Saturday, December 23, 07:47:42 PM

Great movie, great acting, no CGI mess and very strong story. Not based on a true story but inspired by real life locals from Afghanistan who were helping the US army as translators. I miss movies of this type in this era of woke superhero movies and ruined IPs.

Thursday, June 29, 07:15:52 AM

I love this movie. Have watched it three times already and discover something new each time. Nothing will compare to it. Thank you so much mr Richie for showing me what a true covenant is

Wednesday, June 21, 01:57:08 PM

I don't know if this is also released in theatres, but it should have. Totally nail biting and shows extreme survivors guilt / PTSD and life debts. The guy who played the Afgan Interpreter is a fantastic actor and I want to see him in more. He stole the show and Jake was good as usual.

Friday, May 26, 08:00:45 AM

It was ok. I've already forgotten most of it, so it's not one of those you'll ever want to see again.

Thursday, May 25, 09:33:53 PM

Outstanding! Movie displays loyalty, courage, and honor between two individuals from very different cultures. Love and brotherhood during war times can only be truly experienced by those in the field. The sacrifices of American Soldiers and their allies should never be taken for granted. Biden and his lawless administration should NEVER have exited so abruptly leaving interpreters, their families, Americans in the hands of the enemies. The United States Military is compromised. God bless our soldiers!

Wednesday, May 17, 10:02:19 PM


Sunday, May 14, 01:47:52 AM

Wow! Leaves you speechless. A tribute to our Afghani interpreters. damning to our present leadership.

Sunday, May 7, 07:16:23 AM

This movie won't disappoint. It's nice to see action movies that also make you feel good when you leave the theater! Good solid, manly movie! We like those!!!

Friday, May 5, 10:01:30 PM

Powerful, well executed, timely and moving Brilliant performances Go see this movie!!

Thursday, May 4, 09:31:12 AM


Wednesday, May 3, 10:41:10 PM

Powerful and inspiring, infuriating and maddening. I love that interpreter! He didn't have to sacrifice his everything, but he did. Truly, no greater love is there than to lay down one's life for a friend. OMG! Is this a true story? How can we possibly sit back and let our friends/interpreters/allies sit back there and rot, or be tortured? it's criminal what we did, and Heroic what this interpreter did.

Wednesday, May 3, 08:46:36 PM

If you put your politics aside regarding the reasons we went to Afghanistan or the fast withdrawal, you will enjoy this movie. It's about a group of US soldiers going from town to town in search of explosives and arms cache on various intels. They didn't trust the first interpreter but took the advice of the second interpreter who lead them into an ambush. They were outnumbered and the whole batallion died except one. This was where we found out that the first interpreter was a good guy and he had bad feelings about the route. He risked his life and the terrain to save the American soldier. After months of recuperations in the states, the soldier had a rude awakening and decided to try to get the man and his wife and son a visa to come to the USA. Months of bureaucracy had not gotten anywhere so the soldier decided to spend $150k of his own money in a secret mission to go back to the country where he almost died to rescue the man who saved his life and his family.

Wednesday, May 3, 03:40:35 PM

Definitely five stars! Excellent acting a wow intense, suspenseful, don't want to miss a minute. True story of Afghanistan war and the value of an interpreter. WHAT OUR SOLDIERS go through for AMERICA!

Tuesday, May 2, 10:41:14 PM

Well done.

Monday, May 1, 05:05:39 PM

It's basically a movie about the honor of men. No (practically none) special effects, no zombies and no space aliens. No, it's not a hallmark movie. It's a story that should represent our society, maybe someday again it will. You will not be disappointed in the story, movie or actors.

Monday, May 1, 12:01:18 PM

This movie points out one fact of life: Biden's knee-jerk pullout of our troops in August 2020 was a disaster. We were fighting alongside the Afghans; they were our allies and we were making progress. Then Biden leaves them high and dry. They will never trust us again, nor will our other allies. Secondly, the hurry-up pull-out left billions of dollars worth of good usable weapons behind for the Taliban to use against us. The movie fails to show this part strong enough. But a decnt movie as far as that goes.

Saturday, April 29, 06:35:28 PM

Action packed. Keeps you on the edge of your seat throughout the whole movie.

Wednesday, April 26, 06:02:07 PM

The previews looked pretty good, but I liked the movie much better than that. A good story and well acted. I'm a Guy Ritchie fan, but this is different than his usual work. Good work all around.

Tuesday, April 25, 09:36:13 AM

Best movie we've seen this year. This movie is differently a five star movie.

Sunday, April 23, 09:27:23 PM

Very intense movie, main characters pull you in to the fact of what our troops faced in Afghanistan. Not only was this an unnecessary and costly war in American casualties lost and the money spent to fund it, it reinforces the fact that we would have never gotten involved in this total catastrophe had it not been for Bush and Cheney sending our boys to fight and die under false reasons they knew to be wrong.

Sunday, April 23, 12:42:28 AM

We should have fought for the interpreters and their families.Our word should equal truth and action on the behalf of those who helped us

Sunday, April 23, 12:01:44 AM

The love and compassion that both men had for one another and how Sgt. Kinley did the right thing and faught for his interpreter tooth and nail. To bad our country doesn't feel the same way. USE AND DISCARD that's our mottle.

Friday, April 21, 07:34:21 PM

Show you how important Afghanistan interpreters were and biden left most behind to be killed- thank God this man had the morals and courage to act on what is the right thing to do SHAME ON BIDEN