Sunday, August 7, 08:18:36 PM

The level of violence was too much and left a bad taste in my mouth. Non-stop bloodshed was idiotic and gratuitous.

Sunday, August 7, 05:49:40 PM

Never have had such a good time as watching this hilarious BRAD PITT packed movie. GORY - yeah but all in fun. Don't fall for the negative reviews, I had a blast and I'd go see it again

Sunday, August 7, 05:46:05 PM

Very bad movie

Sunday, August 7, 05:04:37 PM

Not for children due to extreme violence throughout this movie.

Sunday, August 7, 03:19:35 PM

A bit vulgar and lots gory but if you don't mind that you will be entertained!

Sunday, August 7, 02:04:16 PM

Could not understand what the actors were saying. Can't believe they made a movie like that! We left after 25 minutes. First time we've done that. Save your money, stay home or go to another movie

Sunday, August 7, 09:27:52 AM

Total Garbage. Save your money and time. Time wasted on this. Shame. Had hopes for this and it was a total waste of time and money. Who made this garbage. Creator of DeadPool. Really

Sunday, August 7, 07:50:22 AM

Not worth your time. Not worth any stars. Whoever made this should look for another line of work.

Saturday, August 6, 11:34:57 PM

I had some good hopes for this movie and it started out a little odd and the story was a bit hard to follow and really weird. Watch again….maybe…..or not. Most likely not. Very disappointed. Creator of DeadPool made this garbage. Common. You could do better. If you don’t see this then you aren’t missing much. If you do just don’t get your hopes up and there is quite a bit excessive swearing. Don’t mind but a little bit much

Saturday, August 6, 09:45:01 PM

Sad to see Brad Pitt and Sandra Bullock's names connected to this.

Friday, August 5, 08:58:39 PM

My husband and I was so excited to watch a good comedy. A real belly laughing movie is what we thought this was. Remember the airplane movies? I call them “ low budget movies “and this was one of them. With two celebrities as Sandra Bullock and Brad Pitt you think it would be a good movie…not. When the movie was 3/4 over you figured out the story line. There was blood guts and some scenes that I would of fast forward on the DVR. Sandra Bullock was visible maybe 5 minutes and had a cute hair cut. Brad was funny and laid back,good character for him.

Friday, August 5, 06:55:12 PM

Thought Brad Pitt was funny and enjoyable in movie!!

Thursday, August 4, 11:15:33 PM

Lots of humour, good acting. A little too much gore. I was t going to go because of Rotten Tomatoes-they were so wrong.

Thursday, August 4, 11:04:52 AM

A bit on the gory side, but Brad Pitt was so cool and funny in it, I'm glad I saw it for his performance.