Tuesday, September 19, 12:00:10 PM

It sucked even worse than the first. How is that even possible? Blumhouse aren't filmmakers; they're con artists and pickpockets.

Thursday, September 14, 12:57:27 PM

1st one was better.

Sunday, September 10, 03:00:46 PM

If you actually paid money to see this garbage then you should know that P.T. Barnum was talking about YOU.

Saturday, September 9, 08:16:58 PM

A horror movie, with no horror. Lame.

Saturday, September 9, 06:10:38 PM

I have it one star because they knew better than to put Tiffany Raddish in this movie. That would be scary on a whole other level.

Saturday, September 9, 12:39:28 PM

Stop making these crap movies. They are only scary to teens.

Saturday, September 9, 11:49:46 AM

They're not going to stop making these terrible Nun movies unless people stop going to see them! Stop, you idiots!

Friday, September 8, 04:14:34 PM

Just disappointed in this stupid movie.

Friday, September 8, 12:06:51 PM

No more than 5 jump scares just wasn't scary at all

Friday, September 8, 09:18:46 AM

Typical teen horror movie. Not scary. Really lame.