Saturday, July 7, 12:18:33 AM

First Reformed resonates with a profound depth that I yearn for in any form of art. It is a journey that is distant from my own experience yet spoke as a wake-up call for us all to not only savor and appreciate the life we have, but to ultimately leave this world hopeful. We can all understand the reasons for despair, but the antidote for our despair comes only from grasping the brief life we have and becoming an active participant. A magnificent film in my estimation. This is not for the crowd that goes to the movies for escapism. This is a film that stayed with me for days and even weeks later, exploring the relationships, symbolism, and perfect casting for one of the most thoughtful films I have ever seen. Be prepared to think.

Friday, July 6, 02:08:56 PM

The acting was good . The story was very depressing. If a person was really down and went to this movie, they would be sadder than ever. It's a shame that anyone would think of making a movie like this. It's not entertainment its mental abuse!!!

Thursday, July 5, 12:05:39 PM

Great actors. I am kind of a movie movie buff. I am selective in movies I go to but on occasion I will try something new and different. That's how I felt with this movie when I read the synopsis. Disappointed doesn't even describe how I felt about this movie. I was a waste of $$$ and 1 hour and 53 minutes. Very dark, boring and.... plot??? If this the best Hollywood can put out than they think way too much of themselves to call this worthy of production. When you spend that much time at a movie and come out of the theater disgusted and cheated because you just watched what was supposed to be an "artistic film" but was nothing more than Paul Schrader's coming of age trauma(?) with religion....poor boy.... Well, just don't go to it; would not recommend.

Tuesday, July 3, 09:47:11 PM

Wondrously bleak.

Wednesday, June 27, 06:47:04 PM

A bore. Watching people whispering to each other is not interesting.

Wednesday, June 27, 02:13:41 PM

Powerful message about power and violence, ironically seen through today's church. As a friend said, discussion groups should be set up around this movie

Tuesday, June 26, 08:47:11 PM

Awful, boring and with non sense. The ending is so confusing and irrelevant.

Tuesday, June 26, 07:57:31 PM

Boring! Depressing! Dark!

Sunday, June 24, 07:12:09 PM

A very dark subject matter with well acted movie. Not a feel good movie.

Thursday, June 14, 05:17:43 PM

Hmmmmm; Another strange movie! Enjoyed Amanda S. Nice kiss at the end. Don’t waste to much time trying to make sense of everything.

Tuesday, June 12, 08:55:55 AM

Strong, dark, powerful movie--and the questions it explores---why do we choose to live when things are so chaotic, so spoiled, so destroyed and desperate around us?---is a question for our times (given the high suicide rates and political chaos). the last minute of the film gives us a firm answer to that dilemma.

Monday, May 28, 09:28:48 PM

Very intellectual -- poses questions about the roles people play in our churches and communities. Stand up for your personal values! Think before you act and vote and buy stock!