Wednesday, July 15, 12:10:14 PM

I throughly enjoyed this movie. I'm not political but I got it. I laughed out loud. It was so quirky. The knock down fight scene at the end was the best you will ever see. I'm going to see it again.

Monday, July 13, 07:20:41 PM

Excellent movie! The beginning started a little over the top. Fun ride. Well written. Great acting. Those who are awake will really enjoy. Yeah!

Sunday, July 12, 10:52:36 AM

Stupid and boring. Left Wing LGBTQ garbage.

Saturday, March 21, 12:29:56 PM

Not what I expected due to the hysterical hype. It actually makes fun of the moronic, self-absorbed, holier-than-thou liberal scum. A deplorable comes out to be very positive, strong and typical of the MAGA supporters. I think all the bad reviews are disappointed liberal/progressive morons who thought they'd see their fantasies come true on the screen, only to be severely disapointed. Funny, because they don't believe in guns, are terrified by them, and the deplorables like the 2nd amendment as a right, and are ready to defend themselves from the facisti like Soros, Pelosi, Shummer et al.

Wednesday, March 18, 08:51:48 PM

This movie was unexpectedly good.

Wednesday, March 18, 04:07:00 PM

This movie is the perverse dream of those who hate our country. Couldn't believe I spent my money on such crud and eventually walked out.

Monday, March 16, 03:39:17 PM

As an action movie, it was OK; however, the movie played on stereotypes and, in the end, it came across as pure propaganda.

Monday, March 16, 01:23:52 AM

Do not watch. Nothing like Hunger Games or even The Purge. Plot was all over the place and lacked substance. If you’re looking for a smart, thrilling movie, this isn’t it.

Friday, March 13, 12:43:27 AM

Well I thought the hunt was very well done in quirky way, I guess if your a democrat you might even walk out. The main actress was a Wonder Woman of a different kind and there were a few funny parts! Maybe This 72 yr old senior is a bit odd but I liked this movie!

Thursday, March 12, 10:47:54 PM

The feel good movie of the year!

Thursday, March 12, 09:35:18 PM

This movie is nothing more than a political hit-job by democrats! At the time in our history when we are struggling to come together to solve problems facing our country--this attack on "deplorables" i.e.; Trump supporters is brazen and open--boycott this trash!

Wednesday, March 11, 03:30:07 PM

Terrible movie that injects crazy Far Left and Cultural Marxist talking points. A lot of cringe moments in this movie.

Tuesday, March 10, 03:59:13 PM

Terrible. Not what I expected at all - not the Hunger Games.

Wednesday, August 7, 11:22:51 PM

Zero star wasn't available.

Wednesday, August 7, 11:22:11 PM

Keep your money and watch Aladdin instead...Will Smith was great.