Thursday, July 29, 02:14:23 PM

portrays texas as a racist state. Makes it seem that all people who are white that live in texas are Nazi's. Terrible movie, I'm Mexican and live in texas and i promise you it is not like that here.

Wednesday, July 28, 11:57:10 AM

if you love your Country - avoid this farce - made by communists who hate America.

Friday, July 23, 08:31:43 PM

I didn’t have high expectations because it didn’t stick to the original theme but in the end I loved it and some of the characters had amazing arcs , I would definitely recommend it

Sunday, July 11, 08:01:56 PM

Should have stuck to the theme with the other purge movies and leave out the politics.

Friday, July 9, 07:35:25 PM

Almost every scene is the worst of humanity; prejudice, hate, and the anger to get even all in exaggerated situations

Friday, July 9, 03:41:34 PM

This movie totally ruined the entire Purge series. This movie is anti-white, anti-American garbage.

Thursday, July 8, 02:08:16 PM

Walked out - surprised move theater would show such a hate filled towards Texas and America movie.

Tuesday, July 6, 12:06:48 PM

If you hate America - you'll love this movie

Monday, July 5, 10:45:06 PM

There was lots of action and the story was great kept you exited no boredom and some good jump scares i rlly enjoyed this movie , the karen that gave a review here saying it was “racist” shut up damn 😐

Saturday, July 3, 11:49:52 PM

I’m gonna be honest, I didn’t have high hopes going into the movie. That all changed by the end. This movies plot is very well thought out and the casting was definitely some of the best I’ve ever seen. I will admit that this movie does come after Republicans, but if you can get past that(and you should) then the movie is AMAZING. Please go watch it rn. It’s worth the money.

Saturday, July 3, 11:48:25 PM

definitely a fire f**king movie shows true colors if you’re not triggered easily you will love it (aka if you are not a die hard trumpie😫)

Saturday, July 3, 11:26:16 PM

We went into this movie thinking it would be absolutely terrible however it exceeded expectations. It was so fire and was very suspenseful with an amazing plot. The characters were fantastic and it was beautifully casted. If you are republican you will probably hate this movie. As a fellow sane person I thought it was a funny roast to all racists and insane people. Overall the movie was amazing 10/10 go see it.

Friday, July 2, 06:10:46 PM

If I can give you the best advice on saving $$$ - never watch this racist, anti-American movie. It is hate filled against the state of Texas and anyone who wants to see our constitution upheld and have illegals come in with the laws on our books. It is degrading and full of hate for America. If you are a biden supporter and hate America - U might love it

Thursday, July 1, 01:42:25 PM

What Started Off As A Great Trilogy And Movie Concept Just Went Buzzzerk - Worst Purge Movie Yet And Hopefully The Last One.

Friday, June 25, 03:20:22 PM

This was the worst movie ever, don’t waste ur money