Wednesday, April 27, 09:32:40 AM

Great action packed movie. Enjoyed it. Will recommend it. The way it was recommended to me.

Saturday, April 23, 02:38:23 AM

"Michael Bayer" is a good name for him because his movies are headache inducing. Haha! Yeah, this movie sucked, just like the rest of 'Bayer's' movies. Haha!

Friday, April 22, 11:36:24 AM

This is a solid action movie with non stop street combat for two hours. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I am going again on Tuesday. Michael Bayer is one of my favorite action movie directors. I thought all performances were excellent and intense. Aside: The scenes where surgeons advise the combat medic in the ambulance during all-out street combat are exceptional scenes. The lead actress was front and center with her powerful reactions and point of view: she was as real as her character.

Thursday, April 21, 10:53:09 AM

Everything was soooo bad. Dialogue, scenes shifting, just terrible. Worse movie I have seen in awhile. I kept talking to the screen for it to end so I could leave. Booooooo.

Wednesday, April 20, 02:13:02 PM

Awesome movie!! I enjoyed all the action. I would recommend.

Tuesday, April 19, 10:31:12 PM

This movie starts off at a fast pace and never stops. The storyline is great and the photography is spot on. Especially loved the paramedic who never knew what her day was about to be. Not since Speed, have I seen a movie based on a vehicle holding the scene. I was extremely entertained!

Monday, April 18, 12:39:42 PM

It all sucked

Sunday, April 17, 07:52:30 PM

It all sucked

Sunday, April 17, 07:14:14 PM

Too much action. Slow down and hold the freakin camera still. Movie is too long.

Thursday, April 14, 06:07:36 PM

Michael Bay's movies have gonorrhea on them.

Wednesday, April 13, 08:29:31 PM

We loved it! Lots of actions.

Wednesday, April 13, 02:15:02 PM

Michael Bay sucks and his movies are obnoxious and odious. If you want a car chase movie you'd be better off with a classic like CANNONBALL or DIRTY MARY CRAZY LARRY.

Tuesday, April 12, 11:30:17 PM

If you like endless an car chase this is for you. Forget about meaningful dialogue. A least the popcorn was good!

Saturday, April 9, 09:36:20 PM

Annoying camera angles, unreasonably unbelievable plot, script, action, dialog and....well, pretty much everything. Good action movies convince us to believe...."Ambulance" never bothered to try. I was generous with 3 stars.

Saturday, April 9, 05:45:33 PM

pretty good , lots of action but a little light on story development .

Saturday, April 9, 04:55:06 PM


Friday, April 8, 01:10:51 PM

You know those car chase scenes in a movie that are so long you eventually say “Oh Come On”, really, enough already! This movie is mostly that “REALLY LONG” car chase that just won’t end. It doesn’t take long before you just want to say “Oh Come On”, really, enough already! This makes the movie seem like it will never end. When the chase is finally over, it wasn’t worth the suffering. I hated the ending. It was an Ok movie to watch one time, once it plays on a streaming service.