Friday, December 9, 10:03:04 AM

My grand daughter kept asking, "what just happened!"...she was fully aware of what just happened, Disney! Shame on you, Disney. ."..and God created a man....then the LORD God made a woman and brought her to the man."

Thursday, December 8, 08:21:17 PM

So there is a gay kid in the movie, everyone knows that. What was more distracting to me is that when they finally hook up with the grandpa who they haven't seen in 45 years and he asks the kid about his love life, this old school grandpa doesn't bat an eye when the kid tells about the crush he has on another boy. That was more unrealistic to me than the premise of the movie.

Wednesday, December 7, 12:19:37 PM

Fun Family Movie Not What we expected Liked the ending a little twist close to the end we liked

Monday, December 5, 05:35:32 PM

Another woke snore fest. Unfortunately Hollywood is excellent at making movies that actual people never wish to watch.

Sunday, December 4, 10:50:10 PM

Terrible movie. Social programming shoved in our face. No more Disney movies for our family.

Sunday, December 4, 09:34:46 AM

Disgusting in your face immoral. Social programming at its worst, geared toward children, in an attempt to normalize what is not normal. Shame on you Disney. This is the last Disney film I will ever pay to see. I've had enough.

Saturday, December 3, 07:07:15 PM

Cater to the 1% of the population that is LGBTQWXYZJR.... ANd you will Get their money, but not the rest of ours... I hope it works out for you hollywood, but I doubt it will. I don't hate any confused people, I just don't need my family having this agenda Shoved in our faces like we think it's okay and normal... Love is love also means Sin is Sin, no two ways about it, but we can still love our neighbor and not behave like them or accept their way of life. Kindness in this situation is easy to direct toward the people, just NOT to the industry, if I'm making any sense. :)

Saturday, December 3, 10:19:28 AM

read the plot of the movie before buying tickets ya dummies 😂 if you think LGBT inclusivity is too much for your sensitive ideals this is not the movie for you. sensitive conservative snowflakes hate this movie and everyone else finds it fine but repetitive.

Saturday, December 3, 10:12:46 AM

Do not expose your children to this Trans agenda Hollywood is pushing

Friday, December 2, 05:27:36 PM

When asked, Disney can claim they have catered to the adolescent gay, interracial audience. Bravo!! Now that they satisfied that itch, let them get back to making awesome, wholesome, bring some joy back to this depressed industry.

Friday, December 2, 05:13:51 PM

This failing movie company needs to get back to its story telling roots asap!

Friday, December 2, 12:12:30 PM

Horrible waste of time

Thursday, December 1, 12:49:10 PM

Cute family fun about caring for your planet and those close to you.

Thursday, December 1, 11:40:41 AM

Besides the obvious dislike for gender confusion this causes to YOUNG children, I will base my review on the movie alone. Disney used to create movies with imagination that sparked magic when you watched them. Lately their movies are lacking in the imagination department and are not creative at all. This movie had a terrible plot, the storyline was more concerned about agenda than developing an actual engaging story and it felt more like a cheap competitor film and not a Disney movie. Go back to imagination, creativity and originality, so tired of these movies that are lackluster and unimaginative remakes. Bring back the magic

Thursday, December 1, 02:27:47 AM

To the moron that gives it 5 stars obviously misses the point that the MAJORITY of the population is STRAIGHT as man and woman with kids. The idiot of LBGT are the minority in our society yet they feel they have to shove their BULLSHIT down our throats or try to brainwash our way of thinking to how they think.....They are spineless cry babies and ruin a family movie with their sneaky agendas. Here is an idea grow a pair make movies tagged LBGT then everyone knows what to expect when watching those movies....THINK YOU CAN HANDLE THAT? or go back to playing DIRTY?

Tuesday, November 29, 11:41:18 PM

This movie wasn't marketed well, but it was very good. So many bad reviews just because of it featuring an LGBT character. If you don't want your kids exposed, don't watch the movie! I enjoyed it, went with my older sister, we had a blast. This movie deserved better.

Tuesday, November 29, 12:55:55 PM

How hard is it to tell kids that a boy can like a girl or a boy? A lot of people here are acting like their kids are suddenly expecting them to explain how gay sex works after seeing this movie. Gay people exist. It’s sad that in this day and age people just trying to exist is seen as an “agenda”. The movie itself is nothing special though. Enjoyable but really average.

Tuesday, November 29, 12:55:38 PM

This seemed like a Pixar film. They keep churning out really boring and didactic animated films, like that one about elf brothers, Onward. Hated that one almost as much as I hated this one.

Tuesday, November 29, 12:37:05 PM

Overall a fun time at the movies but definitely far from Disney's best. Plot is generic and even the title of the movie is uninspired. The character design is very unappealing and I wish Disney would be more innovative with their art style. The people in the reviews crying about indoctrination definitely don't have problems teaching their kids about an invisible man in the sky judging their every move who would send them to hell if they misbehave. They also wouldn't have a problem if the teenager's crush was a girl because of course kid's wouldn't ask questions about that. Hypocrisy at it's finest.

