Tuesday, December 12, 04:49:49 PM

My first ZERO star review.

Tuesday, December 12, 04:48:12 PM

This movie would have been amazing if it was five minutes long, unfortunately it was almost 3 hours so it sucked. The music is so bad.

Tuesday, December 12, 04:42:22 PM

It was just a bad movie. Would love to give it a great review as I love the cast in it but it was garbage. Have to agree with most of the reviews, it was the worst movie I have seen in around thirty years.

Tuesday, December 12, 04:40:05 PM

I watched this movie and thinking why am I giving this three hours of my life. I should have left after about 10 minutes.

Tuesday, December 12, 04:38:43 PM

A slow boring plot the led nowhere. I have never been this bored watching a movie ever in my life.

Sunday, December 10, 06:36:37 PM

This movie was perfect for me. I don't know to others.

Sunday, December 10, 06:35:35 PM

Best movie of the year.

Monday, December 4, 03:02:56 PM

Wait to watch it on cable at home. That way you can turn it off after twenty minutes and go to bed.

Monday, December 4, 03:01:24 PM

This is my top ten worst films I have ever seen. Three B's. Bored Beyond Belief.

Monday, December 4, 03:00:02 PM

It was just boring. I honestly would not watch it again if some paid me $10. Dark, loud and boring. You need a phd to work out the plot.

Sunday, December 3, 09:54:42 PM


Saturday, December 2, 03:18:26 PM

you need to have seen the first Blade Runner , if you did, then this sequel is magic, if you did not , you may well be confused. I saw and liked the first version

Friday, December 1, 11:41:19 PM

Wow!!! Well done and great acting.

Friday, December 1, 05:48:52 AM

No plot, bad acting, terrible sound, creapy special effects but nice popcorn

Friday, December 1, 05:46:49 AM

The reviews I am seeing here are pretty much a good reflection of what I feel about this movie. Unfortunately I have not looked here for reviews and I searched Rotten Tomatoes and IMDb. Big mistake

Friday, December 1, 05:43:30 AM

This movie wants to showcase a humanity nightmare but becomes a nightmare on its own. If Ridley Scott has any honor left in him he will retire and this will become the last movie he ever made. A science fiction flap that fails to capture its audience. By resorting to a complete gray and sad atmosphere throughout the narrative and using painfully long pauses in between the dialog. Do yourself a favor and do not waste almost three hours of your time (including those stupid commercials which we pay to see)

Friday, December 1, 05:38:31 AM

Worst movie of the year. Do not waste money

Friday, December 1, 01:56:58 AM

So many people found this movie boring that I was worried I may not like it but I found myself being confused by the boredom complaints and wondered what they were talking about. I loved this movie. I found it exciting and interesting, well acted and beautiful. I suppose this is the cilantro of movies- you either love it or hate it and luckily for me, I love cilantro :)

Wednesday, November 29, 12:18:28 AM

acting was good, and special effects were good, but the music was terrible, and the storyline too complicated

Friday, November 24, 12:47:31 PM

This movie was great, a true sequel of the previous one. It had the exact pace as the old one and I have enjoyed it fully. Nobody left the theater during the movie, it was suspenseful and thrilling to see it. The Director did a wonderful job. The screenplay was very complex. I loved it.

Friday, November 24, 12:05:40 PM

A true masterpiece. Waited a long time,way over due. Loved every minute of this gorgeous movie.

Thursday, November 23, 02:20:12 AM

Beauty and intelligence. Did not notice the length - wanted more! Requires a thinking brain to enjoy it.

Tuesday, November 21, 08:35:21 PM

This movie is gorgeously filmed and a satisfying sequel to the sci-fi noir of the original. This movie is intellectual and has slow pacing, so is not meant for people that need an explosion every 15 seconds while chugging beers to hold their attention. If you can read and enjoy a long novel, you'll probably enjoy this. Otherwise there is plenty of cartoons in the next theatre.

