Sunday, September 17, 04:31:06 PM

Loved the New Orleans setting lived all the actors

Monday, September 4, 10:12:53 PM

Fun to watch, But I did not enjoy the movie. If you visit the hunted mansion Disney world, you may enjoy more!

Friday, September 1, 01:03:59 PM

I thought would be funny, especially, with Danny Devito in it, but I rarely found anything funny in this. My friend I went with you too felt the same.

Tuesday, August 29, 12:27:35 AM

So much fun. Great cast! Amazing movie.

Sunday, August 27, 02:10:51 PM

My kids and I really enjoyed this remake. Probably the best yet.

Wednesday, August 23, 08:09:38 PM

Oh so much fun. So modern loved this movie. Pure Disney entertainment.😊

Tuesday, August 22, 09:00:25 PM

I got bored was glad it ended. It's a good Halloween movie. Costume ideas. To unreal.

Monday, August 21, 02:56:42 PM

I loved that there were no uncomfortable sex scenes or violence! Anyone who has been to Disney will appreciate this movie. The cast was wonderfully funny!

Sunday, August 20, 09:21:41 PM

What happened to Disney, they used to put amazing films. They were the leader in great family movies. This movie had a poor story and characters were disjointed and situations did not flow. The actors and actresses were great, they just signed on to a lousy movie. The writers for Pirates of Caribbean had great story, the story for Haunted Mansion appears to be thrown together. Instead of trying to re-invent for next generation of viewers. Disney should go back to the basics and do what they were good at.

Thursday, August 17, 03:06:36 PM

nothing memorable and of course disney pandering to woke

Sunday, August 13, 04:36:24 PM

Fun comedy for the whole family

Sunday, August 13, 04:32:15 PM

It is a mysterious, fun, exciting, and unique family movie Great special effects

Saturday, August 12, 01:20:04 PM

Some parts of the movie was very funny I love comedy

Saturday, August 12, 11:04:12 AM


Thursday, August 10, 09:56:57 PM

Wasn't expecting anything sensational and that's exactly what I got. Nothing funny. Nothing scary. The story line got dumber as it went along. I was going to leave after the first hour. I should have done that. Oh well.

Thursday, August 10, 09:15:44 PM

Was this a comedy? Scary movie? After school special? I don’t think it knows what it is either. Thoroughly bored by this.

Thursday, August 10, 11:11:42 AM

I can't wait to see it again! So much fun and surprise. Love the cast, all who are great artists and delivered good clean family entertainment. You will feel like your at the Disney Park. Young child actor was very good and convincing.

Tuesday, August 8, 11:59:34 PM

Scary movie for the Kids and then it's a bad taste in your mouth and you will loose your Appetite anyways because it isn't good and it can give you Nightmares and i didn't like it at all and it's not my Cup of tea ?? either that's my experience and Expression at the same time.

Tuesday, August 8, 11:57:00 PM

This is not my cup of tea because it scared me anyways and yes there were some parts that were funny and then other than that , Nope it would be like a Halloween Spooky Movie and that is what it seems to be and yes i didn't like it all. It's a Bad taste in a Mouth and you loose your Appetite.

Tuesday, August 8, 04:30:55 PM

The characters were great and loved all the special affects! Great movie to watch with family!

Monday, August 7, 12:28:48 PM

Better than I thought it would be. The actors were adorable and the special effects genius. The director definitely did an exceptional job. Need more movies like this.

Thursday, August 3, 01:37:34 PM

I really enjoyed this movie

Wednesday, August 2, 09:31:09 PM

Worth the money better than the last one which they showed more of the actual tour during the movie as well. Had a great time.

Wednesday, August 2, 01:28:35 PM

Second time even better understanding the mystery and it is a mystery with the thrill. The cast was great. This is a good Halloween movie all year around. Don't miss it. Real DISNEY fun and entertainment. Any woke hang up get past it or as the GHOSTS would say - MOVE ON.

Wednesday, August 2, 07:51:28 AM

I enjoyed this movie. It was very entertaining for the dollars paid to see it.

Monday, July 31, 09:38:37 AM

I was prepared to be bored at this movie - WHAT A SURPRISE _ was way better than barbie movie junk and I had a great time. Was pleasantly entertaining.

Sunday, July 30, 09:04:20 PM

So tired of movies and political agendas being pushed ! Trying to appease the woke crowd

Sunday, July 30, 08:40:23 PM

For kids

Sunday, July 30, 07:25:20 PM

My grandsons loved the movie it had many surprises for them to enjoy without being to frighten ages 10 & 12. I enjoyed because it was completely different from the others.

Sunday, July 30, 10:23:41 AM

The Haunted Mansion is one BEAUTIFULLY CRAFTED, AMAZINGLY DETAILED tribute to the much beloved Disney ride by the same name! MYSTERY, SUSPENSE, DRAMA and HEART have been CLEVERLY woven into the storyline to create a film that is both fun and touching. A true MUST-SEE, and an INSTANT CLASSIC that is perfect for the upcoming Halloween season!

Sunday, July 30, 09:48:37 AM

THANK YOU DISNEY! Taking us to another level of entertainment and a step forward knowing about those on the other side. Not for sceptics. Not a horror film, just a fun movie.

Sunday, July 30, 09:38:54 AM

Loved it! Two thumbs up! Way better than the ride. Great cast with surprises and modern day reality that ghosts or spirits exist and try to communicate with us. See for yourself 😊

Sunday, July 30, 07:15:32 AM

Disney is not what it used to be. This movie was not worth my money.

Saturday, July 29, 08:19:40 PM

Momma would say, "That's dumb and stupid" but it was entertaining. Really not bad for a kiddie show. I don't usually do horror but this is Disney and the Haunted House ride was a great concept so nothing truly scary was expected. The little kid actor was the best.

Friday, July 28, 08:11:47 PM

Looks "New" to "Disney",Looks Cool.

Friday, July 28, 03:48:33 PM

I dont support woke disney, democrap, pedophiles.

Friday, July 28, 09:34:00 AM

Any movie with Tiffany Raddish sucks. She ruins everything she is in. Worst movie I have seen in a long time.

Thursday, July 27, 07:37:29 PM

Disappointed in this movie - waited long to see it and it's boring

Thursday, July 27, 11:18:50 AM

Almost as bad as that mermaid movie.

Thursday, July 27, 11:16:43 AM

No more Disney trash. This movie has bad effects and a stupid story.