Monday, October 29, 05:40:51 PM

Remember this is a comedy and a sci-fi, so need to be taken lightly with a sense of humour. Entertaining, different and makes you think. Much rather watch this then the stupid action blockbuster with special effect and dumb story line.

Monday, August 20, 11:16:03 PM

Stream of obscenity. Disorganized plot structure. Heavy handed satire, lacking wit.

Friday, August 17, 05:47:42 AM

Worst Racist garbage ever. White people are stereotyped into villans to entertain a black audience. If this were reversed i bet the movie would never have been produced.

Friday, August 17, 05:42:11 AM

Childish and unintelligent sums this up. And i take exception to the cartoonish way the white the white characters were portrayed. I guess I will add insulting to the list of problems this piece of feces has.

Thursday, August 16, 06:15:38 AM

Great Acting, creative insightful scenario, stylish, funny, tragic, affecting

Saturday, August 11, 08:42:10 PM

What a stinker!!!

Saturday, August 4, 11:20:52 AM

I've been hearing about this film since it premiered at Sundance to a ton of critical hype. Man what a disappointment. I did not find it funny at all, and all this talk talk about how biting the satire was, maybe if it were made in the 1980's. For a contemporary film it felt tired, and stale. This film was poorly written.

Friday, August 3, 02:25:50 PM

Not very funny perhaps some people find reverse racism entertaining but to me, racism is never funny even if one is playing with it in a playful ze koan way. Film also felt strangely dated like it was something that might have come out in the 1990's-hardly on target today.

Sunday, July 29, 10:33:17 PM

Brilliant. Funnier and more surreal than I expected. Go see this movie now!!

Sunday, July 29, 04:27:06 PM

Would rate 5 star. Brilliant portrayal of corporate America and society's inability to accept Blacks who speak their voices and will take in 1-2 who have voices and have them internalize white values of money, greed, materialism, individualism, narcissism against the values of sharing and humanity. Fits what we are seeing in today's political world view.

Saturday, July 28, 10:34:39 PM

Humorous, imaginative, relevant issues facing our society today. Does an entertaining job of portraying the struggle between the two major world views we must choose today. On the one hand greed, matreialism, selfishness, and social darwinism; and on the other hand caring, sharing, cooperation, brotherhood, and humanism. Nice break in portrayal for our fellow African American citizens from the horrifying and seemingly abundance of unarmed shootings/deaths we see on the news.

Friday, July 27, 12:00:32 PM

Movie was a c minus and predictable and not very funny or insightful. If a film like this came out maybe 30 years ago it would interesting but a film like this is at least 20 years out of date and suggest the writers are pretty much out of contact with where society has moved not only in the last 2 decades but especially in the last decade. I would skip this one.

Thursday, July 26, 06:02:28 PM

We walked out. That's how bad this movie was!

Wednesday, July 25, 05:11:42 PM

Interesting movie. Didn't know what to expect, kept me entertained. Strange yet thought provoking. No regrets seeing this movie.

Sunday, July 22, 11:23:45 PM

Thought provoking and funny if you are not too uptight to enjoy the humor. The message is deep but may go over many people's heads. I would say this movie was brilliant.

Sunday, July 22, 10:25:01 PM

Overall, this was a really thought provoking commentary on corporate greed, the culture of money worship, and the difficult choices everyone, but especially people of color, often have to make. At times laugh out loud funny, at times nightmarishly frightening, it was a bit uneven and some scenes did not work well, but in sum, I felt it had a lot to say about the work culture and the state of our society in today's America.

Sunday, July 22, 03:38:45 PM

Movie makes people think about our world and how it works - but people havent been able to think for themselves for decades.

Friday, July 20, 01:06:35 PM

Clever, funny and shocking. Great performances and excellent casting.

Friday, July 20, 11:13:53 AM

The continued decline of humanity, the assault on labor, the cruelty of capitalism and greed, man's inhumanity toward man _ this movie is a disturbing look toward the future of civilization, a stunning portrayal of the ugliness and truths or our individual souls and lack of humanity, the shock and awe of it all. Are we living in a time where only 'EXTREMES' shake our consciousness, where only the horrific and shocking force us to think deeply? Here's hoping this movie will shock all that see it into some extreme acts of kindness and deeper thinking to say the least. Reminiscent of the movie, SOYLENT GREEN, with Charlton Heston and Edward G. Robinson in the 70's.

Wednesday, July 18, 03:11:56 AM

There were only a few funny moments but the main character's acting was really bad. Then came the really weird white person voice, which made me cringe. They couldn't even do a good job at matching the voice to the actor's lips. I notice that they tried to hide his mouth so it wasn't so obvious that the voice and lip movements didn't match.

Tuesday, July 17, 06:43:09 PM

Yes, another racist movie that if the skin color was reversed they would run screaming. Why do you get to be a racist if your skin is black? The hatred of white skin was very evident in this film.

Tuesday, July 17, 04:44:26 PM

It was kinda weird to me the issue was relative , but ended u

Tuesday, July 17, 01:15:10 AM

This is a brilliant and creative movie which is rare nowadays coming from Hollywood. I think the movie ''Get Out'' started a trend of humorous films that makes one think by taking a stance on racism, sexism, exploitation, the 1%, the haves and have nots, Thank Goddess there's room for more than the boring multi million blockbusters. Thank you for bringing this film to Edmonton.

Monday, July 16, 10:29:44 PM

very disappointing. started out OK....then proceeded to bad, then really bad.

Saturday, July 14, 07:11:23 PM

The movie started out with a few standard laughs and it looked, for a while, that it may even be going somewhere with all the that nonsense. but it just kept getting worse and when I walked out of the show, I was convinces that nothing could save this.

Saturday, July 14, 09:02:32 AM

Worse movie I have ever since, not funny, should have walked out half way through movie to ask for money back.