Monday, April 1, 04:25:01 PM

Please stop making these lame horror movies.

Monday, April 1, 11:18:27 AM

This was good movie to me, I like it and my kids enjoyed it as well

Sunday, March 31, 08:53:23 PM

Movie for teens who are confused about what real horror is.

Wednesday, March 27, 06:26:06 PM

Garbage movie. Not scary at all.

Friday, March 22, 04:20:47 PM

This isn't it. This movie was HORRIBLE! It wasnt funny, it wasnt scary. It WAS a waste of time and money. Look elsewhere for a good scare.

Friday, March 15, 01:33:08 PM

Not anchored to reality or any imaginary world. Will give children and their parents nightmares and ruin the beloved stuffed bear business. Generally found the film to be unbearable!

Tuesday, March 12, 05:15:15 AM

Ray Magini stars in this movie that may or may not actually exist.