Friday, November 17, 10:23:31 AM

It ended none too soon.

Tuesday, October 24, 12:48:46 PM

This movie was intense from start to finished. We were at another movie and left after 20 mins. to see this one which was a good chilling movie. Lots of horror action.

Saturday, October 21, 03:26:02 PM

1st one was better, lazy writing. Boring characters not that scary

Wednesday, October 18, 12:40:54 AM

This was was well put together movie i thought with a great ending. But i don't understand why the demons always want to come back to earth..don't they have some colorful characters down there in hell to entertain them and make them happy. When they come back too they want to kill us...don't we have enough problem here with the high rents, wars, unemployment but to have some demon trying to kill you. What did we do to the demons to warrant such bad behavior...nothing! And when they come they are worse then global warming with their high winds, knocking structures over, turning lights off. We always have to get the church to come in to deal with them. The church is getting tired too...they are having a hard time because the demons are hard to understand why they came back and are mad. you can't reason with a demon, It seem the demons are always mad, What going on down in hell to make them so angry and want to come it the food, their job. i don't know but i wish they stay where they belong. the end

Sunday, October 15, 06:24:33 PM

Waste of time.

Friday, October 6, 01:13:16 AM

If you actually find IT'S THE GREAT PUMPKIN, CHARLIE BROWN scary then this is the film for you!

Saturday, September 30, 07:16:24 PM

I thought it was scary

Tuesday, September 19, 12:00:10 PM

It sucked even worse than the first. How is that even possible? Blumhouse aren't filmmakers; they're con artists and pickpockets.

Thursday, September 14, 12:57:27 PM

1st one was better.

Sunday, September 10, 03:00:46 PM

If you actually paid money to see this garbage then you should know that P.T. Barnum was talking about YOU.

Saturday, September 9, 08:16:58 PM

A horror movie, with no horror. Lame.

Saturday, September 9, 06:10:38 PM

I have it one star because they knew better than to put Tiffany Raddish in this movie. That would be scary on a whole other level.

Saturday, September 9, 12:39:28 PM

Stop making these crap movies. They are only scary to teens.

Saturday, September 9, 11:49:46 AM

They're not going to stop making these terrible Nun movies unless people stop going to see them! Stop, you idiots!

Friday, September 8, 04:14:34 PM

Just disappointed in this stupid movie.

Friday, September 8, 12:06:51 PM

No more than 5 jump scares just wasn't scary at all

Friday, September 8, 09:18:46 AM

Typical teen horror movie. Not scary. Really lame.