Thursday, February 13, 02:15:18 PM

If you missed it in the were lucky. Don't rent it on iTunes. Not worth it.

Thursday, February 13, 02:13:46 PM

This film was a slow-moving, pointless mess. The characters are thoroughly unlikable and the acting is atrocious.

Thursday, September 12, 05:07:03 PM

I've never wanted an entire film of characters to perish as much as I wanted this group of shallow, self-centred children to perish.

Thursday, September 12, 04:33:57 PM

A bunker stunker.

Thursday, September 12, 12:36:04 PM

I can't believe I sat through the whole movie. Spent most of it telling myself to walk out. It's horrible. A slow-motion train wreck.

Thursday, September 12, 09:26:30 AM

I hated how murky the set looked. It was like there was a constant fire burning inside filling the bunker with smoke. I also didn't like any of the kids. Spoiled little buggers without redeeming qualities.

Thursday, September 12, 09:24:27 AM

Overacting to bad words guided by bad direction. Pass on it.

Wednesday, September 11, 07:41:49 PM

Not worth the ticket any price.

Wednesday, September 11, 03:08:24 PM

Look at the poster. Do those look like radiation suits to you? I think not.

Wednesday, September 11, 02:48:27 PM

The visual effects in this film were very weak. So was the script. Give it a pass and save yourself some time.

Wednesday, September 11, 02:46:46 PM

The lights and switches in the bunker look too old to be tied into the computer system running the joint. I didn't buy it and it bothered me all the way through this film. If the acting or script had been any good, I might not have fixated on those damn switches so much.

Wednesday, September 11, 02:40:54 PM

Really not for me. Hated it.

Wednesday, September 11, 10:43:22 AM

They didn't even try to polish this turd of a script. Skip this one. You're welcome.

Wednesday, September 11, 10:40:50 AM

I found the story a bit confusing. It's like the editor took out all the set-up scenes so the pay-off scenes made little sense. Why? The film was only 85 minutes, so it had the room (not that I would want to watch a longer version of this film).

Wednesday, September 11, 10:31:43 AM

Save yourself the 240-minute running time — it felt like that long — and watch anything else. Anything else. Paint drying. Snails mating. Anything else.

Wednesday, September 11, 10:24:18 AM

Why did they even bother? You should skip this film and save yourself from complete boredom.

Tuesday, September 10, 09:26:48 PM

How can you care for any of these characters? They are selfish, shallow people that shouldn't be our legacy on this planet.

Tuesday, September 10, 09:19:57 PM

THe poor actors. It's like they were given a bike with no wheels and told to ride it.

Tuesday, September 10, 08:45:53 PM

The accents were horrible in this movie. I noticed that there were English and Canadian actors in the film but they didn't sound 'Merican. The 'Merican actors didn't even sound 'Merican.

Tuesday, September 10, 08:39:52 PM

Why do rich people have a post-apocalyptic uniform? Those grey shirts with bands of colour look like the director bought them at Joe Fresh and forgot to take off the size tape.

Tuesday, September 10, 08:30:16 PM

These rich idiots have a bunker better equipped than the President of the USA. Right. I wish everyone had died. They all sucked.

Tuesday, September 10, 08:26:34 PM


Tuesday, September 10, 08:23:12 PM

So these kids are locked in an underground bunker after a nuclear war. Air and food are in limited supply. If I'm the lead character, the first thing I do is spend hours running on a treadmill, using up air and electricity. WTF?

Tuesday, September 10, 07:51:55 PM

I find it deeply disturbing that the kids never really address the fact that every person they have ever known on the surface has been killed. They are so self-absorbed that they really don't seem to care, even when the issue is brought up.

Tuesday, September 10, 07:06:43 PM

It's like that episode of The Simpsons where Homer fell into the 3D world...only in reverse. The director has taken real people and reduced them to a narrow 2D world.

Tuesday, September 10, 06:53:00 PM

I thought the script was poorly written. All the characters are completely one-dimensional. They are beyond the clichéd archetypes of the vapid, rich kids, bordering on caricatures of what the writer seems to think they are.

Monday, September 9, 05:13:01 PM

An incredible waste of time and energy to make a pointless film.

Monday, September 9, 04:59:15 PM

The editing was amateurish.

Monday, September 9, 04:58:37 PM

Ugh. Such drek.

Monday, September 9, 04:55:42 PM

WOW! SO BAD IT'S HILARIOUS, AND ANNOYING! I'm surprised that movie production companies or anyone would spend money making this ridiculously stupid unrealistic horrible excuse for a movie. If this movie made any money I would be very surprised LOL! I'm sure it went straight to half clearance off at Walmart only on 1080p instead of to theaters LOL.

Monday, September 9, 04:40:31 PM

This was the most painfully dull and pointless 85 minutes I've spent in a theatre in years. The kids are all very unlikeable characters, the plot is thin, and the characters' motivations don't often make sense.

Wednesday, September 4, 07:23:40 PM

Boring AF

Wednesday, September 4, 10:45:39 AM

horrible. dull, slow. terribly acted and edited even worse. ugh, I want my 20 minutes back/ 9I had to fast forward through it, it was so bad)

Tuesday, August 27, 11:46:51 AM

Absolutely incredible movie - performances were outstanding (particularly Michala Brasseur and Jake Kenny-Byrne) and as a cautionary tale for a post apocalyptic world. Must see!

Monday, August 26, 08:20:06 PM

WHAT A MOVIE!!! Loved how it delved into the minds of the characters

Monday, August 26, 06:19:39 PM

Loved this film-it captured the unfortunate realities of our times. Well done in every way and I would enjoy seeing how these young characters do moving forward.

Monday, August 26, 10:14:28 AM

Great movie. There is always anticipation for more, never a dull moment. Very similar to Lord of the Flies, but with modern settings.

Monday, August 26, 09:58:42 AM

Refreshing artistic take on a survival thriller movie. It is a character study underground and provides an realistic take on what surviving in a bunker is like.

Sunday, August 25, 09:08:31 PM

I absolutely love the film and was on the edge of my seat. The music and affects were amazing. I felt like I was in the survivors box Kudos !! Four and a half stars.

Sunday, August 25, 07:56:47 PM

Awesome film, thoroughly enjoyed it! The plot was realistic, encapsulating the audience with intense moments throughout. A timely story, in today’s uncertain world.