Saturday, April 2, 08:54:52 PM

Great movie. Far From Home is my favorite out of all three of tom hollands spider man movies 5 stars

Monday, February 24, 10:50:56 PM

tom Holland is not the best spider man

Friday, October 18, 05:49:49 PM

As stand alone superhero movies go, this is awesome. Tom Holland is THE best Spidey. He completely exemplifies the teen superhero angst that Stan was going for. And his movies are fantastic. Keep them up.

Tuesday, October 1, 08:08:19 PM

ONE WORD...................................MYSTERIO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, August 24, 06:03:57 PM

f**k this stupid movie, holland is hands down the worst Spider-Man, just a whiny little sh*t, mysterio was butchered, Wasn’t funny had no action cgi was god awful and why the f**k does he not wear his mask, even the poster has him not wearing the mask, we don’t care about the actors face we all know who he is, so promote the movie in full costume assholes

Wednesday, August 21, 08:21:57 PM

Slow and extremely boring

Friday, August 16, 10:37:58 PM

i think it was really great I loved the movie sadly the grave of Anthony Edward stark aka tony stark was there as one of misterio's illusions but yeah other then that far from home was amazing

Monday, August 12, 09:43:57 PM

Interesting twists and adventures, finally the hero gets the girl,...!

Sunday, August 11, 04:12:32 PM

was a good movie but the peter parker was not like the real one and the girlfriend not at all the same could have made the characters a little closer to the original

Tuesday, August 6, 01:27:09 PM

I liked everything about this movie. One of if not the best movie I have ever seen. It’s a movie you can go see more than once and still love it.

Sunday, August 4, 08:49:02 PM

Another Marvel Movie with tons of CGI, more Sammy Jackson, and the usual story line drama. Viewer fatigue is a real thing people. Hollywood has no ideas. We're in sequel hell.

Saturday, August 3, 06:10:59 PM

Fell asleep 20 minutes in, woke up and walked out before the end. I can't believe this was made by a major studio....Wow

Friday, August 2, 07:40:26 AM

It was SOOO BAAAD, we walked out before the end.

Thursday, August 1, 07:22:09 PM

Best movie ever!!

Wednesday, July 31, 08:13:08 AM

The worst piece of garbage i have seen in years!

Saturday, July 27, 11:27:31 AM

This movie was sooo good! There is so much action going on and it was just amazing!

Friday, July 26, 09:20:11 PM

Typical Spiderman stuff - entertaining - light hearted fun

Friday, July 26, 02:48:46 PM

Unlike the earlier Batman and Spiderman movies I have seen this one is clearly aimed at the young teen set. Not interesting for me as an adult just too much cg and not enough story.

Tuesday, July 23, 02:12:46 PM

The collection of different forms of talent put together was most impressive. The directing, acting and especially the special effects and the other contibutors brought together a really great entertaining experience. I needed to see it twice.

Sunday, July 21, 07:50:44 PM

Amazing best spiderman movies and hilarious with an amazing twist

Sunday, July 21, 05:47:03 PM

What a crap summer it's been for movies. :(

Sunday, July 21, 10:10:36 AM

A W E S O M E ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Saturday, July 20, 07:17:34 AM


Friday, July 19, 03:40:26 PM

Most annoying part of this movie is the girl playing Mary Jane. She is not Mary Jane! She is annoying! She ruins the whole movie with her SJW antics.

Thursday, July 18, 09:59:44 AM

It’s soooo good!!! You wouldn’t regret spending your money on this movie

Thursday, July 18, 07:28:11 AM

2 good things about this movie . Jake Gyllenhaal and the fight scenes he has with spiderbutt . That's it . Rest is complete garbage

Wednesday, July 17, 11:14:47 PM

I really prefer Bill Murray in this role, but then he couldn't be SPIDER-BOY, could he...

Wednesday, July 17, 12:29:17 PM

I dislike that the name of Spider-Man was revealed.

Tuesday, July 16, 05:56:42 PM

i give this movie a 7 and half out of ten....,not bad, i thought the beginning was cheesy with the Whitney Houston song and some other thing that i cant say with out spoiling it, but i will just say the guy with the 90s green jumpsuit look quite on the light on the loafers side, but thought they did a good job on the acting and plot as it twist and turns....i would have to watch again to get some things, but remember when u go see it their two Easters eggs specially right at the very end of the credits ....will see it again for sure as spider man is one of my favorite superheros

Monday, July 15, 06:06:18 PM

Awesome movie

Monday, July 15, 02:41:24 PM

Great move for kids of all ages. They did a great job of Mysterio. Peter is still a boy who just wants to enjoy his summer vacation but this is the movie he grows up in. The character development is great. Its funny, cute and action packed. Its different than the comics but its not a comic. Its a movie. A really good movie.

Sunday, July 14, 09:32:06 PM

Peter Parker seems stuck in adolescence.

Sunday, July 14, 06:55:28 PM

Kids flick. Like a video game full of explosions.

Sunday, July 14, 05:12:40 PM

This should be Spiderboy. Way too child like to be acting like a grown serious superhero.

Thursday, July 11, 08:48:24 PM

T W O T H U M B S U P ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Wednesday, July 10, 01:06:34 PM

This movie was terrible popcorn was ok

Monday, July 8, 08:38:35 PM

Too child like to be an impressive super hero.

Monday, July 8, 07:02:24 AM

I loved this movie, the spins and wows were good for me. I enjoyed it right from the start , stay till the very end for extra

Monday, July 8, 06:42:06 AM

Very good movie I enjoyed it

Sunday, July 7, 04:17:47 PM