Sunday, November 12, 09:29:02 PM

TWO THUMBS UP !!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, September 18, 10:14:32 PM

Great Movie. I can watch this over and over

Saturday, May 20, 11:08:18 PM

Amazing amazing movie!! Wow I could Not watch this show without feeling ashamed at how white people treated blacks!! I can not imagine how I would of reacted to the treatment that these women were subject to without saying something! Their courage and strength was apparent!! A 12 out of 10 for sure!!

Sunday, April 23, 06:10:52 PM

Amazing movie.

Saturday, April 15, 07:13:33 AM

It's out of this world, entertaining and educating. Marvelously done, weaving in many story lines together. Don't miss it!

Wednesday, April 12, 08:11:55 AM

Not a real entertaining movie, It was very boring.

Friday, April 7, 05:47:45 PM

Great story and good movie!

Saturday, March 25, 08:27:45 PM

Better than La La Land and Moonlight. It was a true inspirational story, which described pure dedication and persistence in achieving a goal.

Sunday, March 19, 05:10:14 PM

Hidden Figures was a great movie and a true story that I have never known before. Kept your interest through the whole move. I highly recommend this movie (you won't be disappointed) I can't believe this didn't win an academy award. I saw Moonlight (didn't like it) and Manchester by the sea (very dark movie) Think the awards were all political!!! Go see Hidden Figures!!!

Sunday, March 19, 12:07:17 AM

I loved how the movie depicted the women's perseverance in the face of discrimination, but yet focused more on their abilities and contributions to the NASA Space program in Langley, W. Virginia. It was a wonderful movie. For the Wernher von Braun critic: He did exist but was based in Alabama. From Wikipedia: In 1950, von Braun and his team were transferred to Huntsville, Alabama, his home for the next 20 years. Between 1952 and 1956,[57] von Braun led the Army's rocket development team at Redstone Arsenal.

Thursday, March 16, 01:31:19 PM

Fantastic and moving movie... Very educational to show our youth about the sufferings that some people experienced due to ignorance and hateful people

Thursday, March 16, 01:37:45 AM

Great movie...very uplifting.

Sunday, March 12, 09:31:18 PM

Excellent and entertaining movie with great actors about an exciting but conflicting time in history: In passing the cold war, the race to the moon and a society starting to deal with social divide. At the core, three strong female leads, seizing the day.

Saturday, March 11, 03:30:08 PM

Come now, if Wernher von Braun had anything, whatsoever, to do with the space program a movie like this would have surely mentioned him ! Are you sure that is a real person, what kind of name is that, anyway ?

Friday, March 10, 10:53:46 PM

I knew segregation, racism were a huge part of America in the 50s and 60s, just wasn't aware of the degree.

Friday, March 10, 01:16:47 PM

Enjoyed movie thorougly. Revealed much hidden facts?? The brains behind Nasa?? Seems over simplified but its a movie not a documentary. Believe without a doubt that many people behind the scenes never get credit for their contributions or inventions. All the actresses were phenomenal and the people they portrayed were strong intelligent role models. Very inspiring for young women. Saddened me to see how blatant & encompassing racism was in the sixties.

Thursday, March 9, 05:51:40 PM

Wernher von Braun ?? if we are to believe this movie, he had nothing to do with space program as he was not even mentioned ! Hollywood has never produced misleading films before, so we must believe them without question.

Wednesday, March 8, 04:51:23 PM

A well done drama which needed fact checking. Left with ambivalent feeling that while the racism was true of the time, was the rest truthful? Uncertain but entertaining.

Wednesday, March 8, 05:31:13 AM

Hidden Figures ????? You mean like Wernher von Braun. The actual brains of the space program.

Tuesday, March 7, 02:13:06 PM

I like the fact that NASA was one of the first to do away with the segregation nonsense in the south and I am not black I am white and I was shocked by the movies. The other thing I liked about it was it brought back wonderful memories of the 50s and the great things we accomplished at that time.

Sunday, March 5, 08:08:15 PM

Great movie! Strong women I love it!

Sunday, March 5, 03:46:41 PM

A well done, exceptional true-life event of three women math scholars who happen t/b African American. These women not only contributed to the many unknown calculations at that time, but helped catapult NASA into the "Space Race" era which was then the realm of the Soviet Union, but paved the way for all women to enter into the male dominated work force. Women of color, especially, were denied that opportunity during the '60s. Well done and both genders should enlighten themselves beyond provincial stereotyping and see this movie!

Saturday, March 4, 08:03:16 PM

Excellent movie! Should have won best picture at the Oscars.

Thursday, March 2, 09:37:00 AM

Seriously? This is farcical!!!!!!

Thursday, March 2, 09:35:26 AM

NASA had over 40000 white men scientists that did the real science. Number checkers did clerical work. African or not....

Thursday, March 2, 09:33:07 AM

This is complete idiotic! NASA had 40000 scientists during this period, 99.99% white men, now we are to believe these few Africans did the space launch calcs-BS BS BS !!!!!?

Wednesday, March 1, 04:42:26 PM

More Hollywood propaganda

Monday, February 27, 08:25:29 AM

Best movie I've seen in years!

Monday, February 27, 01:20:25 AM

All must see this true US history movie.

Sunday, February 26, 11:47:02 AM

I strongly recommend everyone see this movie As a person who lived through this era, I am so grateful to have been raised by parents who taught us that people were people, good, bad or indifferent, regardless of their color, religion or social status. This movie is a testament to these professional women whose hard work and courage make them role models for all women. We still have a way to go with equality in the work force, but with the accomplishments of these women, the path was shortened.

Sunday, February 26, 10:37:05 AM

Best movie of the year!!

Friday, February 24, 07:43:02 PM

Great acting! Great story! Highly recommend.

Friday, February 24, 06:56:31 PM

Three super smart women do the hard part of the math that gets John Glenn into space and safely back again. But because it is the early 60's, they are kept in the background, while an all white team of male engineers gets all the credit. Truly one of the best movies in a long time and an important one for our teens, especially our girls, to all see. It also shows how even 50 years after the civil rights movement began, these true stories are still kept hidden from Americans and that makes you question who in America kept that story silent. It shows how it takes a nation of all people to make huge leaps forward, a timely message, especially in today's political climate. A must see movie.

Thursday, February 23, 02:34:36 PM

A great movie that all should see. Acting very good..

Tuesday, February 21, 07:22:51 PM

I like all of the movie. It was awesome. So much we don't know of all that goes on in our country.

Monday, February 20, 09:24:37 PM

story was great

Friday, February 17, 07:45:16 PM

Best movie I've seen in a long time!

Friday, February 17, 12:23:37 PM

Never knew about these ladies. How far we've come when ignorance isn't involved. It's a must see movie!

Wednesday, February 15, 08:44:20 PM

Tremendous movue, a must see.

Tuesday, February 14, 10:13:11 PM

We tend to see a lot of negative news reported in today's paper. This story is about challenging times in the 1960's and it provides a lot of positive messages. Exemplary role models for women and a few good men too. Probably one of the best movies we've watched in a great while. Go see it, you won't be disappointed.