Tuesday, April 20, 03:15:18 AM

Lousy. This was already bad, and then that infuriating fat bastard from Deadpool 2 shows up, sinking it completely. Miss it!

Monday, April 19, 02:04:15 PM

Amazing and exciting.

Saturday, April 17, 10:22:09 PM

Just from the reviews it looks like all the socialist libtard CNN worshipers are spitting their Hate for this movie. Just on that alone I know this movie is great. I'm taking the entire family to see it tomorrow.

Saturday, April 17, 07:43:49 AM

The battle scenes were terrific - character development not so much.

Tuesday, April 13, 08:29:06 PM

Loved the movie, the scenery and the fight scenes were amazing. Loved it!

Monday, April 12, 08:53:15 PM

I wasn't expecting much, and I got it. Dumb spectacle. This can't hold a candle to SHIN GODZILLA or GODZILLA GMK, but will evidently please the fools who can't differentiate between popular success and actual craftsmanship.

Monday, April 12, 04:25:06 PM

Awesome fights n great continuation of the story!

Monday, April 12, 11:14:26 AM

LOTS OF ACTION! BLOCKBUSTER. GODD CLEAN FAMILY MOVE. You with the one star rating the numbers at the box office speaks volumes.

Sunday, April 11, 01:48:03 AM

It's just so bad. Americans can't do Godzilla movies well. They always screw it up. They should stop trying.

Saturday, April 10, 09:27:20 PM

very bad, too bad because movie had potential.

Saturday, April 10, 10:13:41 AM

Remarkably, they've made a movie that's WORSE than King Kong Vs. Godzilla.

Thursday, April 8, 02:38:41 PM

Almost no cliché's I love it when a movie does that they surprised me at the end overall just go and see it you'll enjoy.

Wednesday, April 7, 11:16:53 AM

Took the grandkids and a neighbor kid and everyone loved it, including me. Have long been a Godzilla and King Kong fan. Well done!

Friday, April 2, 08:28:00 PM

This film could be avoided to save you from over-spending your money on a film which was grainy, computerized to the max and just plain terrible story line. For such a look forwarded to movie - was ready to fall asleep and go home. Glad it was over with.

Friday, April 2, 08:20:04 PM

Blockbuster definitely. Very amusing and surprise ending

Friday, April 2, 11:01:47 AM

Watched every Godzilla, & King kong movie made. The Classic match yrs ago was a huge hit & a great battle. This rewrite & additional Titans, splicing storylines was a great idea. Both iconic Kings look great. Do not stop here, more to come and a wide range of additional Titans to be seen. Love what wingards work, now let's see what's to come, but bring them sooner and longer show time. Lastly, let's see The recreation and return of Ultraman, Jonny Sokko, & Gamara.

Friday, April 2, 08:33:54 AM

This movie is for the same people who like to see animals fighting. Dogs, roosters. Shame on Hollywood for making this tripe and shame on you if you glorify violence.

Friday, April 2, 07:51:05 AM

movie was trash.... monkey no eat banana

Thursday, April 1, 02:04:37 PM

Fun Kaiju movie

Thursday, April 1, 10:54:57 AM

Amazing battle.

Wednesday, March 31, 11:50:10 PM

Honestly one of the best movies ive ever seen

Wednesday, March 31, 10:34:14 PM

Full of action from the beginning to the end. Epic special effects. Action packed. Good clean fun movie. Finally...

Wednesday, March 31, 05:47:26 PM

Definitely a thriller, lots of action and overload of technology. Loved the story of the little girl and her being able to communicate with King Kong by way of sign language. Amazing film making and suspense. P.S. Thought it was mighty Joe Young with the blonde in hand on empire state building!!

Wednesday, March 31, 03:38:58 PM

This movie doesn't make any sense! Why did Kong climb the Empire State Building when he could have just stepped over it?

Wednesday, March 31, 11:38:51 AM

A god is stronger than a king

Sunday, March 28, 01:34:59 AM

KONG died when he fell off the Empire State Building. Writers, do your research!!!

Thursday, March 25, 04:09:06 PM

Team Godzilla all the way!!!!

Tuesday, February 2, 11:28:03 AM

Worst premise ever for a movie. Only the brain dead would want to see this. Or the rioters at the Capitol. That's the kind of low life this movie appeals to.

Tuesday, February 11, 02:05:14 AM

King Kong is American Icon !! Godzilla is Japanese Icon !!

Tuesday, November 19, 03:28:16 AM

I Like KONG, i dont like Godzilla