Saturday, April 7, 06:23:29 PM

The first ANNABELLE film was terrible; this prequel is much better. Overlong and overdone, but still effectively creepy with a tragic undercurrent to give it some weight. Talitha Bateman and Lulu Wilson are especially good.

Sunday, November 5, 06:45:31 PM

Classic style horror actually done right

Friday, November 3, 06:33:15 PM

Holy doll-face Batman! Although it is hard for me to critique horror films, as I am virtually desensitized now, this is a scary/jumpy film. It is slow to start but it's good to get a lead up. The pace grows steadily more frightening and anyone who doesn't like dolls like this one, will need therapy. The conjuring series has sequels and spin-offs so one has to almost take notes to keep track, but that doesn't take away from anything.

Thursday, September 21, 04:39:51 PM

I liked this movie. I thought it started out a bit slow, but it did pick up steam and there were quite a few scary, make you jump scenes. I am not usually afraid of dolls , but this was one creepy doll and the evil figure that was conjured up was very frightening. All in all, a good horror flick.

Saturday, September 16, 10:34:01 PM

Awesome movie!!!

Sunday, September 10, 04:19:57 PM

Loved all of it!!!

Sunday, September 10, 11:59:52 AM

exciting and scary, you never know what's gonna happen next!! The effects were great and it felt real!!

Saturday, September 9, 06:06:56 PM

It's amazing it was so realistic

Thursday, September 7, 05:40:59 PM

it is stupid, dolls cant come to life

Thursday, September 7, 12:16:51 PM

The movie was about a 6 out of ten, but I found it to be a somewhat clumsy attempt to link the actual Annabelle doll (a Raggedy Ann doll in the Warren's museum) to the creepy china doll from the previous movies. A few creepy moments (ala Chucky) kept the tension going , but the movie lacked any truly heart stopping Jump Scares. The film doesn't need to be seen on the big screen. Wait for an online entertainment outlet to release it.

Sunday, September 3, 10:23:59 AM

This movie wasn't what I expected. The story line was boring. I loss interest at about a fourth of the movie.. I was very disappointed.

Sunday, September 3, 09:25:16 AM

Not scary in the least. Good story, but doesn't make you jump. Too bad, because reviews were saying otherwise, so that's why we went to see it. Disappointed.

Wednesday, August 30, 07:42:53 PM

kids movie.

Monday, August 28, 10:59:42 PM

Really enjoyed the movie and the ending was absolutely wonderful! Two thumbs up!

Saturday, August 26, 09:48:09 PM

Liked it

Thursday, August 24, 10:58:57 AM

Deserves an Oscar for worst horror movie of all time!!

Wednesday, August 23, 01:44:14 AM

I thought this was good and scary. Doll maker's character was a bit flat; the background information on the doll's history did not come out to the very end and was disappointing, could have used more insight there.

Tuesday, August 22, 05:51:09 AM

Not want scary,read the ingredients in a box of Fruit Loops.

Sunday, August 20, 03:40:02 PM

i am coming to see it in a little bit but by watching thebtrailers i think its going to be a good movie

Thursday, August 17, 09:18:54 PM

It was very thrilling and scary, I loved it.

Thursday, August 17, 07:01:58 PM

Not a scary movie. 'Scare scenes' were predictable, plot non-existent, movie dragged on for far too long.

Thursday, August 17, 05:04:23 PM

I give it a solid 8 out of 10, which is a rarity for horror movies. There was an actual story, not just in your face gore and nonsense, it was creepy, a little frightening, and definitely worth the watch .

Wednesday, August 16, 07:40:31 PM

Preposterous plot or story line. Unnecessary "jump at you" scare scenes which seem ridiculous. Terrible direction and acting for the most part. You can miss this one. I'd rather see Vera Farmiga in another "Conjuring" with a decent plot and better actors!

Wednesday, August 16, 03:06:04 PM

Just a terrible movie. No substance.

Tuesday, August 15, 07:10:19 PM

It was good. Could of been scarier.

Tuesday, August 15, 02:38:36 PM

Way better than the first!

Monday, August 14, 04:09:34 PM

Surprisingly good!

Sunday, August 13, 10:15:24 PM

Great movie and I loved the ending. Look closely at the picture the nun shows the home owner!!!

Sunday, August 13, 06:18:39 PM

Boring. Writers need to focus on scare. Hint: blood and gore is no score. Focus on the psychological.

Sunday, August 13, 12:37:13 PM

The scariest movie I have seen in a long time.....loved it!!!!

Sunday, August 13, 12:30:02 AM

I looked at the one star ratings on this site and thought, no, can't be right. Well, I should have trusted the reviews instead of wasting money to see this movie. Nothing but cheap scares, and some gore that belongs in Friday The 13th! Save your money and don't even bother. Maybe Jason vs Annabelle might be a better movie!

Saturday, August 12, 11:39:51 PM

I enjoyed Annabelle so much I will go see it again with my other group of friends

Saturday, August 12, 11:32:32 PM

Fantastic movie.....loved it!!!

Saturday, August 12, 11:29:56 PM

Annabelle knocks it out of the park for a great scary movie.

Saturday, August 12, 11:27:14 PM

Great movie to add to my horror collection. Lots of scary scenes that had me jumping in my seat.

Saturday, August 12, 08:57:56 PM

Scary and full of jumps and chills. Epic story that twists into the series of The Conjuring. Wow! Fantastic cast and they can really act! Oscar! At the end of the movie, the entire audience at the theater applauded. That speaks volumes..more than I could even try to write about it.

Saturday, August 12, 02:21:31 PM

Scary as hell....I jumped!!

Saturday, August 12, 01:44:35 PM

great movie, FANTASTIC ending! i'm going to see it again tonight

Saturday, August 12, 01:42:36 PM

i think this was honestly one of the best horror movies i've seen great amount of jump scares and a good story line, the ending was absolutely FANTASTIC i couldn't stop talking about how good it was after the movie was over, i would definitely give this movie a five star rating.

Saturday, August 12, 12:42:20 PM

Loved it