Monday, July 29, 01:19:43 PM

I actually thought I would not like this movie but It was better than I thought It was going to be. The movie kept me interested and had some good fight scenes. Although I don't think I followed well with the previous films. On its own I liked it.

Wednesday, July 10, 07:22:21 PM

This was a cool movie because it has to do with superpowers and they saved lives. I also like that the xmen were created by marvel,for the record black panther is the best. The last fact; I liked this movie because I have never known what the xmen were so now I know after I watching this amazing movie.

Tuesday, July 9, 07:08:27 PM

Better than "x-men apocalypse". "First Class" and "Days of Future Past" were the best.

Saturday, June 29, 04:59:44 PM

loved the movie and the actors were great

Friday, June 28, 09:38:47 AM

I haven't watched an xman movie since logan. I loved this movie for some of the actors that were in it. The main ones James, Michael, Jennifer but also for newcomers Sofie, Jessica and the one that played the blue beasty guy, Sorry didn' remember his name but he did play on about a boy as a boy one of my favorite movies. There have been so many changes to the premise of the movie that now its just better to enjoy it as one with great actors and just fun. Not an academy award winner but was fine with me a true movie lover

Thursday, June 27, 01:14:00 AM

I thought it was a solid movie. I enjoy the young cast, and had things at steak, with the team being divided in their philosophies.

Thursday, June 27, 01:01:54 AM

To short .. To stupid, all in all it sucks, waist of my money.!! L/wise where's Wolverine ??

Sunday, June 23, 04:09:55 PM

It was okay. Nothing really new added. I’m left wondering why they didn’t go for a new story.

Sunday, June 23, 03:07:16 PM

The summer's best blockbuster.

Saturday, June 22, 05:24:19 PM

No, don't listen to the ones who trashed the movie, but yes, it could have been better. Acting was fine, the plot was pretty weak. The antagonists show up virtually from thin air, nobody is really sure where they came from or who they are, not explained very well, they look like they were created simply to have someone, for the X-men to dismantle. End of the movie wasn't great either, little cheesy.

Friday, June 21, 03:56:03 PM

Missing something? Not at at like the rest. Didn't make sense. Inconsistant story line.

Thursday, June 20, 10:52:57 AM

Not great. Failed to meet potential ( too many “cooks in the kitchen”??). Fell asleep in 3rd quarter, barely made to the end.

Tuesday, June 18, 06:49:46 PM


Saturday, June 15, 09:27:59 AM

The first half was actually really fun to watch but the last act was a total mess.

Friday, June 14, 03:15:27 PM

Fox managed to completely miss the mark, again, with their second go at the "Phoenix Saga".

Thursday, June 13, 07:15:44 PM

Seen it in Dolby, now I've seen it in IMax - The only way to see these type of movies. Forget about the "WHINERS'". (Alias - 1* Idiots). With the suspense, special effects, & Hans Zimmer epic score - it all comes together. Why are the Supreme intellectual reviewers, even looking at this movie? This movie is for sub-IQ mortals like myself who don't pick-apart every little freakin' detail; as if every movie has to be a Master piece of movie making to meet the obvious high standards of the "Experts" who know how a movie should be made. RH

Thursday, June 13, 08:32:23 AM

Four of us went to see Dark Phoenix. We all really enjoyed it. Don't listen to the critics and bad reviews.

Thursday, June 13, 12:56:17 AM

It was ok. In my opinion, the worst thing about this movie was the editing... i just have this feeling some important scenes to the story were deleted. Story was so so at best, action scenes were outstanding!! I really feel that this movie does not deserve all the negative reviews it it getting, esp on rotton tomatoes. Person i was with really enjoyed it, she gives it 5 stars.

Wednesday, June 12, 03:21:11 PM

I got the comics and the movie does follow a similar plot line and theme that is embedded in the story. The story is far out there, slow with lots of drama. If your an X-men fan then you will enjoy the show. If they really want to revitalize the X men, you gotta get Wolverine back in the storyline...I'm surprise that they have gotten this far and done so well without the Wolverine character.

Tuesday, June 11, 10:36:22 AM

I'm a huge Phoenix/Dark Phoenix fan but they really need a writer that knows the Dark Pheonix story well and follow the comics story, not botch it up for the second time. The only part that was similar to the comics was the shuttle part. It also doesn't make sense that Jean manifested the the Phoenix Signature in Apocalypse, but for 10 years nothing else happned with her power, then the Phoenix.. or "the cosmic force" as they refered to it in the movie entered her on the shuttle. She was showing the Phoenix power 10 years ago!! And they did a better CGI of it in the previous movie.. This time around it only looked like her veins were glowing, the effects were horrible.

Tuesday, June 11, 02:07:06 AM

I see an occasional super hero movie. But the X-men, I've been a fan since the first. The spectacular special effects, the story line, the love/forgiveness, the acting, the music - I'll be seeing it a second time. Regular theater - Ok, IMax - better, DOLBY - THE Ultimate: A MOVIE EXPERIENCE LIKE NO OTHER ! The key to enjoying a movie; unbiased, open-minded, forgiving, & not deciding who the cast should be! That 1 star idiot still hanging around. He doesn't even like his own mother. RH

Monday, June 10, 07:48:34 PM

Awful movie! I thought that Sophie Turner from GoT was particularly poorly cast. Marvel missed the mark with this bomb.

Monday, June 10, 04:26:36 PM

The movie was very well done. It followed the comic book very well. There was plenty of action. All of the actors were very good at their parts. I would highly recommend this to anyone.

Monday, June 10, 01:56:28 PM

I loved how they made a twist because of course I am a fangirl of x-men and this movie was full of suspense

Sunday, June 9, 11:45:13 PM

I enjoyed this movie a lot it was good!!

Sunday, June 9, 09:21:21 PM

Super hero soap opera!

Sunday, June 9, 10:43:26 AM

Great action ! I was entertained throughout the whole movie.I'm in love with the Jean character. This was a good movie !

Sunday, June 9, 01:20:16 AM

Pretty good action flick. Great fight scene with et. Don't believe the negative reviews.

Saturday, June 8, 02:51:22 PM

Wonderful addition to the X-Men franchise! Loved it

Saturday, June 8, 11:15:06 AM

Movie magic.

Saturday, June 8, 01:46:10 AM

Just fantastic.

Friday, June 7, 03:15:21 AM

The best yet.

Friday, May 24, 01:50:47 PM

how did she get this part i have seen GOT and she not that great an actress