Sunday, June 3, 08:39:34 AM

Stupid and pointless

Sunday, June 3, 07:29:08 AM

Deadpool movies don't follow a fixed formula like other Marvels or DCs do. Awesome!

Saturday, June 2, 09:05:48 PM

Gross. Very disturbing.

Saturday, June 2, 07:50:39 PM


Saturday, June 2, 06:16:25 PM

aweful with the aweful 1 liners!

Saturday, June 2, 11:56:08 AM

Hangover was more funny than this movie. Terrible sequel.

Friday, June 1, 08:17:44 PM

Don't waist your money

Friday, June 1, 10:29:12 AM


Thursday, May 31, 09:26:42 PM

The first was better. Not near as funny or clever as the original.

Thursday, May 31, 09:02:58 PM

Lame and boring.

Thursday, May 31, 08:28:13 PM

Funniest movie I've seen since The Hangover

Thursday, May 31, 06:18:07 PM

As good or better than the first! Hilarious all the way through.

Thursday, May 31, 12:20:06 PM

Loved it. ??😂😂😂😂

Thursday, May 31, 09:31:03 AM

No brain movie. Just pure swearing.