Saturday, October 13, 11:38:09 AM

Amazing, loved the science, it’s fun and accurate. Clean movie for families and that’s refreshing.

Tuesday, October 2, 06:59:43 AM

1 and that is to much how can people rate this a 4 or 5 ?

Sunday, September 23, 01:43:10 PM

Loved it, will probably watch it many more times

Saturday, September 22, 10:15:35 PM

Avengers infinite war rules and this movie drools. That is how terrible it is. To much special effects. Will not watch again. A movie for the trash. Hope they don’t make a sequel because I won’t see it. Save your money. If you see this movie then set your expectations low. That is how terrible this movie. I wish I walked out on this movie

Thursday, September 6, 05:34:10 PM

Yes the wasp rules. It should be The wasp and maybe ANTMAN!

Sunday, September 2, 04:07:31 AM

Our family really enjoyed this show. Entertaining and funny. It is a comic on the screen. Looking forward to more.

Saturday, September 1, 03:53:10 AM

I liked the first one. This one was just okay.

Wednesday, August 22, 04:29:00 PM

I liked the first one. I didn’t like this one. Kinda meh

Thursday, August 16, 04:24:32 PM

A fun-loving, enjoyable movie. Never expected Ant-Man to become a successful franchise, but Paul Rudd and Evangeline Lilly are very likable and pull it off well. Definitely entertaining and good for kids of all ages.

Sunday, August 5, 10:24:34 AM

A movie no one asked for. Yet another superhero movie in a sea of endless superhero movies and shows on TV. It's getting stale already. Meh.

Sunday, July 29, 10:31:15 AM

not the best of marvel movies..okay but lackluster

Saturday, July 28, 12:34:31 AM

We saw this movie with our children and grandchildren. We all loved it! Excellent story, acting and special effects!

Friday, July 27, 05:18:13 PM

Very Cool Movie

Friday, July 27, 04:33:18 PM

Only action and nothing valuable from this movie. I wasted my time and money. This actor is already getting boring.

Thursday, July 26, 07:34:16 PM

Waste of time and money. Walked out after a hour. Could not stand this movie. That is how trash this is. Way to much CGI. Just didn’t look right and the plot was boring. This was just as bad as the first one. Go see infinite war instead of this because you are not missing anything by not seeing this

Thursday, July 26, 05:28:07 PM

Love the action and the comedic dialogue.

Monday, July 23, 03:27:19 PM


Sunday, July 22, 09:15:52 PM


Sunday, July 22, 02:54:24 AM

Marvel can't be stopped

Saturday, July 21, 09:28:27 PM

worth every penny and not a waste of time.....go see it on big screen so u can get the big effect of ant man and the wasp :) :)

Saturday, July 21, 09:24:43 PM

luv this a second time could u not like this film ????? fun, funny and cool action, but hey that the ant man movies and the end after the credits totally didn't except it, but u will have to watch avengers infinity war to get it :)

Saturday, July 21, 11:42:41 AM

It was very comical, entertaing, action packed. Strongly recommended to go see with the family.

Saturday, July 21, 11:13:42 AM

Very entertaining, comical, and at times very emotionally touching.

Friday, July 20, 07:44:10 PM

Perfect cgi and plot

Friday, July 20, 05:30:33 PM


Friday, July 20, 04:30:37 PM

This is boring and to much CGI. I wished I never saw this. If they make a third not going to see it ever. Not worth your time. Watch it on Netflix when it comes out on there. You will be happy you never paid for this. I will recommend avengers civil war was absolutely outstanding movie

Thursday, July 19, 12:06:25 AM

Suspension of disbelief? Hey tips it's a super hero movie, it's bit real. Thanos isn't real.

Thursday, July 19, 12:05:27 AM

Best marvel movie ever

Wednesday, July 18, 11:50:36 PM

Fun but a weak plot and just an average Marvel film. I was expecting more based on the hype and the previews. The story requires a lot of suspension of disbelief beyond the idea of ability to shrink to insect size and magically control the ant kingdom. The movie does move at a quick pace but it seemed like none of the characters got any kind of development beyond the very superficial needed to move story along, felt like they were introducing a lot of new characters for future movies. Good movie for kids, as I don’t recall too much bad language and it does get a bit silly at times without devolving into inappropriate humor.

Monday, July 16, 03:12:12 PM

Loved this movie

Friday, July 13, 12:49:49 AM

I liked this movie, except for the gay FBI agent. Humor in an FBI agent is uncharacteristic. There was an equal balance of male/female strengths weaknesses. CGI again stole the show as it does in recent movies. Good movie on the whole.

Thursday, July 12, 07:43:01 PM

I Iove Evangeline LiIly, She's a really good actress

Thursday, July 12, 05:42:43 PM

ant man and the wasp excellence film love it as much as the first ant man, negative reviewer calling somebody a idiot, really ????? how immature.....and the negative rating dont know what their talking about, dont listen to them go see for your self

Thursday, July 12, 05:35:32 PM

sorry pal your the idiot get a life please if u cant take a come back on your dislike of ant man and the wasp, go and leave , run and hide and blow your life saving try to make a better film, i doubt u will and doesn't say much of you if u come back with a insult, and if u dont like that the masses like the movie and the Film critics do too then your problem, nobody care about your opinion go away and stop trying to convince people not to go see it because u dont like it, they can judge for them self and listening to u would be a big mistake

Wednesday, July 11, 11:12:01 PM

Greatest marvel movie

Wednesday, July 11, 10:43:23 PM

Cute......but kind of a simple plot, lots of action, liked the special effects. But you could wait for Net-flix or DVD, at price of movie. No need to rush out and see it. Fairly new movie, and there was only a handful of people in theater.

Wednesday, July 11, 09:23:29 PM

Awful, truly awful... BUT would be a great birthday party matinee for a group of 11 to 13 year olds.

Wednesday, July 11, 04:00:46 PM

Can a person make up their own mind about seeing a movie of their choice. This is the reason for having a brain. If the movie turns out to be a disaster go home and figure how to make your own.

Wednesday, July 11, 03:28:45 PM

Thumbs down to the idiot putting negative reviews about the negative comments. They can say what they want because it is true about this movie being terrible. Worst movie of the year. Don’t waste your time and money people. Go see something else

Tuesday, July 10, 10:59:56 PM

Great second movie. Liked this one and the original. Action and humor.