Tuesday, February 27, 01:09:49 PM

Sting stole the movie for me and Francesca Annis is incredibly beautiful as Lady Jessica. Hats off to director Lynch for his incredible vision and kudos to Toto for an instantly iconic film score. 4.5/5

Sunday, February 18, 10:58:58 AM

I still liked it.

Sunday, September 18, 10:15:13 AM

The only good thing about this chaotic mess are the practical effects from the pre-CGI era. The plot is so compressed you can´t even start to care about the most of the characters because they literally die after they were introduced and you know nothing about them. And the person who thought Sting is the right person to play Feyd was probably high on spice.

Tuesday, December 14, 05:34:13 AM

The best DUNE movie.