Sunday, April 21, 06:39:52 PM

Great movie ,I liked the original cast was in it also .

Tuesday, April 16, 10:34:21 AM

Flat jokes, crude humor, and a horrible script make for a snooze-fest. The characters act odd, they don't seem natural to me, they were more like a kids first day at school. The best part was seeing the bad guy ghost but he didn't get much screen time. Some special effects are cool looking. The little stay puft guys are funny. Just not very good all around. If you enjoyed the last Ghostbusters, don't bother seeing this one, it adds nothing to the franchise.

Tuesday, April 9, 09:09:12 PM

Greatest movie ever

Sunday, April 7, 08:08:28 PM

We were disappointed with the movie and just found it to be slow moving. It didn’t really get interesting until the very end.

Sunday, April 7, 12:50:55 AM

I was not expecting much from this movie ( it most certainly is NOT five stars ) and figured that the original Ghostbusters cast would be in cameo, but they were not. I was never bored and was glad to see that there was actually some story and not the non-stop action like you see so much of today. So it was not great, but a pleasant diversion. I was never bored. The trolls who give it one star have never even seen the movie. They would not spend the money because they cannot afford it. They are just little, pathetic, spiteful, keyboard losers who need to vent. Don't listen to them. Decide yourself. Note: the creature at the end of the movie may scare your children. It is fairly disgusting in appearance. Ominously creepy like the trolls.

Wednesday, April 3, 03:26:38 PM

Fun movie, we liked it

Wednesday, April 3, 02:28:15 PM

i think the stars were good

Wednesday, April 3, 02:26:10 PM

i liked the first one the best

Wednesday, April 3, 02:20:18 PM

It took way too long for the big bad ghost to show up.

Wednesday, April 3, 02:11:59 PM

Setup was way too long, payoff wasn't worth it.

Wednesday, April 3, 02:02:24 PM

i loved this

Tuesday, April 2, 12:39:01 PM

It was really funny and fun to watch

Monday, April 1, 10:07:23 PM

Entertaining, nostalgic, fun, exciting!

Monday, April 1, 12:55:23 PM

Not a movie. It's a weird rehash of the 40 year old original movie. Couldn't wait for it to end.

Monday, April 1, 02:05:30 AM

Two thumbs up. A big improvement over the last one. I would rank it third best in the series after the original two.

Sunday, March 31, 09:39:26 PM

Fun movie. Family entertainment. Another one of those big, loud, CGI things. Strange they brought Bill Murray back but didn't give him anything to do.

Sunday, March 31, 08:45:45 PM

What the heck was that? So bad.

Sunday, March 31, 04:05:20 PM

I should give more money to this film. It would have been no money better spent.

Sunday, March 31, 04:03:46 PM

I should give more money to this film. It would have been no money better spent.

Sunday, March 31, 02:13:09 PM

I should have given the money to the meth head begging. It would have been money better spent.

Sunday, March 31, 02:02:39 PM

Clobber together a loose script and put the money to CGI and bang. A bag of junk foog with no substance.

Saturday, March 30, 06:21:51 PM

Knew it would be a let up

Saturday, March 30, 12:39:02 PM

Knew it would be a letdown.

Friday, March 29, 01:03:29 PM

The movie event of the year that doesn't star Timothee Chalamet.

Thursday, March 28, 04:46:36 PM

watched it 5 times now.

Tuesday, March 26, 05:14:30 PM

this and Madame Web, movies are back!

Tuesday, March 26, 09:28:25 AM

This movie is a true follow up to the spirit of the original. Yes indeed I will call Ghostbusters once again

Monday, March 25, 10:42:45 AM

retire the old guys and go forward with the spenglers! The actors playing teens were awesome. Their acting was so believable. More side plots too. The mom is an amazing actress, I totally bought she was a ghostbuster .

Monday, March 25, 09:26:17 AM

Lots of history and science into the movie 🎥 young and old people in the ghostbusters team Very happy with the movie 🍿

Monday, March 25, 04:04:48 AM

This movie is a phenomenal follow up to the original 1984 Ghostbusters and it's sequel. This movie is of course also a sequel to the Ghostbusters: Afterlife film which was an epic bit of fan service and lovingly made tribute to Ivan Reitman. But this one in particular stands out on it's OWN in a way that is BETTER than even afterlife, at being a "Ghostbusters Movie" in the spirit of the original. While Afterlife gave us a soft re-boot via recurring villains from the 1984 original, THIS epic movie follows in the proper footsteps of an original sequal. Much like the Ghostbusters 2 movie gave us an original villain, so too this movie finally gives us our THIRD REAL original villain in the live action franchise. It feels like the real trilogy is Ghostbusters I, Ghostbusters 2, and this film...I know we need afterlife in there but after watching this one, I feel afterlife makes a better MIDDLE man movie to jumpstart us back into the FUN and original action. I look forward to this franchise branching into more films so long as they KEEP doing the visual asthetic and sounds from the original 80's movies. They need to not diverge from that in the future, and PLEASE DO NOT TURN TO CGI any more than you already have, in fact, there was maybe 2 times in this frozen empire movie that I wished they did practical effects. Like when ice shards come up from the ground, they really should have been acrylic, clear, physical objects. Not Cgi. But that's my pickiness. Love this film. 1 more piece of criticism though is they might need to lower the number of heroes on the protag roster. It got a little muddled with too many good guys and no possible way to give them all meaningful dialogue and screen time. Other than that. Bustin' makes me feel good!

Monday, March 25, 01:50:02 AM

I'm glad to see some of the old cast in this movie. I hope the make another one.

Sunday, March 24, 09:53:23 PM

At this point we need many more renditions of the song

Sunday, March 24, 09:52:39 PM

It was totally believable when the Og cast did nothing and the kid saves the day

Sunday, March 24, 08:48:37 PM

At this point the franchise seems to be all about seeing how many new renditions of the theme song they can inflict on listeners.

Sunday, March 24, 08:03:04 PM

Very good, excitement beginning to end

Sunday, March 24, 11:46:03 AM

Not good. Excitement in the beginning and end, nothing in the middle

Sunday, March 24, 12:09:49 AM

Made me so happy the originals hardly did anything. The cheesy humour was so good. The slide plots enhanced the main plot. Bustin makes me feel good!

Saturday, March 23, 07:18:16 PM

Welcome back, Bill Atherton!

Saturday, March 23, 05:56:10 PM

Is it time to wake up? It was good to hear the song again. That's about it.

Saturday, March 23, 04:59:12 PM

The greatest of the entire franchise!