Tuesday, October 3, 12:04:36 PM

Whoever gives this movie more than three stars needs to be smacked. They're liars.

Sunday, October 1, 05:33:06 PM

Another solid effort from the producer of SLAPSTICK OF ANOTHER KIND and SUPER BABIES! Randy Couture continues to dominate the bulk of the action.

Sunday, October 1, 02:49:28 PM

The best movie out now.

Friday, September 29, 02:59:15 PM

Another great Expendables film! I’ll definitely own this one on DVD as well!

Wednesday, September 27, 10:31:57 PM

Great writing with great twists! Comedic level was just right! 5 stars!

Wednesday, September 27, 07:22:40 PM

Was never a fan of these movies...until now. 4/5

Tuesday, September 26, 01:25:46 PM

Should have quit at Expendables 3!!! The acting wasn't great. The jokes fell flat. Plot was very weak. Some good action but not worth paying to go see.

Tuesday, September 26, 05:04:16 AM

Is Stallone even in this movie ??

Sunday, September 24, 12:45:27 AM

The last big release before Taylor Swift takes over the box office is a wonder to behold. Statham follows THE MEG 2 with another solid hit and Stallone hasn't been this good since ESCAPE PLAN: HADES.

Sunday, September 24, 12:38:04 AM

Best cast of the four takes this to new heights of adventure. A must in IMAX! 5/5

Friday, September 22, 12:25:51 PM

These kind of movies cater to the lowest common dip****. Studios don't have to do much to make a movie like this. The screenplay(if you can call it that) must have been written by a 5 year old. Just bad. Rotten Tomatoes is at 14 percent. lol.

Friday, September 22, 10:20:37 AM

You can tell very little effort was put in to make this movie. They know Americans are dumb and will fall for just about anything, no matter how idiotic it is. This movie is beyond embarrassing. Don't waste your money.

Friday, September 22, 08:19:23 AM

Disappointing -- Stallone was barely in it, and Arnold wasn't in it at all. Series is done!

Friday, September 22, 12:34:13 AM


Thursday, September 21, 06:15:39 PM

Stupid movie with some old men acting like GI Joe.