Thursday, July 11, 04:16:27 PM

Totally unrealistic depiction of life in prison. As if (violent) prisoners are chitchatting all the time through!!, and being that kind of nice to each other. The story is not based on real life in prison. The script is pretty boring, also not realistic. Some turning points in the movie / script are poorly written and overacted. Boring! I gave it two stars because I like to watch beautiful horses. But better not to waste time on that small town movie.

Wednesday, June 19, 06:18:41 PM

Muddled, bad photography, contrived ending, missing parts of a story that leads no where, no resolution at end, nothing. Waste of time, but could have been a good movie, IF they fired the director, the writer and the idiot filming it.

Friday, May 24, 11:21:32 AM

I really enjoyed Mustang!

Saturday, April 20, 03:00:20 PM

Terrible movie, unrealistic training with horses...slow moving. I wanted to walk out but couldn't because I was there with company. Not one person said anything good about this movie.

Thursday, April 18, 10:16:15 PM

Tense, emotional, compelling...with a mixture of heart-wrenching and heartwarming scenes. Strong performances by both human and equine characters...with a shout out to Bruce Dern’s character as a wrangler of mustangs and men. Would see it again; highly recommend it.

Wednesday, April 10, 07:26:13 AM

Did they have a consultant on this film? There is no way even a third of what transpired between the man and horse would/could happen. I got up and walked out. Maybe having had horses and watched countless hours of actual trainers breaking mustangs has jaded me.

Sunday, April 7, 08:23:15 PM

It came across as a TV movie, very formulaic, with moments that were so improbable one wonder if the filmmakers were paying attention. Script was poor. Disappointed considering the good reviews.

Thursday, April 4, 06:49:42 PM

Took my Breath away! Trust, courage, faith ,understanding each other & compassion all wrapped up into one is all it takes and this movie shows you that!

Tuesday, April 2, 09:00:21 PM

Great beautiful heart warming....

Tuesday, April 2, 07:34:51 PM

Liked?: Virtually EVERYTHING! Disliked?: Can't think of a thing! ... decided to see this movie in a theater based on a trailer/preview & critics ratings on (95% of all 91 'all critics' gave favorable ratings and 100% of the 26 'top critics' did). And the movies surpassed my high expectations for it!! (P.S.,The sound & visual quality of the film make worth seeing in a theater.)

Monday, April 1, 08:25:35 PM

how much we need to learn to treat each other with kindness and patience( and ALL living creatures), to produce great results