Wednesday, August 2, 11:14:21 PM

The independent film “Landline” is a snapshot of a New York City family’s life, in 1995, but it really transcends time and place. Computers that use 3 ½ inch floppy discs, landline telephones (when phones were actually plugged into a wall socket) and drugs of the time, all date the film. This movie touches on intimate relationships and the impact they have on immediate family members. It’s a serious drama with funny and poignant moments but I would not call it is a comedy. Having an affair and questioning one’s life and marriage are age-old themes; so are teenage angsts and acting out. This is 1995 and women are not the property of men but men having feelings too. There is excellent and emotional acting by John Tuturro, the matriarch of the family along with his two daughters Jenny Slate (Dana) and Abby Quinn (Ali).