Thursday, January 18, 01:35:28 PM

Absolutely well done!! Shining the light of truth on human trafficing and child sex absuse. This will raise people's confront on how evil this is and what is happening in our world so we can take massive action to end it, Totally impinging movie and also has beautiful moments.

Monday, January 8, 06:17:28 PM

Fantastic Movie. WOW. Shining the light of truth on one of the worst crimes occurring on the planet that is not confronted. Extremely well done.

Monday, January 1, 06:53:57 AM


Sunday, December 3, 11:44:09 PM

Libs hate it

Sunday, December 3, 02:51:38 PM

An insane view into a world most will never fathom. Evil lives among us.

Sunday, December 3, 01:09:16 PM

Evil runs deep in our world.

Sunday, December 3, 12:53:09 PM

A very well-done story that makes the point without being too explicit. I took my wife and youngest son as soon as it was released. This evil needs to be eradicated. Quick trial and quick execution!!!

Sunday, December 3, 12:19:21 PM

What tragic things are happening. People are waking up at great speed to it though.

Sunday, December 3, 11:32:13 AM

pedos need to be mulched into fertilizer.

Sunday, December 3, 11:24:27 AM

This exposes the darkness of this world. Only pedos rate this one star.

Sunday, December 3, 10:25:24 AM

Gripping emotional roller coaster.

Sunday, December 3, 07:05:00 AM

Tip of the iceberg but it's a start!qun

Sunday, December 3, 01:09:28 AM

Solid movie, solid cast. Definitely pulls at your heart to do more yourselves at a local level. Would 100% recommend to a friend. Does make you wonder about the people and organizations working so hard to trash this film.

Sunday, December 3, 12:38:09 AM

Definitely eye opening!

Sunday, December 3, 12:04:24 AM


Sunday, December 3, 12:00:32 AM

Finally, the truth has been shown! Save the children and prosecute every single person responsible!

Saturday, December 2, 11:46:23 PM

Compelling, mind awakening movie! Sad so many people would enable this modern day slave trade. When it released I took my family to see it, and they all were in tears. The screenplay, actors, and story flowed so smoothly in the right tempo for the emotional impact it had.

Saturday, December 2, 11:04:10 PM

Loved it

Saturday, December 2, 11:03:42 PM

Honest gritty down to earth. Damages the he'll out of the leftist narrative hence why the downvote brigades are attacking so hard. They don't want you to know about the reality of their policies

Saturday, December 2, 10:35:26 PM

Great movie!

Saturday, December 2, 10:21:36 PM

Fantastic movie, I thought it was lame political junk but it really changed my perspective

Saturday, December 2, 10:21:02 PM

we have human trafficking all around us and people getting busted for it all the time.... sadly, the msm dows not report any of it... they're too busy with taylor swift bumping curlies with kelcea.

Saturday, December 2, 10:17:51 PM

This movie was amazing and those who rate it 1 star have NOT SEEN IT. I have watched it three times now and it brings a tear to my eye!! AMAZING WORK

Saturday, December 2, 10:16:03 PM

Great all around

Saturday, December 2, 10:03:58 PM

Hopefully the movie will awake people to the horrors of this subject. Makes one think. Why are not are governments addressing this issue on a grander scale. A must see.

Saturday, December 2, 10:05:18 AM

Poor excuse for a movie, sub-amateur level

Tuesday, November 28, 07:46:04 PM

Very good. Only one spot towards the end that was kind of stupid (the rescue)( hint: "shhhhh") but other than that, perfect.

Thursday, November 9, 08:05:20 PM

This film was powerful story told, exposing human trafficking. Story needs to be told. These criminals must be caught. Trafficking must stop.All children must be protected from pedi files.God’s children are not for sale! Ever

Thursday, October 26, 03:50:56 AM

Great to see a movie that opens people’s eyes about what has been happening for way to long !!!!!!

Tuesday, October 24, 06:53:41 PM

The kids playing the brother and sister- phenomenal. The Caviezel guy is skilled. It is not for the fair of heart, and it does not address the domestic realities, but it is compelling on what is happening in Mexico and Central America.

Thursday, October 12, 11:59:12 AM

There is no such thing happening as what is shown in this movie. It is propaganda. Also, it is just bad....haha...bad bad bad.

Sunday, October 1, 06:42:19 PM


Thursday, September 28, 12:47:47 AM

Utter nonsense and foolishness. There is not true story here only fabrication.

Wednesday, September 20, 10:10:54 AM

This is not a documentary people, haha. This is a Hollywood made for TV movie. Taking this as absolute gospel is the same as thinking that Fraggle Rock is a real place.

Tuesday, September 19, 07:35:37 PM

Excellent film highlighting the atrocities that are permeating society commiting the devils work! GODS CHILDREN ARE NOT FOR SALE !

Monday, September 18, 11:28:01 AM

Watching this movie on a free streamer to figure out what the buzz was all was bad. For a movie that was shot before the pandemic, you can feel it. It took no concern into our health and masking and our vaccinations. They could have edited it and reshot some scenes to have that in there. Jim Caviezel is just too conservative and bogged down in his ideas to be believable as a hero. The director, Alejandro Gómez Monteverde, comes from an area that is full of crime, drugs, and extortion. He has ties to Mexican cartels, so there is lots of evidence that this movie is actually used to launder money for them. All in all, very disappointing.

Friday, September 15, 11:07:58 AM

One Star. Poorly Executed. Terrible Acting. B-Movie. Untrue.

Thursday, September 14, 08:26:35 PM

This is a movie everyone should see. It’s amazing what compassion and determination can accomplish. The reality of the child sex trade is overwhelming.

Thursday, September 14, 01:16:45 PM

Just plain silly and not true!

Tuesday, September 12, 12:57:27 PM

We all need to know what is happening to the children.