Tuesday, April 16, 03:39:14 PM

Great Showa Era action made with modern tech. It's not perfect but the pros outweigh the few cons.

Saturday, April 13, 02:44:40 PM

Terrible CGI

Thursday, April 11, 01:59:25 PM

Cool monsters. Bad chimp not imposing enough.

Tuesday, April 9, 12:28:28 PM

Very disappointed. Kong looked a little rough and I keep waiting for something to actually happen that made sense. Don't waste your money.

Monday, April 8, 09:23:46 AM

Awesome, just AWESOME! I loved how the genres were Sci Fi & Action. I loved the battles & especially (spoiler alert), Godzilla & King Kong teaming up! This was so fun, never boring, & loved the end! The movie got even better the more it was being played! Watching the movie made it such a fun Sunday night! I also loved Godzilla! He made it more epic!

Monday, April 8, 09:18:40 AM

Hope to see future sequels take even more from the Showa era because it makes the monsterverse so much fun!

Monday, April 8, 06:01:16 AM

Not bad, a little cheesy and nonsensical, but fast-paced, lots of creatures/fighting/settings, and good ending. 4/5 stars for creature variety and rewatch value. Cup figurine is good quality, got Godzilla!

Sunday, April 7, 10:30:33 PM

CGI was very good, but that's it. This script was written on the back of a cocktail napkin that was later used as toilet paper. Horrid writing even for a child. Don't waste your money. I guarantee you'll be sitting there twenty minutes in asking yourself, "What was I thinking?"

Saturday, April 6, 09:34:52 PM

Big kaiju, big action. 2 dimensional acting. They do a lot of looking up while saying little. Plot was disjointed and not worth following. Kong and Godzilla were great but rest of the supporting cast was forgettable. Go.see Ghostbusters instead.

Thursday, April 4, 02:07:30 PM

Would love to see a team-up with the GHOSTBUSTERS in the next one.

Wednesday, April 3, 08:57:08 PM

Painfully bad. In every way. Even the special effects were horrible. Couldn’t wait for it to be over.

Wednesday, April 3, 03:23:04 PM

i loved the special effects and baby Kong

Wednesday, April 3, 03:22:22 PM

awesome creature feature

Wednesday, April 3, 02:21:57 PM


Wednesday, April 3, 01:46:45 PM

Great team up

Wednesday, April 3, 01:39:37 PM

Great CGI, i loved the movie

Wednesday, April 3, 01:28:35 PM

Good special effects...just a bit overdone. Good history. Just fun.

Wednesday, April 3, 01:21:35 PM

Great special effects!

Wednesday, April 3, 01:19:52 PM

great movie!

Wednesday, April 3, 01:17:15 PM

Loved baby Kong

Wednesday, April 3, 09:48:19 AM

Great fun!

Tuesday, April 2, 10:22:41 PM

Good film if you're fan of both Titans, just wish that battle at the end was longer. But still recommended to watch on the big screen. 👍

Tuesday, April 2, 04:13:58 PM

It was a great movie. Godzilla awesome, awesome strong like the colour pink . Kong awesome and awesome too with that awesome yellow metal glove. I would watch this movie over over again. I will buy it when it comes out on streaming apps .

Tuesday, April 2, 05:50:57 AM

It was a good movie. And the ending was funny .Glad I went and saw it.

Monday, April 1, 07:17:05 AM

I liked the baby Kong he turned out to be cute and loveable and I like the twist of comedy coming from the other characters.

Sunday, March 31, 07:26:04 PM

Great Movie, The Action Is Awesome. Kong Is Amazing In This Film.

Sunday, March 31, 03:04:02 PM

This movie was non stop action. I love it. I will see it many more times. Go Godzilla Go Kong!

Saturday, March 30, 06:22:27 PM


Saturday, March 30, 06:22:03 PM

Well! It was surprisingly good. Really, I didn't want to see several hours of the gigantic creatures duking it out for the umpteenth time but nothing else in the theater was appealing. So there was that. But there was also a team of likable characters. Not one of them was military. No one spoke Japanese. One guy was actually funny. And this is the 2nd time in the year that the audience applauded the end. Good job.

Saturday, March 30, 03:23:44 PM

Too computerized- made no sense- just awful. They've gon gone too far in ruining this legend

Saturday, March 30, 09:42:35 AM

Bad just boring

Friday, March 29, 06:17:47 PM

If you guys don't like plot development this this the movie for you. More action less talking. Giant monster fighting in big screen is alway entertaining.

Friday, March 29, 01:00:40 PM

Godzilla and KINO team up once again to tell an incoherent story. A lot of CG nonsense with not an interesting character in sight.

Thursday, March 28, 10:31:26 PM

I can't wait to see it again. The absolute best fight between the titans!! I look forward to more movies like this one.

Thursday, March 28, 07:07:24 PM

It is a fun movie to watch. Going to the movies is about enjoyment.

Monday, March 25, 10:25:40 PM

This is why we go to the movies

Monday, March 25, 08:09:01 AM

Great entertainemnt, only those who have no interest in this type of thing will complain about it.

Friday, March 22, 09:55:52 PM

original idea

Friday, March 22, 08:24:02 PM

Another unnecessary sequel.

Thursday, March 14, 05:05:53 AM

Amazing Action. Everything you want in a Classic Kaiju movie.