Tuesday, March 21, 03:09:52 PM

A tale told by an idiot full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.

Tuesday, November 15, 08:39:43 PM

Read the synopsis, watch the last 30 mins, and you're good. The character building was a waste of time as none of the characters were interesting at all. Back-story - not interesting. Any comedy was when they tried to use some dialogue to get the audience to go 'YES!!!' - epic failure. The 'UFO' was unique and creative, but that doesn't mean good or great mind you. I get that movies are subjective but the 5 star rating reviews don't make any sense or seem accurate. Scary?? Ok.... One of the worst films I've seen in 20 years.. or maybe ever.

Tuesday, October 25, 12:13:57 PM

I had high expectations going in, and I was not disappointed. Jordan Peele is an amazing director and writer!

Monday, October 3, 11:28:26 AM

Would I recommend this movie - NOPE !

Tuesday, September 27, 02:59:05 PM

How come no-one other than the people on the ranch saw the flying saucer?

Monday, September 26, 08:13:12 PM

I often wonder who approves a script to become a movie. This is one of those times. It’s a supposed horror movie until a Bob’s Big Boy blow up saves the day. Terrible

Sunday, September 4, 05:40:57 PM

You can wait until it comes out streaming, but even then it won't hold your attention.

Sunday, September 4, 02:51:22 PM

Completely disappointed. Spend your money on something else. Completely overhyped.

Saturday, September 3, 07:20:18 PM

Waste of my money.

Saturday, September 3, 04:21:57 PM

Excellent...jam packed with real intel

Saturday, September 3, 10:50:43 AM

Didn’t care for this movie one bit. One of the worst I’ve ever seen in any genre and I’m a HUGE sci-fi fan. Disappointing.

Friday, September 2, 10:53:03 AM

Fun twist on an old idea, creative design inspired by a very popular anime, and not allowing itself to be completely Pidgeon-holed into the horror genre, while still having very horrifying ideas and elements. Enjoyed it, and I hope you will too!

Wednesday, August 31, 03:37:46 PM

Dumb plot. Flying saucer hides in clouds and abducts people who look up at it!!

Wednesday, August 31, 03:17:08 PM

The giant UFO is really a blanket!! What the hell?! Stupid storyline with the usual overload of symbolism that mean nothing. Typical Peele, he is so overrated.

Saturday, August 20, 01:50:56 PM

A few infamous, racist, pro-Nazi YouTube sociopaths have trashed this movie, which has opened the floodgates for a lot of creepy incels to jump onboard the hate train. This is Peele's best movie, a masterpiece of suspense, sly humor, with beautiful images that help non-racists to actually understand something about the black experience in America that they might not have known. Absolute masterpiece.

Friday, August 19, 09:42:06 PM

Peele uses a riveting story filled with mystery and revelation to indict the natural human hunger for shared spectacle run wild in modern Western Culture.

Thursday, August 18, 07:26:54 PM

One of the most scary, unique, Totally Different takes on the whole UFO/Alien question I have EVER SEEN- coulr ONLY have come from the Mind of This Man! And if you've seen any of his Other movies, or any of the hysterical 'Key & Peele' show episodes, I'm sure you know what I MEAN. he is just OUT THERE, & the Fact that his brilliance has allowed to to take these Completely Refreshing Forays into American Movie-Making is a Treat and a Delight to someone SO BORED or MOST of the re-hashed-to-Death Remakes and unimaginative crap (sorry) coming out of Hollywood today. Rejoice!! Someone is STILL MAKING REAL MOVIES!! AND- it has BLACK PEOPLE to BOOT!!

Monday, August 15, 03:05:56 AM

Surprisingly good. Clever and original.

Sunday, August 14, 10:05:06 AM

The movie is an absolute masterpiece! The next greatest thing to John Carpenter's THE THING (1982)! I'm a young horror enthusiast, only 15, going on 16, but this movie is in itself an absolute spectacle!

Saturday, August 13, 02:21:38 PM

Horrible movie. Waste of time and money. Don’t bother.

Saturday, August 13, 10:41:31 AM

No stars horrible!!!

Friday, August 12, 08:35:39 PM

Worst movie I have ever seen. I would give it minus stars, but there aren’t any. Plus it dragged on, plus it was hard to understand the two main characters. They did not speak clearly. HORRIBLE MOVIE

Friday, August 12, 12:17:29 AM

Very boring. I'm a horror movie fan and I wanted 2 hours and 32 dollars back . Period.

Thursday, August 11, 08:07:55 PM


Tuesday, August 9, 05:59:34 PM

Was ok, not as good as his other films, semi predictable. Glad I went on a cheap night

Monday, August 8, 08:29:38 PM

The title says it all. A strong NOPE!!!!

Sunday, August 7, 12:33:15 AM

The movie is deeper than you can comprehend. It challenges your biases and if you're opened to be entertained and educated you'll truly love NOPE!

