Tuesday, May 2, 01:02:35 PM

lasted 15 min. into the show and left.

Monday, February 27, 11:14:03 PM

To be a true Christian means you will face persecution as we do in the US , we are no longer one nation under God. God is in control, as in the movie, His ways are not our ways. More truth of persecution needs to be known.

Sunday, February 19, 01:39:04 PM

Like very much, excelent...

Friday, February 10, 05:07:31 PM

I was all in from the opening scene at the Japan hot-spring/hell ... I'm still thinking through what happened. I never before and want to again experience that exquisite journey of suffering... nothing gratuitous in the violence and beautifully raises the dilemma of holding faith in the face of one's own and others' agony.

Tuesday, January 31, 05:17:35 PM

Incredibly slow and boring. Scorsese has created some wonderful work in the past but this caused me to walk out of the theater.

Sunday, January 22, 07:37:52 PM

Incredibly well shot film and visually stunning. The scenes almost seem like gorgeous Italian paintings. There is no doubt in my mind that Martin Scorsese is one of the greatest artists of our time. The acting is phenomenal. This movie is Oscar worthy! Although long, it is worth it, and will leave you pondering for a long time the relationship one has with one's own faith, the fear of new faiths, and ideology vs pragmatism. A.N

Friday, January 13, 10:06:34 PM

Too slow. Too much voice over.

Friday, January 13, 09:14:41 PM

Very cerebral... makes you really ponder afterwards!

Friday, January 13, 05:03:31 PM

Scorsese continues to make better films than people half his age, great film. Hope this'll win him his second Oscar.

Friday, January 13, 01:11:40 PM

A very powerful and somber movie. Very thought provoking and shines a light about a time that I never heard of before. The studios and Scorsese were very brave to back and make this movie as its not going to be a blockbuster. It's long and dark so be prepared for it.

Friday, January 13, 12:53:08 AM

Acting good and cinematography great although movie is a big long and some aspects dragged out a bit.

Sunday, January 8, 03:59:57 PM

"Silence" is an emotional movie that shows the suffering of Jesuit priests in the 17th century. We see the cruelty of Japanese people toward christianity. Father Rodrigues and Father Ferreira survived torture to give up their faith.

Saturday, January 7, 11:53:19 AM

I printed the passes and went to the movie theatre but was unfortunately turned down as it was overbooked..would have liked to view movie but no luck!!Is it possible to get free passes to see this movie or other movie in the near future for my effort...thank you in advance for your consideration!

Friday, January 6, 10:59:16 PM

Basé sur un livre à succès de 1966, dans un XVIIe siècle ou les persécutions religieuses sont monnaie courante au Japon, alors que les instances supérieures martyrisent la population chrétienne, rendu à l’écran par Scorsese donnent lieu à des scènes horrifiantes, des images dures. La foi et le doute sont mis à rude épreuve et les nombreuses scènes de torture dictent aux âmes sensibles de s’abstenir, d’autant plus que même les missionnaires les plus convaincus ne peuvent résister à renier leur foi du moins de l’extérieur. Très bon jeu du jeune missionnaire Rodrigues et de l’inquisiteur japonais. Les rochers y sont abrupts, les scènes intenses; il faut presque retenir son souffle. Contraste flagrant avec les films mièvres du Temps des Fêtes; plutôt à voir au Temps de Pâques.

Friday, January 6, 10:47:45 PM

Silence is a very powerful movie! Some of the scenes were breath-taking (both positively and negatively). The violence was very hard to see. I would give this movie a XXX rating because of the violence. Unfortunately, human history is not made up of fairy tales. I knew nothing about Christianity in Japan, so this was a real eye opener. Thank you Mr. Scorcese for making this film!

Friday, January 6, 07:30:51 PM

Really enjoyed it!!

Friday, January 6, 06:32:39 PM

The film started off being interesting and I was intrigued for the first 20 minutes but as it progressed, it just felt very long winded and there was no build up at all. The ending was very anti-climatic and all I could think of "that's it?" Visually the film looked great, the scenery looked amazing and the shots were well done as expected from a Scorsese film, but the story line didn't hold up for me.

Friday, January 6, 06:13:38 PM

I rate the movie at 4 stars. The movie was slow at times but overall the plot moved along at a good pace. Acting was very good as the characters were believable. Enjoyable 160 minutes spent.

Friday, January 6, 04:25:44 PM

Very touching movie. I loves ut In the end , the japanese weren'r so bad, just protective of their culture. 4 stars

Friday, January 6, 03:59:40 PM

Loved this movie! The scenery and the acting were outstanding. I felt torn between sympathy and dislike for the Japanese antagonists. Great all around film.

Thursday, December 29, 03:57:43 PM

Great picture work, good to watch. Out of the norm

Tuesday, December 27, 08:16:34 AM

Too slow.