Saturday, June 3, 05:53:14 PM


Saturday, June 3, 05:39:25 PM

Terrific...LOTS of fun...

Friday, June 2, 04:26:57 PM

Not a bad movie. It is hard to argue the great special effects BUT all the positive reviews I read made me think it was going to be a better movie than it actually was. Very boring in parts. I love Sly Stallone but not sure why he is in this movie. Kurt Russell is always great, so his role was good. Just thought it could have had a better story line and had a faster pace. Definitely slow sections in story line and plot that are covered up by special effects. Great sound and fantastic movie experience though.

Friday, June 2, 11:55:59 AM

Better than the first! Can't wait for volume 3.

Thursday, June 1, 10:50:58 PM

I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. Great effects, wonderful fight scenes and great laughs. The God dad plot was a bit transparent but all in all a great film

Thursday, June 1, 06:01:07 PM

Awesome movie! Better than the first one. Acting and story was great!!

Tuesday, May 30, 12:08:06 PM

Great action... funny... lots of laughs... worth the watch.

Monday, May 29, 06:27:22 PM

Chris Pratt is AWESOME

Monday, May 29, 11:54:39 AM

Another hit. I started to think there was too much CGI going on. I get that you need it for a space adventure but there's Avatar and it's fully realized CGI world and then it felt this was trying to be a knock off. And tying all the relationship subplots into a nice bow at the end seemed rushed. Otherwise it was better than the first.

Saturday, May 27, 03:31:22 PM

I loved Groot in this one!

Thursday, May 25, 05:54:18 PM

Very good movie just as good as the first one.

Wednesday, May 24, 12:04:03 PM


Wednesday, May 24, 01:37:15 AM

Best 3D I've seen

Tuesday, May 23, 10:35:41 AM

Loved it. Loved the characters and the story line. Very entertaining.

Monday, May 22, 08:30:14 PM

Loved it! Glad I sat through the credits because they had moments you would miss otherwise.

Monday, May 22, 07:50:45 PM

These Marvel Comics' movies are becoming very tiresome. Uni-dimensional scripts and borrowed plot lines. If you look closely, you'll see that the plot of this movie is a bit of a remake of Star Wars. Unoriginal and poorly scripted. Time to let go of these silly comic book films. Hollywood needs to find some creative script writers and some great books to turn into films. Sad state of affairs for the film industry! However, I liked the 70's and 80's music.

Sunday, May 21, 09:51:13 PM

Loved it. As good as the original. Am going to see it again.

Sunday, May 21, 05:52:33 PM

I sad parody of the original. Slap stick jokes throughout, some very ridiculous. It was like watching a live action movie of Futurama. Very disappointing..

Sunday, May 21, 04:37:22 PM

Very fun. Like the roller coaster ride that the first one was. All the great characters were back with even better story lines. Look forward to the 3rd. Love Groot.

Sunday, May 21, 05:44:18 AM

Fun with good character development. I didn't like all the sexual humor. The end fight was a bit too much...

Saturday, May 20, 08:24:10 PM

They tried too hard to be better than the first one, drawn out scenes.

Saturday, May 20, 07:55:02 PM

The dialogue, action, and cgi were great. I laughed throughout the movie and was definitely entertained.

Saturday, May 20, 02:53:03 PM


Saturday, May 20, 11:06:46 AM

Loved it so much but its also kind of sad. Probably a third one coming out.

Friday, May 19, 11:29:08 PM

Even better then vol. 1!

Friday, May 19, 09:13:01 PM

Would love to see a teen Groot team up with One Direction for the greatest concert tour EVER!

Friday, May 19, 07:51:17 PM

My entire family enjoyed this movie. Baby Groot is so friggin adorable. Can't wait for #3.

Friday, May 19, 05:19:09 PM


Friday, May 19, 04:37:32 PM

Not as good as the first movie. Loud, lots of action thrown at the audiene in the beginning, but a lot of silly stuff. I found myself checking my watch as to when it would be over, and I never do that. Too long.

Friday, May 19, 04:35:36 PM

Not as good as the first. Also, a lot of sexual innuendos, hey, isn't this a kids Disney type movie, I didn't like that.....always gotta Hollywoodize it. A few laughs, but if they are going to make another, its got to be better with a larger story or I wouldn't bother, it gets to be the same old, same old.

Thursday, May 18, 08:11:25 PM

A few really funny moments, but overall a busy, loud movie of constant, almost nonstop action. Normally you'd think that this would be a plus but here it seemed a tired replay of the first show that struggled to stand on its own merits. I was kind of bored and was glad when it finally ended. 2 1/2 Stars. RAN

Wednesday, May 17, 09:59:39 AM

Disappointing. Certainly there are fun spots here/there, and a small attempt at adding some sort of positive motto, but OVERALL, this movie seems just lost for any sort of real focal point. Like the characters, but the movie as a whole - thumbs down.

Monday, May 15, 10:21:24 AM

I thought the movie was awesome, and I would like to see it again.

Monday, May 15, 02:40:37 AM

I thought the movie was great! Very funny, action-packed and a good storyline to keep you interested. Baby Groot is sooooo adorable and the character developments are also a big part of this movie. The interpersonal relationships between the Guardians become more important to the story as well. The ONLY thing I was a LITTLE disappointed in was the music on this one. Loved the soundtrack to Vol 1 but Vol 2 could've been better with all the awesome music from that decade (I graduated HS in '83, so the 80's were my party years!) MAKE SURE YOU STUCK AROUND TO THE END OF THE CREDITS to get all 5 extra scenes to prepare you for the 3rd movie!

Sunday, May 14, 07:35:12 PM

So funny! It's even better than the first one.

Sunday, May 14, 03:00:37 PM

The beginning is a bit rough; it's slow to start and some of the jokes are a bit stale. But it definitely picks up and finds its footing, and ends up being another great movie. Like everyone says: If you liked the first one, chances are you'll definitely like this one!

Sunday, May 14, 10:45:06 AM

If you loved the first one,,,,you'll love this one too!!

Sunday, May 14, 08:22:38 AM

I want you to have 12345678910 movies of this

Saturday, May 13, 11:30:32 PM

The Raccoon was the best.

Saturday, May 13, 08:19:14 PM

Loved it and another great soundtrack!