Friday, February 16, 03:09:46 PM

This sequel might be even better than the first movie, and it is hard to be better than the first movie.

Sunday, October 15, 10:09:19 AM

You know, I don`t like cartoons, but Shrek is really one of the better ones. I like Mike Myers sense of humour so when he brings it to an orge it`s pretty funny. The sequel does have a different feel than the first one, but I think it`s better.

Sunday, July 30, 01:12:37 PM

I didn`t think this movie was very good compared to the first one. Although, there were some funny moments. 3 stars

Wednesday, May 24, 07:24:33 AM

A Sequl better then the first!

Friday, December 23, 02:46:35 PM


Friday, November 4, 03:10:14 PM

I really enjoyed the chatul be magafayim (Cat in Boots) Just like a real cat, made me want to hug him everytime he stand up straight with his boots and the way he swayed his sword, it was so exciting to see him fight. Chamor (Donkey) is also so cute, he and Chatul (Cat) made me laugh so much along with shrek.

Sunday, August 21, 07:09:32 PM

when I saw the first Shrek I walked out of the theater laughing

Tuesday, June 21, 09:52:56 AM

i think shrek 2 was awsome!! i hope they make a shrek 3! puss in boots rok so does donkey!! thet r the ones that keep the show funny! i lke all the other characters 2 but i like puss in boots and donkey the best!!! also thoght that the movie was funny!

Saturday, February 26, 03:43:22 PM

It was a gr--t movie!! I watch over and over again!!I rate it 10 out of 10 movie my favorite family movie!!!

Friday, February 25, 10:41:40 PM

this movie was bad...hmmm I don`t care much for getting a rise out of people, it was bad...dreamworks are hacks on pixar!

Thursday, February 10, 04:38:25 PM

Shrek is the 1 of the greatest movies ever made

Tuesday, January 25, 12:43:15 AM

Anyone who says this is a bad movie is only saying so to be "cool" and get a rise out of others! Great movie! Better than the first!

Wednesday, January 19, 11:45:48 AM

Awesome this movie was so FUNNY! Puss ROCKS XD!

Monday, January 17, 11:31:55 PM

Antonio you stole the show!!! Didn`t think a second one could be funnier than the first but this one is. Even if it is "darker" and more adult than the first one it was one laugh after the next. My five year old told me to "Stop laughing so much you`re giving me a headache!" I loved that they thought to make the fairy godmother evil! Genius!

Monday, January 17, 12:47:01 PM

this is the greatest movie ever made. puss and boots rules. him and donkey make the movie the bomb. i would love it if there was a shrek 3 and have puss and boots return. i hope he returns. mike myres is so funny and awesome.if the is a part 3 i will be the first to get tickets

Thursday, January 13, 09:00:45 PM

DOnkey rox!!!

Wednesday, January 12, 02:48:30 PM

SO FUNNY!!!! puss in boots you are sooooo funny!!!! and you to donkey

Saturday, January 1, 03:48:51 PM

its the best move in years its so asome!!!!

Saturday, December 18, 05:40:08 PM

SO FUNNY!!!!!!!

Saturday, December 18, 05:39:26 PM

SO FUNNY!!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 8, 08:16:12 PM

I think the Shrek 2 was awesome I even saw it twice i almost went to see it 3 times but I didn`t because I was way to busy. I think they should make a shrek 3 and have like a shrek jr...

Sunday, December 5, 02:08:29 PM

Funny but I thought the first one was better. Some of the scences in this one seemed dragged out.

Wednesday, December 1, 05:48:15 PM

it cool

Saturday, November 27, 10:16:18 PM

It was realy funny and donky was realy cute but I choues 4 because it could of been beter

Thursday, November 25, 02:45:22 PM

Amazing! Better than any other movie in the world. Go see it know becuase if you don`t you will miss out on a really funny film. Those who say that Shrek2 is the worst movie ever, they are wrong. The best movie in the world! GO SEE IT!

Thursday, November 25, 02:39:20 PM

I thouhgt it was the funniest family video. Both Shrek and Shrek2 made me laugh my pants off( truely)

Tuesday, November 23, 04:33:52 AM

One of the best movies ever, although after watching it 4 times in 2 weeks, it does get a bit boring!

Friday, November 19, 10:17:26 PM

Really good, but not as funny as the origional

Monday, November 15, 03:53:46 PM

this movie was so awsome i watched it tons of times

Friday, November 5, 06:42:42 PM

This was one of the BEST FILMS EVER! Pinochio is wearing a thong! how can you compete? And puss in boots is sooooo cute! And " I`m a stallion baby!" i love donkey

Friday, November 5, 12:08:59 AM

I was Shrekked!

Tuesday, November 2, 05:40:42 PM

I thought this movie was hilarious. I was crying through half the movie cuz it made me laugh so hard. What I don`t understand is, how they can put adult jokes in a "family" movie. Pinnochio and the thong is a little x-rated for an eight year old. But still, it was VERY VERY VERY FUNNY!!!

Tuesday, November 2, 03:42:29 PM

I loved the movie it was incredible!

Monday, October 25, 03:05:05 PM


Saturday, October 23, 03:57:49 PM

I loved it. I went twice. I cannont wait until Shrek 3 & 4.

Saturday, October 9, 07:42:31 PM

I think it was pretty good..

Friday, October 8, 08:35:17 PM

For a sequal of an animated movie it was fenominal!

Monday, October 4, 10:39:21 PM

i thought it was a waste of my money and won`t see it again

Friday, September 17, 10:58:53 PM

it was an awesome movie

Friday, September 17, 07:40:16 AM

Amazing , I laughft till I cryed, I enjoyed it so much. I saw it 2 times. Can not whate till it comes out on dvd.