Sunday, January 15, 05:55:41 PM

Heartwarming, exceptional cast.

Tuesday, November 15, 11:34:50 PM

Excellent movie!!! Well acted. A very uplifting story.

Thursday, November 3, 04:04:44 PM

The Big screen effect as it relates to an African community setting was spectacular. The characters and storyline included humour and complexity that pulled us through 2 hours of enjoyment.

Saturday, October 29, 06:21:39 PM

Wonderful film that I will watch again. Having been in that area of Kampala I know it is true to life. Great story and very inspiring. Love the people of Uganda.

Monday, October 24, 09:22:57 PM

Awesome movie! Go watch it.

Monday, October 17, 07:42:38 PM

Uplifting movie. Makes me feel we are very lucky here in NA.

Sunday, October 16, 08:25:28 PM

So moved by this story...touching, real, honest portrayal of the challenges of third world countries. Beautifully and respectfully told. Looking forward to seeing it again but next time I'll bring more kleenex.

Sunday, October 16, 01:54:34 AM

Great great movie! What a beautiful story and the characters are wonderfully portrayed. I loved it from start to finish. Go see it!

Thursday, October 13, 12:08:10 PM

This story really touched my heart; hopefully there are more people like those in this story who help others succeed.

Wednesday, October 12, 07:41:47 AM

Such a heartwarming film. Really good!

Tuesday, October 4, 01:06:53 AM

Very well's a pity there is no $$$$ in chess. Government sponsorship? Should be something. Their local government needs to get a city planner in place to organize that area. They need to build little cottages for those people at low cost, and an area for markets. What about those 'tiny houses' we use in California. I had hoped Fiona would win big in USSR next time. I haven't played chess in over 30 years, after they changed the notations I stopped, it was like "what's next!" Reading chess books such as "pawn power" and articles written by Larry Evans in the past were my lessons. Tell us more about Ugandan chess.

Sunday, October 2, 07:33:23 PM

My husband and I saw this movie last night in Westhills Calgary and were so surprised to see all the empty seats. People get out there and see this movie it is by far the best we have seen in a very long time it will make you laugh, it will make you cry, excellent.

Saturday, October 1, 06:55:18 AM


Friday, September 30, 05:53:29 PM

Excellent movie. I really enjoyed it from beginning to the end. Heartwarming, inspirational and a real lesson in "not judging a book by its cover." I would highly recommend this movie.

Friday, September 30, 12:26:31 PM

Not your stereo typical cultural movie, one I would recommend the family to watch since it speaks to the barriers we all must overcome in life.

Friday, September 30, 12:02:33 AM

not good