Tuesday, April 24, 07:23:17 AM

Brilliant satiric movie mocking the Nazis and modern governments as well. The visual effects are great and it´s hard to believe the movie was made with so low budget and mostly thanks to donations and funding by fans. However, only an independent movie can be so politically insensitive :D these days.

Monday, January 7, 07:25:31 PM

Funny, lame but awesome

Saturday, October 27, 12:27:40 AM

Funny movie with an ending I never would have considered felt right. For the laughs and the unexpected perfect ending, 5 stars!!

Wednesday, October 10, 05:36:34 AM


Monday, October 8, 09:16:59 PM

Went into this thinking it was a Harry Potter knock-off but it's really more of an homage.

Monday, October 8, 02:13:08 AM

It's this generation's Harry Potter.

Sunday, October 7, 09:06:38 PM

seriously, who rated this 5 or 4 or even 3. It was absolutely terrible. The ploy could have been ok, but the acting was horrible, and after 15 min's (my minimum to watch) I turned it off.

Saturday, October 6, 03:20:28 AM

worth a watch.

Friday, October 5, 04:55:36 PM

w'll just put some whorers in it, and we call it a day...nah, didn't quite work out now, did it? waste of time indeed

Monday, October 1, 01:38:43 AM

Not a bad movie. The special effects were not bad.

Saturday, September 29, 04:53:59 AM

i like the idea of nazis 70 years later, but it could have been done alot better.

Wednesday, September 26, 10:21:23 PM

Good movie with humour. A bit too long a different story line

Sunday, September 23, 05:48:27 AM

it was actually not bad at all

Wednesday, September 19, 08:33:07 AM

not for me

Monday, September 17, 02:41:16 PM

i quite liked it. :)

Saturday, September 15, 02:34:33 PM

it was . . . so/so.

Thursday, September 13, 07:17:28 AM


Thursday, September 6, 03:37:40 PM

just a complete waste of time.

Tuesday, August 21, 01:18:58 AM

it's just weird, but there are some funny moments here & there. mostly though it's just a weird sci-fi-ish movie that i found to be a little long and boring.