Thursday, September 12, 05:07:03 PM

I've never wanted an entire film of characters to perish as much as I wanted this group of shallow, self-centred children to perish.

Thursday, September 12, 04:33:57 PM

A bunker stunker.

Thursday, September 12, 12:36:04 PM

I can't believe I sat through the whole movie. Spent most of it telling myself to walk out. It's horrible. A slow-motion train wreck.

Thursday, September 12, 09:26:30 AM

I hated how murky the set looked. It was like there was a constant fire burning inside filling the bunker with smoke. I also didn't like any of the kids. Spoiled little buggers without redeeming qualities.

Thursday, September 12, 09:24:27 AM

Overacting to bad words guided by bad direction. Pass on it.

Wednesday, September 11, 07:41:49 PM

Not worth the ticket any price.

Wednesday, September 11, 03:08:24 PM

Look at the poster. Do those look like radiation suits to you? I think not.

Wednesday, September 11, 02:48:27 PM

The visual effects in this film were very weak. So was the script. Give it a pass and save yourself some time.

Wednesday, September 11, 02:46:46 PM

The lights and switches in the bunker look too old to be tied into the computer system running the joint. I didn't buy it and it bothered me all the way through this film. If the acting or script had been any good, I might not have fixated on those damn switches so much.

Wednesday, September 11, 02:40:54 PM

Really not for me. Hated it.

Wednesday, September 11, 10:43:22 AM

They didn't even try to polish this turd of a script. Skip this one. You're welcome.

Wednesday, September 11, 10:40:50 AM

I found the story a bit confusing. It's like the editor took out all the set-up scenes so the pay-off scenes made little sense. Why? The film was only 85 minutes, so it had the room (not that I would want to watch a longer version of this film).

Wednesday, September 11, 10:31:43 AM

Save yourself the 240-minute running time — it felt like that long — and watch anything else. Anything else. Paint drying. Snails mating. Anything else.

Wednesday, September 11, 10:24:18 AM

Why did they even bother? You should skip this film and save yourself from complete boredom.

Tuesday, September 10, 09:26:48 PM

How can you care for any of these characters? They are selfish, shallow people that shouldn't be our legacy on this planet.

Tuesday, September 10, 09:19:57 PM

THe poor actors. It's like they were given a bike with no wheels and told to ride it.

Tuesday, September 10, 08:45:53 PM

The accents were horrible in this movie. I noticed that there were English and Canadian actors in the film but they didn't sound 'Merican. The 'Merican actors didn't even sound 'Merican.

Tuesday, September 10, 08:39:52 PM

Why do rich people have a post-apocalyptic uniform? Those grey shirts with bands of colour look like the director bought them at Joe Fresh and forgot to take off the size tape.

Tuesday, September 10, 08:30:16 PM

These rich idiots have a bunker better equipped than the President of the USA. Right. I wish everyone had died. They all sucked.

Tuesday, September 10, 08:26:34 PM


Tuesday, September 10, 08:23:12 PM

So these kids are locked in an underground bunker after a nuclear war. Air and food are in limited supply. If I'm the lead character, the first thing I do is spend hours running on a treadmill, using up air and electricity. WTF?

Tuesday, September 10, 07:51:55 PM

I find it deeply disturbing that the kids never really address the fact that every person they have ever known on the surface has been killed. They are so self-absorbed that they really don't seem to care, even when the issue is brought up.

Tuesday, September 10, 07:06:43 PM

It's like that episode of The Simpsons where Homer fell into the 3D world...only in reverse. The director has taken real people and reduced them to a narrow 2D world.

Tuesday, September 10, 06:53:00 PM

I thought the script was poorly written. All the characters are completely one-dimensional. They are beyond the clichéd archetypes of the vapid, rich kids, bordering on caricatures of what the writer seems to think they are.

Monday, September 9, 05:13:01 PM

An incredible waste of time and energy to make a pointless film.

Monday, September 9, 04:59:15 PM

The editing was amateurish.

Monday, September 9, 04:58:37 PM

Ugh. Such drek.

Monday, September 9, 04:55:42 PM

WOW! SO BAD IT'S HILARIOUS, AND ANNOYING! I'm surprised that movie production companies or anyone would spend money making this ridiculously stupid unrealistic horrible excuse for a movie. If this movie made any money I would be very surprised LOL! I'm sure it went straight to half clearance off at Walmart only on 1080p instead of to theaters LOL.

Monday, September 9, 04:40:31 PM

This was the most painfully dull and pointless 85 minutes I've spent in a theatre in years. The kids are all very unlikeable characters, the plot is thin, and the characters' motivations don't often make sense.

Wednesday, September 4, 07:23:40 PM

Boring AF

Wednesday, September 4, 10:45:39 AM

horrible. dull, slow. terribly acted and edited even worse. ugh, I want my 20 minutes back/ 9I had to fast forward through it, it was so bad)

Tuesday, August 27, 11:46:51 AM

Absolutely incredible movie - performances were outstanding (particularly Michala Brasseur and Jake Kenny-Byrne) and as a cautionary tale for a post apocalyptic world. Must see!

Monday, August 26, 08:20:06 PM

WHAT A MOVIE!!! Loved how it delved into the minds of the characters

Monday, August 26, 06:19:39 PM

Loved this film-it captured the unfortunate realities of our times. Well done in every way and I would enjoy seeing how these young characters do moving forward.

Monday, August 26, 10:14:28 AM

Great movie. There is always anticipation for more, never a dull moment. Very similar to Lord of the Flies, but with modern settings.

Monday, August 26, 09:58:42 AM

Refreshing artistic take on a survival thriller movie. It is a character study underground and provides an realistic take on what surviving in a bunker is like.

Sunday, August 25, 09:08:31 PM

I absolutely love the film and was on the edge of my seat. The music and affects were amazing. I felt like I was in the survivors box Kudos !! Four and a half stars.

Sunday, August 25, 07:56:47 PM

Awesome film, thoroughly enjoyed it! The plot was realistic, encapsulating the audience with intense moments throughout. A timely story, in today’s uncertain world.

Sunday, August 25, 06:37:26 PM

I thought that the film was realistic and quite frankly frightening that the possibility of nuclear attack could occur in today’s world. I felt the actors’ anguish and sadness. I was deeply moved by the movie. I thought that the music added to the film as well as the many moments of silence throughout. I would recommend the movie and would love to see it on Netflix .

Sunday, August 25, 05:39:27 PM

Survival Box -- Finally suspense presented artistically! Audience feels trapped underground with this group of seven. This is a testament to the ability of these young actors to engage the movie goers. The still shots inside the bunker are beautifully framed giving audience time to get to know these young people who are trying to make the most of this unexpected situation. The tension, especially initially, is quite funny at times but as outcomes become unclear, suspense builds and we fear for the survival of the group. Survival Box is a must see and easily deserves 4/5 stars.