Saturday, August 6, 05:37:01 PM

Lame. Doesn't make sense. Characters are not believable or relatable. Don't waste your money on this one.

Saturday, August 6, 07:30:03 AM

What a terrible movie! And I really like Jordan Peele; 'Get Out' was an awesome debut and screenplay. But this movie violates the #1 Rule of storytelling: you have to care about the characters. And I didn't. I actually found myself rooting for the alien/monster at certain points. [SPOILER ALERT] The hero, OJ, I actually liked, sort of. But his sister was just the worst; we never saw enough of their dad, and their overall goal of capturing the alien on film so they could upload it to YouTube and make a million dollars is just not an inspiring premise. I don't care if they get rich and can save the family farm. When 40 of their neighbors get eaten by the monster and they don't call the police or the authorities to protect everyone else, they are just plain selfish and stupid. I really tried to like this movie, but I think one too many people read this script and didn't tell Jordan Peele the truth: that this movie plain sucked. And I'm sorry, but this recurring flashback of a giant chimp killing all of the white people in a tv audience was horrible and gruesome and one of the worst things I've ever seen on film. How did it tie into the current alien story? It was a creepy, awful backstory for the Asian owner of the Jupiter Claims place, but [spoiler removed]. Way too little emotion, way too bizarre and hard-to-root-for characters, and overall I wish I could get those two hours of my life back. :)

Friday, August 5, 10:20:16 AM

Interesting sci-fi/horror obviously appeals to amateur psychoanalysts with superiority complexes.

Thursday, August 4, 08:07:23 PM

I was a fan of anthology horror and creepy short stories growing up. This is perfect live action version of a creepy pulp type short story that leaves you pondering with a chilled but pleasent discomfort as you know you know nothing

Thursday, August 4, 08:02:09 PM

This movie is the Norm Macdonald of cinema. Often misunderstood, overlooked, boo'd off stage, and accused of not making any sense. Yet just like Norm this movie is actually a marvel of execution in it's world. Norm was a comedians comedian. Loved and adored by those who "get it" because they could see what he was doing. The average sheep can't even perceive the color orange right in front of them so they often leave disgruntled and confused by things they have to instructions to understand. People who don't see this movie as a masterpiece are simply the NPCs o the world that can't think efficiently. They always need to be told what to do. They would rather have firm lies instead of fluid truth. They'll love you if you give them a direct and firm absolute lie. They will eat the deception up. As long as something official and firm is decided with confidence then they feel safe to follow that notion. They want to walk on solid ground even if it's a lie. Why can't people just enjoy what is there without assuming anything? Without expecting some firm orders to be given to them? These are scared people. People who get scared and confused by thinking on their own. People who get disoriented and angry easily because they see their inability to make sense of something as a weakness. They feel it's a failure. It makes them feel small. And the stupidest people have some huge egos. They hate to feel small. They hate to feel stupid. But They are. So if you enjoy books, thinking, reading, contemplation, deep discussion, mystery, cerebral thrillers, ancient aliens and unsolved mysteries, twilight zone and outer limits, symbolism and esoterica, myth and the occult, lovecraftian lore, dark comedy, and movies about film production. Then you will probably enjoy this film. If you didn't like Birdman, if Inception and Tenet confused you...then you may want to skip this one. It's not particularly scary. Although one may feel creeped o

Thursday, August 4, 07:43:56 PM

People are so stupid nowadays because of apps like toktok that they don't have the brain cells or the attention span to watch a masterful and artful achievement in filmmaking without crying that it didn't spoon feed them some directions on how to think. They completely don't get it because they are dumb. It's not that hard to get. These are illiterate people who can't even read and write. They are disappointed because they expected a horror movie and something to spike their addiction to flashy lights and high octain sports. They wanted blood, guts, cheap jump scares and a plot that says explicit "there's the bad guy get him". People literally lose their heads like chickens when you don't give them someone to hate in a film. They are incapable of walking around an art gallery and deriving any meaning from it that isn't written on the description or forced upon them with literal imagery.

Wednesday, August 3, 09:43:27 PM

No storyline... Parts of the movie thrown in to have creepy or scary parts but didn't make sense.. Terrible glad I went on cheap night. The title of the movie says it all Nope to everything

Wednesday, August 3, 09:37:19 PM

The movie was a total waste.. The alien was a big sail boat looking thing. That was 2hrs wasted.

Wednesday, August 3, 11:47:29 AM

Surprisingly was not what I was expecting, although I do think the final trailer showed too much plot

Tuesday, August 2, 08:09:47 AM

Quirky, engaging, unique film. Excellent performances by all actors.

Monday, August 1, 02:35:13 PM

Not worth the money what a wast of time

Monday, August 1, 02:02:27 PM

Good movie?...Nope.

Sunday, July 31, 03:33:31 PM

Nope is an entertaining unexpected journey and homage.