Sunday, October 31, 06:38:37 PM

Draws you in and never lets go!

Friday, October 29, 05:44:51 AM

As hard-hitting and uncompromising look at an iconic performer as you'll ever see. A real eye-opener.

Thursday, October 28, 09:18:21 PM

Even more absorbing than Leaving Neverland.

Saturday, October 23, 06:42:23 AM

Such a fun ride, and the most kickin' soundtrack of the year.

Friday, October 22, 08:25:13 PM

Can superstar Justin Bieber make rock 'n' roll relevant for the BTS generation? After seeing this movie, the answer is an unequivocal YES!

Tuesday, October 19, 12:59:51 PM

If you want to spend a few hours with an untalented and terrible person...

Saturday, October 16, 09:57:48 AM

The musical documentary event of the 2000's.

Friday, October 15, 04:11:21 AM

What crappola. And was the poster below a paid shill or a complete spastic? And does it matter?

Wednesday, October 13, 10:44:16 PM

He's the biggest rock star the world has ever known, and he's back in his best movie ever!

Monday, October 11, 12:30:11 AM

Bieber is human slime.