Tuesday, November 29, 10:42:13 AM

Highly inappropriate for children. Stop trying to indoctrinate our children with gender confusion. I tried to watch the movie but it kept coming back to the hidden agenda of teaching that gender is are the norm in society. We took a child to it and the child felt uncomfortable and wanted to leave, so we did.

Monday, November 28, 07:22:08 PM

Definitely not a kids movie. This should be rated R. Not happy, I have to explain a lot of things now. What kind of society do we live in?

Monday, November 28, 05:23:47 PM

Let me teach my kids about these issues. I think it’s a sacred duty for parents to teach their children in the walls of their own homes about things like this. And we teach them to be loving and kind to all. I don’t need corporations like Disney pushing their agendas on our children. I feel bad because I think this will be the downfall of a beloved entertainment company that you could count on for families to enjoy.

Monday, November 28, 11:21:16 AM

My kids and i left after 10 mins. This new groomer disney has to stop.

Sunday, November 27, 06:28:21 PM

Highly inappropriate. Stop trying to indoctrinate children with gender confusion.

Sunday, November 27, 10:38:02 AM

HELLOOO! It,s a movie clean and colorful. Not about your personal beliefs but reality. Judge not one another ,no room for hatred. ALL ABOUT LOVE & UNDERSTANDIG.

Saturday, November 26, 09:04:15 PM

Terrible! Disney trying to legitimize lgtpq agenda for children! Indoctrination at its worst. Evil. Evil. Boycott all things Disney.

Saturday, November 26, 08:15:48 PM

So where do I begin .... LGBT agenda forced in a KIDS movie. Second the whole eco terrorism thing, why ? Next having to be inclusive to all? Really ? Was is necessary? Vegetarian? And lastly why was it needed to include the whole flat earth theory that we are on the back of a turtle ? So much social agenda shoved into one movie. Very upset at Disney right now. Not worth seeing. Money wasted.

Saturday, November 26, 07:08:20 PM

LGBT ruined this movie for most people.....Here is an idea STOP sneaking around you LOOSERS and make movies that cater to your kind beliefs stop trying to FORCE it down on people. DISNEY WAKE UP GROW A BACK BONE as you are about to RUIN an awesome franchise and loose many many people in watching your movies.

Saturday, November 26, 02:50:39 PM

What a pile of garbage from the studio that made Woke Anda Forever.

Saturday, November 26, 02:34:29 PM

Enjoyed this movie, despite the usual plot holes seen in children’s films. However, I see a lot hateful and sad comments here. Learning about LGBT issues from a formative age will allow LGBT youth to feel less isolated. Not all people are alike. Moreover, non-LGBT children can learn how to become good allies to their peers as they get older.

Saturday, November 26, 01:49:54 PM

Terrible movie. Disney is an evil corporation.

Saturday, November 26, 01:06:47 PM

I know many won't agree with me, but I hated this movie. It's FULL of over-the-top environmental nonsense, cross-cultural pairings, WOKE issues, and blatant gender messages. Walt Disney would "roll over in his grave".

Friday, November 25, 09:54:32 PM

Here we go again with Disney and the diversity. Let’s keep making the people with mental illness feel better.

Friday, November 25, 02:45:22 PM

I am sick of gay agenda in a children’s movie. No more Disney movies for me.

Friday, November 25, 12:56:09 PM

There is a quote in the film that says, "You can't live in the past" and it appears Disney is attempting to show us how to live in the future. It shows us a family with mixed race parents, a disabled three legged dog, a gay son, a women pilot, with friends of every race, but North American natives. They must be racist for leaving them out. If your family is not like this family you must be living in the past. It's so contrived and obvious that it ruined the film for me.

Friday, November 25, 07:38:58 AM

Cute family movie! Was a story I've seen before so one star off for not being the most original. But definitely a lot of fun and the animation is great. Would love to give that extra star back for the LOLs at all the Christian pearl grabbing in these comments - LGBTQ...oooooo... scary!.... but I'll base my reveiw on the movie itself and remind people to look into what the movie is first before you buy the ticket.

Thursday, November 24, 10:49:39 PM

Hated that they ambushed you with the gay agenda. I took my daughter to this and had to explain it to her! Absolutely ridiculous!

Thursday, November 24, 01:15:55 PM

This NEEDS A DISCLAIMER !!!! Sneaking in the LGBTQ+ agenda and attempting to normalize it in Disney movies is unacceptable !!!!! This NEEDS A DISCLAIMER !!!!

Thursday, November 24, 11:58:47 AM

Cute , colorful, strange journey. About three generations of a family. Disney a bit off on relating to children.

Wednesday, November 23, 09:32:46 PM

Why would I think that after the Disney leadership admitted their intent to force their gay agenda upon our children that a Disney animation for families would not include this non-sense? I’m at fault. This means no more Disney for our family. Story was nice. Characters good. The ambush wasn’t needed or appreciated.