Monday, November 20, 07:54:54 PM

Perfect. See this in the theatre if you are a Blade Runner fan. Or if you like a fully immersive sensory experience

Sunday, November 19, 10:37:29 AM

Compare the number of reviews this garbage movie has and you will understand that someone is adding 5 stars here like crazy

Friday, November 17, 07:19:00 PM

Great Sci Fi film Noir, the story was fantastic!

Friday, November 17, 03:16:13 AM

I'm done following positive reviews on this site. This movie tanked so fast they weren't even finished stapling the posters up. The studio pushed Gosling and Ford onto the talk circuit like never before because they knew this stink bomb was only going to make money the first weekend. I got sucked into seeing it, and I'll never trust another review here.

Thursday, November 16, 10:38:52 PM

Superb sequel, one of the rarest of things. Beautifully scored, gorgeous cinematography and effects, excellent acting from top to bottom, a compelling story with complex characters. There are a few moments of weak editing toward the end, but that is not enough to take BR49 down from five stars.

Thursday, November 16, 10:35:00 AM

amazing work of art, with an incredible cast, soundtrack, and visuals. its like entering another world. It's not all special effects and flash it has a slow-burning sadness and existential bent that is unique. The money that went into this was- in my opinion- well spent. we get the unique pleasure of going both backward and forwards in time and relishing a familiar-yet- different place in all its crumbling glory. The question of authenticity and realness play out in the narrative but also, delightfully in the meta-discourse of us, the viewers, visiting and revisiting this revamped, reborn, artificial world.... while we too are in a moment where lack of empathy drives the powers-that-be, making this film is all the more poignant and relevant.

Wednesday, November 15, 12:23:43 PM

This was a great sci-fi movie--slow-moving, but beautifully filmed, excellently acted, and thought-provoking. Couldn't ask for more.

Wednesday, November 15, 11:33:01 AM

Its not just boring it's also so confusing. Who is that guy? Is that girl bad or good? Why do they want to find him? Oh wait!!! I don't care because this movie sucks. Your time is better spent at the local pant store seeing what is drying on the wall.

Wednesday, November 15, 11:29:12 AM

I read all the reviews, most are one star for this movie, but still I'm a huge Ryan Gosling fan so thought it can't be as bad as people are saying. I was so disappointed, it's actually worse. Couple beside left and never returned. Why didn't I follow them an hour in. Give me back my Saturday night I wasted at the movies please. Every review says how boring this movie is. I hate to say it but they are spot on the money. Boring Boring Boring.

Tuesday, November 14, 11:46:23 PM

This movie was ok. Yes maybe it was a bit long and boring in places. Could have been about 30 mins shorter but still ok. More of a watch on DVD movie, then you can fast forwarded through the boring bits.

Tuesday, November 14, 11:34:25 PM

Worst sequel since Weekend at Berrnies two. Slow dark movie with a below average performance from all actors. Found myself looking at my watch every five minutes wishing the time away and asking myself "why did I pay to see this" One word for this movie. Boring.

Tuesday, November 14, 06:02:40 PM

One of the best sequels ever. It stayed true to the original in style and substance. Dark? Yes, it's about a very distopian future and it's one of the few thinking man's science fiction movies in recent years. Anyone who thinks this is boring has seen too many superhero movies.

Tuesday, November 14, 04:55:39 PM

Great cast, sadly couldn't make the movie great. So dark, so boring, so loud. The music in this movie is so loud you will get a headache. Worst movie I have seen this year.

Tuesday, November 14, 11:35:50 AM

A rare thing indeed: an excellent sequal and a fantastic film in it's own right. Visually stunning, innovative & intellectually satisfying. But if you're just looking to turn your brain off and watch an action shoot-em-up, go elsewhere.

Saturday, November 11, 08:19:25 PM

Sci Fi are my favorite but if your going to watch this bring a pillow. This movie is slow. Very disappointing.

Saturday, November 11, 01:00:52 PM

I want my money back

Friday, November 10, 07:25:11 PM

Beautiful movie...