Sunday, May 12, 02:52:12 PM

Not much of a plot, and there is no character development other than the one main character, and even that is limited. I was at least hoping for some good 90's music, but nope! The only decent thing about this movie, is the young actor who who portrayed the main character "Sunscreen". He did a very good job in my opinion.

Monday, November 5, 07:05:01 PM

This was an amazing moving, fantastic job Jonah hill. Such a fantastic view of the world during the 90's, so relatable and full of heart.

Thursday, November 1, 08:06:42 PM

Nothing special about this movie!,, boring!,, waste of time!,,

Sunday, October 28, 05:46:24 PM

Fantastic director debut from Johna Hill. This movie hit home hard as it reminded me of my upbringing in Regina SK 2008-2013.

Saturday, October 27, 12:41:33 PM

Can’t understand how this movie got such a good rating on rotten tomatoes- rubbish!