Friday, July 27, 06:33:45 PM

It's not even good trash. Eli Roth is simply not capable of making a good movie. He sucks.

Friday, June 29, 03:57:58 PM

I am a fan of the Deth Wish series and I am glad that they rebooted this series. I found that a Doctor vs Architect career change was a good one. A Doctor can be more inventive when it comes to getting vengeance. The story does not move as well as the original and I did not like the whole superhero aspect was too much like unbreakable. That is why I rate it at 4, not a must see, but it was fun to watch. Bruce did a good job. Charles was better if you compare to the original. Still, I hope they do a Death Wish 2 that takes the character to a new frontier, let exploits the knowledge on the human body a bit more!

Saturday, June 9, 01:52:36 PM

Bruce you'll never be has good has Charles Bronson

Thursday, March 29, 08:39:31 PM

Very predictable, nothing new here, fill in the blanks rerun of previous films.

Saturday, March 24, 09:53:32 PM

Easily exceeds, without trying, the two most overrated shows of the year.

Saturday, March 24, 03:08:11 AM

I usually like Bruce Willis in movies like this but it was so average. Everything was predictable, add some gun control political dialog to the script, the end. Yawn.

Friday, March 23, 11:30:00 PM

Charlie Bronson would be proud. Bruce Willis was great!

Thursday, March 22, 07:22:45 PM

You get what you'd expect from this fine remake.

Thursday, March 22, 05:43:53 PM

Quite well done.

Thursday, March 22, 11:25:06 AM

Movie was too long and the plot was weak.

Thursday, March 22, 04:24:35 AM

The movie probably would much better if they used another actor? He was not quiet right on this new role.

Thursday, March 22, 04:13:53 AM

So good.

Thursday, March 22, 04:13:11 AM


Thursday, March 22, 04:10:54 AM

Stunning achievement. I can hardly wait to see these removed.

Thursday, March 22, 04:09:41 AM

Best film of the year in its category.

Thursday, March 22, 04:08:38 AM

Incredible movie.

Thursday, March 22, 04:07:03 AM

Best reboot ever!

Thursday, March 22, 04:06:41 AM

Way better action movie than the big hyped ones.

Thursday, March 22, 04:05:52 AM

Best action actor of the past decade.

Thursday, March 22, 04:04:50 AM

Can't wait to see the sequel.

Thursday, March 22, 04:04:12 AM

Great plot for an action thriller.

Thursday, March 22, 04:03:01 AM

Awesome action.

Thursday, March 22, 04:02:04 AM

Willis is brilliant.

Thursday, March 22, 04:01:00 AM

A five star effort all the way.

Thursday, March 22, 03:59:39 AM

My new favorite show.

Thursday, March 22, 03:58:00 AM

Best of its class.

Thursday, March 22, 03:55:01 AM

Great movie!

Thursday, March 22, 03:39:21 AM

Awesome story.

Thursday, March 22, 12:22:40 AM

The entertainment value is five stars and the quality is about high threes to four.

Wednesday, March 21, 09:51:36 PM

As Bruce Willis said in another of his movies that spawned a franchise, Yipee Ki Yay.........!

Wednesday, March 21, 01:39:46 AM

Another remake of Charles Bronson's movies, The Mechanic, was done well, as is this. Looks like they'll run thorough all the best ones. Enjoy!

Tuesday, March 20, 07:53:33 PM

The original was very dramatic. The remake is terrific as well.

Tuesday, March 20, 03:20:43 AM

Having not seen the original, I can't comment on the "remake". But as a "new" standalone movie, it was very good. Don't know why everyone is so negative on it. Willis played a slower paced character, but it was overall entertaining, decent story, and action. The con wasthat it was a little predictable. But I guess it depends what you're looking for. Seeing this movie having no background references, I thought it was overall very good. Nice to see a movie without all the CGI nowadays.

Tuesday, March 20, 01:55:25 AM

how is this movie doing bad at the boxoffice comparing to black panther. This is 1000 times better

Monday, March 19, 05:54:59 PM

Liked it! Everyone overwhelming agrees with a whopping 4.35 score that this is an entertaining movie.

Monday, March 19, 05:39:44 PM

Terrible movie.

Monday, March 19, 02:25:29 PM

Pretty good show. I see that around 84% agree with that assessment.

Monday, March 19, 11:34:29 AM

This was not a good faction movie. I prefer the older Western movies where the actors knew how to play their roles.

Sunday, March 18, 10:53:48 PM

Would highly recommend this movie. Please don't listen to these other so call critics...they don't know a good movie when they see it. This movie will keep you on the edge of your seat. Great acting. Elizabeth Shue and Bruce Willis had great chemistry. A....ALL THE WAY!!!!

Sunday, March 18, 08:39:29 PM

Sometimes people just want to watch a good old fashioned action movie like this. I note that the two most hyped movies scores together don't equal this one. LOL!