Friday, May 24, 11:21:32 AM

I really enjoyed Mustang!

Saturday, April 20, 03:00:20 PM

Terrible movie, unrealistic training with horses...slow moving. I wanted to walk out but couldn't because I was there with company. Not one person said anything good about this movie.

Thursday, April 18, 10:16:15 PM

Tense, emotional, compelling...with a mixture of heart-wrenching and heartwarming scenes. Strong performances by both human and equine characters...with a shout out to Bruce Dern’s character as a wrangler of mustangs and men. Would see it again; highly recommend it.

Wednesday, April 10, 07:26:13 AM

Did they have a consultant on this film? There is no way even a third of what transpired between the man and horse would/could happen. I got up and walked out. Maybe having had horses and watched countless hours of actual trainers breaking mustangs has jaded me.

Sunday, April 7, 08:23:15 PM

It came across as a TV movie, very formulaic, with moments that were so improbable one wonder if the filmmakers were paying attention. Script was poor. Disappointed considering the good reviews.

Thursday, April 4, 06:49:42 PM

Took my Breath away! Trust, courage, faith ,understanding each other & compassion all wrapped up into one is all it takes and this movie shows you that!

Tuesday, April 2, 09:00:21 PM

Great beautiful heart warming....

Tuesday, April 2, 07:34:51 PM

Liked?: Virtually EVERYTHING! Disliked?: Can't think of a thing! ... decided to see this movie in a theater based on a trailer/preview & critics ratings on (95% of all 91 'all critics' gave favorable ratings and 100% of the 26 'top critics' did). And the movies surpassed my high expectations for it!! (P.S.,The sound & visual quality of the film make worth seeing in a theater.)

Monday, April 1, 08:25:35 PM

how much we need to learn to treat each other with kindness and patience( and ALL living creatures), to produce great results