Monday, February 19, 08:00:01 PM

2.5 stars. It was middle of the road. The CGI bothered me. I felt it could have been better. But it does go to show what men would do for oil (Whale oil or the new ground oil mentioned at the end of the movie). And it shows mans vengance and pride can get you killed. Then what you will do to stay alive...even though YOU actually did create the whole situation to begin with. Decent, but I wasn't blown away and will likely forget about it.

Sunday, April 24, 08:06:34 AM

Slow moving and basically a rip off of the movie Orca.

Friday, March 11, 07:59:49 PM

Surprisingly exciting and very well shot. Better than Moby Dick the book!

Friday, March 11, 07:44:06 PM

Ron Howard makes a masterpiece better!!

Friday, February 5, 01:28:48 PM

Very poor movie. And boring

Friday, January 8, 07:15:12 PM

Very good used the source material very well A+

Monday, December 28, 11:35:18 AM

we were in nantucket and went to a whale museum and heard the story of how the men went out to sea for years at a time to find whales just to get the oil...we were was pretty close to how I imagined it...loved it....

Saturday, December 26, 09:16:15 PM

A little disappointed my son and I Ron Howards movies but this one a little boring. Love Chris but better made for being Thor, not this boring guy. Would wait till comes on tv in case you are already tired.

Friday, December 25, 01:21:07 PM

Fantastic, going tonight to see it for the second time!

Friday, December 25, 07:18:50 AM

Some extremely fake cgi sea lions in this movie.

Saturday, December 19, 10:15:44 AM

Visually spectacular, but the plot and character development are uneven ... worth seeing on the big screen, but not one for the ages.

Friday, December 18, 05:32:03 PM


Thursday, December 17, 07:30:44 PM


Thursday, December 17, 10:33:42 AM

Great story and character acting about the inspiration for Moby Dick.

Tuesday, December 15, 09:16:08 PM

One of the very BEST movies we have seen in 2015 - and we see at least 1 movie a week ! Chris puts on a fantastic performance, much better than his Thor roles. The movie has an excellent combination of action at sea, human emotion and reaction, and courage and sacrifice. It is both an action/adventure/human spirit epic movie. Kudos to the director Ron !

Monday, December 14, 03:54:11 PM

One of the best movies this year! great story it really pulled you in, the special affects were really good, Ron Howard always makes you feel the heart of the story, Chris Hemsworth was excellent as usual!!! My husband and I throughly enjoyed it!

Monday, December 14, 11:29:51 AM

I liked the movie in a kind of casual way. During the action scenes the camera jumping from scene to scene left me not knowing what was happening. I guess I was expecting too much.

Monday, December 14, 08:23:49 AM

Bravo to Ron Howard again for making another great movie. This movie was excellent from its story line of the well known Moby Dick classic tale, to its exciting cinema photography and acting, to its message of a deeper moral consciousness of our earth's dwindling natural wonders. More heartening when we realize that this was for the greater part, a true story. See it and you should not be disappointed.

Sunday, December 13, 06:47:57 AM

I had a whale of a time watching this movie,eXceptionally well done ,very entertaining...Good on you Ron

Saturday, December 12, 06:15:14 PM

The last time Howard and Hemsworth teamed up was for the gritty drama Rush, but this is just as powerful in its own way.

Saturday, December 12, 08:27:12 AM

Loved this movie.

Friday, December 11, 06:40:54 PM

Visually stunning. Excellent acting. Ron Howard is the man.

Friday, December 11, 04:46:23 PM

Excellent movie! The story was amazing and a realistic depiction of life from the 1800s. The acting was incredible, you actually felt for the people in the film. The human aspect was there as well as great special effects. Excellent acting from Chris Hemsworth.

Thursday, December 3, 01:29:31 AM

This is a good Ron Howard film. Acting is solid all round and believable. The story goes deeper than "Big Whale sinks ship" and touches the players on a very human level. Nice message from a positive voice in Hollywood.