Thursday, September 4, 10:28:28 PM

I had a great time!

Sunday, August 31, 04:57:25 PM

A "feel-good movie" you can feel good about.

Tuesday, August 28, 09:58:13 AM

Totally confused. No logical pattern to story.

Sunday, June 10, 03:12:43 AM

Disapointing. Lynch's films are a category of their own; yet this one seems too self aware of how cryptic and symbolic it is appearing to be. There are even some distressing scenes that suggest Lynch is speaking directly to you through his characters; mocking you to try and figure out something he doesnt intend to make sense in the first place. Also shot on an ugly HD Digital; sorely lacking his usual visual flourish.

Monday, May 14, 01:08:19 AM

It does not make sense this movie to most people. You have to make sense of this movie on your own. Movie goers are often spoon feed so this movies would suck to them. David Lynch's movies never do make sense but he is a master of setting the mood and evoking emotions. David Lynch is a master at his craft.