Tuesday, June 18, 10:04:46 AM

Best movie of the year.

Saturday, June 15, 09:32:44 PM

Hollywood has had a tough year. If they could ever get clear of the propaganda mill, and return to the normal world of the majority to create entertainment for I think it would help. They are making Goebbles look like a rank amateur with their non-stop mind meld.

Wednesday, June 12, 09:24:55 AM

What a movie. Skip Bad Boys, Furiosa is an event.

Wednesday, June 5, 09:26:24 PM

Chris was off the charts good, and amazing action.

Tuesday, June 4, 05:16:26 PM

great movie

Monday, June 3, 06:01:17 PM

Looks more like a PS5 video. Did Disney buy this franchise too? I just watched the trailer and will never see this computer generated video. You would need to pay me to sit through this and I just finished binge watching the Mad Max series of movies. Go figure...

Saturday, June 1, 04:30:38 PM

I loved this movie. Some people come on here and give a bad review because they wish their favorite movies were as good as this.

Friday, May 31, 10:40:50 PM

Looking across the spectrum of movies offered this year, this has to be the worst run in modern history. Let's look back and pick a year say 2001, we had Lord of Rings, Harry Potter, Shrek, Monster's Inc, Mullholland drive etc all playing at the same time. In 1984 we had Amadeus, Footloose, Gremlins, Karate Kid, Ghostbusters, Beverly Hills Cop, The Killing Fields and on and on, Many many great years of movies. This season can be summed up with this stillborn sequel. Dudapalooza.

Friday, May 31, 10:34:56 PM

Yeah, not worth your time or the brain cells.

Friday, May 31, 11:57:23 AM

Cool post-apo movie with a main female character who is finally written like a normal human being, not a Mary Sue. Nice worldbuilding, stunts and vehicles and character designs. Chris Hemsworth steals the show as the crazy villain Dementus. The CGI stood out too much when compared to Mad Max: Fury Road though. Also the story is not that tight because it shows chapters from several parts of Furiosas´s life. But the dividing into chapters fits the western vibes well - it is a revenge story.

Thursday, May 30, 11:53:51 AM

Some are saying "worst movie ever" and all I can say is LOL. Way better than The Avengers.

Wednesday, May 29, 04:21:46 PM

Worst movie ever. All the constant motion made me sick and and the flimsy plot was stupid.

Wednesday, May 29, 09:19:59 AM

Anyone who doesn't like this is probably an Avengers fan.

Tuesday, May 28, 05:17:23 PM

Ho hum. The violence can be excused. Mad Max is like that. Chris Hemsworth's character is worth a look. Somehow he was an amusing smart ass in a very lifeless world. Outside of him, the best part was the shiny truck near the end.

Monday, May 27, 06:06:47 PM

Great movie perfect addition to Fury Road!

Saturday, May 25, 02:51:25 PM

Mostly crap now at the movies

Saturday, May 25, 11:50:16 AM

Creative, fun, good characters. But, yes, a tad too long

Friday, May 24, 11:53:37 AM

More of the same for the Waterworld crowd.

Thursday, May 23, 08:07:43 AM


Saturday, May 18, 11:36:55 AM

I wasn't planning on seeing this as I didn't care for the fourth movie at all, but a friend had passes so off we went. There's no attempt to tell a coherent story and the listless performances leave us without a single interesting character to care about. It would have been better for the series to go out on a high if producers couldn't persuade Mr. Gibson to continue beyond Thunderdome. As it stands, Furiosa makes for an unpleasant and unnecessary addition to this summer's slate of tired and complacent sequels.

Friday, May 17, 09:56:00 AM

Paging Anya Taylor-Joy! AMAZING!

Thursday, May 16, 10:19:37 PM

Paging Anya Taylor-Joy! AMAZING!

Thursday, May 16, 09:50:03 PM

Paging Mel Gibson...

Friday, April 19, 01:04:35 PM


Friday, January 12, 01:39:25 PM

Chris Hemsworth as a villain fun to see, excited to see

Tuesday, December 5, 04:56:35 PM

more woke garbage