Monday, June 27, 04:51:43 PM

Outstanding movie!

Monday, June 27, 12:46:59 PM

Kept me engaged throughout the entire movie.

Sunday, June 26, 10:23:31 PM

Doesn't have the chemistry of the first one.

Sunday, June 26, 06:10:33 PM

As good as the original, if not better!!

Saturday, June 25, 01:37:09 PM

Loved every bit of it.

Saturday, June 25, 11:52:20 AM

It was just as good has the first Top Gun! It had a lot of action and a believable plot line. I loved it and it was wonderful to see all of the flying by the pilots. Tom Cruise is awesome!

Friday, June 24, 10:28:43 PM

Loved it, watched 5 times so far!

Friday, June 24, 07:25:24 PM

The pilots and flying skills are incredible

Friday, June 24, 07:01:26 PM

Had me smiling and tearing up! Well done movie to take you thru a range of emotions. I heard a lot of sniffing going on in the theatre. Best movie in a very long time.

Thursday, June 23, 06:06:40 PM

Excellent! Feel good, action, humor, love, friendship, nostalgia... it's got it all! Well done!!

Thursday, June 23, 11:49:45 AM

This was one of the best movies I've seen in awhile - mainly because I didn't feel I was being sold a narrative on some politicized agenda or lifestyle somebody feels compelled to twist into the movie plot - I don't need to make a list - y'all know what kind of things I'm talking about. It really took me back to the great movies of the mid to late 80's...

Wednesday, June 22, 01:17:13 PM

It was a Great Movie probably the best movie I have seen in years !!!!!We absolutely loved it !!!!

Tuesday, June 21, 08:26:21 PM

Excellent movie!!! Worth going to see it.

Tuesday, June 21, 04:02:44 PM

Thank you for a good movie and Good times.

Tuesday, June 21, 09:55:25 AM

Best action movie that I have seen in many years. It was exciting and great actors.

Monday, June 20, 06:27:58 PM

See Top Gun to refresh your memory. Maverick has several references to Top Gun, like Goose, “letting go” and Admiral “Iceman.” Great films.

Monday, June 20, 05:19:59 PM

it is amazing and dareing

Monday, June 20, 12:39:04 PM

Powerhouse of a movie! It pays great homage to the original, while being a stunning movie on its' own. I will be seeing it in the theatre again, and I rarely go to movies!!

Monday, June 20, 09:44:08 AM

Ok movie, but just that.

Monday, June 20, 03:32:16 AM

Would see again

Sunday, June 19, 09:36:30 PM

Outstanding movie. Perfect transition from the first Top Gun movie to Top Gun Maverick. We loved the movie and will go back to see it again several times. Amazing action, aerial scenes and great acting.

Sunday, June 19, 11:30:30 AM

It'll have you on the edge of your seat from the start to the finish! They did a nice job of bringing all of the old characters back, while introducing the new ones. EXCELLENT movie and I didn't even want to see it!

Sunday, June 19, 11:22:46 AM

AMAZING! This movie was well worth the wait (30 years), and far exceeded my expectations for a sequel. There were some touching moments throughout the film that will make you wipe away a tear or two, especially if you are familiar with the original characters from the first film. GO SEE THIS MOVIE, THEN SEE IT AGAIN!

Sunday, June 19, 11:19:27 AM

Great movie. Did not disappoint. Tom Cruise should win an Oscar for his performance

Saturday, June 18, 07:02:39 PM

Great movie. No “woke” garage just action and fun.

Saturday, June 18, 03:34:56 PM

Amazing. So many good things about this movie, I don't want to spoil writing about it for others who haven't seen it.

Saturday, June 18, 01:53:28 PM

Pro-American, non-woke movie for anyone who loves our great country. Tom Cruise and the cast are excellent. Great soundtrack. Loved the nostalgic references to the original. Val Kilmer was also great!

Saturday, June 18, 12:23:24 PM

OMYGOSH!!!! Awesome movie. Would even see it a third time. Action packed. Tom Cruise does NOT disappoint. Not a lot of bad language. Goes to show you what real actors can do

Friday, June 17, 07:06:04 PM

No politics, no agenda, just a good ole fashioned badass action thriller. Go see it.

Thursday, June 16, 10:28:39 PM

Held my attention the whole time. The sequel was well weaved with the original movie flash backs. I would like to see it again.

Thursday, June 16, 03:47:34 PM

Haven’t left a theatre this exilerated in years…Give Tom Cruise an OSCAR please

Tuesday, June 14, 12:41:26 PM

Excellent!! Not disappointed at all. Tied in well with the original.

Sunday, June 12, 01:46:43 PM

Perfect combination of call-backs and new plot lines. The acting and music is incredible. It’s a must see and a must see in theaters simply for the noise quality. There is nothing better than watching the action on the big screen and feeling the roar from the afterburner.

Sunday, June 12, 12:33:47 PM

HOLD ONTO YOUR SEAT! Fun ride with suspense and a lot action. Good acting and good plot.

Saturday, June 11, 02:57:30 PM

You’re in for a wild ride, dogfight even in this film. Well shot, casted, and delievered!

Friday, June 10, 08:12:44 PM

I have watched the first Top Gun soooo many times and was so excited to see this one and it didn’t disappoint because they did an awesome job! Definitely worth watching!!!

Friday, June 10, 06:40:01 PM

Better than the original, a lot more action and suspense.

Friday, June 10, 01:24:01 PM

Good “Old Fashion” live action, no CGI and amazing cinematography. Even a fun story line!

Friday, June 10, 09:05:13 AM

This movie improves on the original in some ways, keeps the same spirit, and every actor plays their roles to perfection

Thursday, June 9, 03:59:58 PM

What’s not to like. Every bit as good as the original, and the flying sequences are even better. Saw it with my wife, who also gives it 5 stars.